One big advantage of online casino gaming

Americans are familiar with images of “The People of Walmart”.  These are garish people, often very fat and wearing skimpy clothing or heavily tattooed customers or people with extremely colourful hair in odd, to say the least, hairdos.

What is Walmart

For anyone who doesn’t know by now, Walmart is a massive company with thousands of big stores all over the world.  They sell their products for less than anyone else sells the same products for.  Over the years, Walmart has expanded so that today it is a huge department store plus a supermarket plus a pharmacy and even in some locations an optical centre.

Walmart attracts people looking for a bargain and people looking to shop in a single place that has “everything”.

Who are the People of Land Based Casinos?

The people who frequent land based casinos may not be the odd-looking people who shop at Walmart but they do have some interesting characteristics.  Later in this article, we will talk about the casino games players of Springbok online casino.  And we’ll talk a little more seriously about the people who “frequent” Springbok mobile casino.

But, for now, let’s see who the people of land based casinos are.

The Wanderers

Land based casinos are full of wanderers.  These are the people who are looking for a game to play or a seat at a blackjack table with a betting range in line with their bankroll.  Woe is the slots player who “gives up” his or her seat for a few minutes “to stretch their legs” only to find the game occupied upon their return.

If that particular slot was the only one of its kind in the casino, these players may end up as wanderers.  Even if it wasn’t the only one of its type, it might be a super-popular game so that the empty seat was quickly filled by another, now former, wanderer.

The Most Unfortunate Wanderers

These are the players who are totally or almost totally tapped out.  They are not home so they simply walk about the casino.  If they come to the casino with a group, they will bump into many other gamers from their group who inevitably will ask them how they are doing which in land based casino jargon means how much have you won (or lost)?

The saddest answer is a variation of: “I’m holding my own” which really means I have nothing left or just enough for a feeding at the buffet.

The Yawners

These are the people who play on and on long into the night, who quickly lose all track of time and play literally until they fall asleep in their “soup” as it were, in front of a screen or at the blackjack table.

They finally go off to sleep but come back early the following morning after a mere few hours of sleep and spend the next multitude of hours yawning their way through slots, roulette, craps, video poker, and bingo.  There is inevitably a bingo player who wins a game and as he or she begins to yell out “bingo” falls into yet another yawn!

The Drinkers

Many land based casino gamers love to get those free alcoholic beverages!  They may know that it lowers their ability to win at games like poker, video poker, and blackjack but the draw of free whisky is too great.

In most cases, these are not people with either a drinking problem or a gambling problem.  They simply like free alcohol.  If such a gamer also becomes a wanderer, they can be easily identified by the unevenness of their gait.

The Holiday Seekers

Many land based casino patrons are there on holiday.  They are always in a jovial mood and make great conversationalists.  If you and they are both headed to the buffet, they make excellent eating partners.  They may regale you with tall tales of fortunes won, fish caught, or even recipes for any dish you like especially.

You might bump into a holiday seeker at the pool or simply lounging about the lobby.  The idea of the Integrated Resort is perfect for them as there is fine wining and dining, entertainment galore, shopping, activities for people of all ages and, oh yes, a casino as well. 

Unfortunately, such land based casino patrons are few and far between so you’ll have to be alert if you hope to spot one!

The Gawkers

These are people who seemingly have never been away from home.  They appear to be staring at other gamers and at the casino workers dressed in costume.  The fact that most land based casino gamers are not the heavily tattooed, bearded, or dyed people who shop at Walmart means little to the gawkers; they will stare at anyone or at anything.

They are just so happy to be at a land based casino!   

Who are the People of Online Casinos?

The single most salient aspect about online gamers is that they may be dressed for business and playing a few spins or hands at Springbok casino in a free moment or, conversely, they may be home in their pajamas lounging on a soft sofa playing on their tablet.

There are no wanderers at an online casino because there is always another seat or another game available.  Even when a million gamers are playing the same game, there is room for one more gamer!

There are also no wanderers at an online casino because when you close a gaming session at an online casino, your invariably have plenty of other things to do.  It might be getting back to work, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry.  When you’re home, you have little time to wander unless you are off on your morning constitution which is an old-fashioned way of saying exercise.

There are no yawners at an online casino because you always know the time and when to go to sleep.  There are no gawkers at online casinos because who are they going to gawk at?  That is unless they are playing whilst shopping at Walmart!

We readily recognize that there is some attraction for land based casinos but the world-wide statistics show that online gaming, especially mobile gaming is more popular than land based gaming and growing in popularity every day.

The single biggest advantage of online gaming is that you can do it in bed with your significant other.  You can “wander” about the casino leisurely in the presence of your favourite Mr. or Ms.  Is there a better way to delay sleep?