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Casino Rodos: Elegance on the Aegean

With sweeping views of Aegean Sea and located in the pulsating heart of Rhodes town, the Casino Rodos is a glamourous reminder of 1920’s Greece.  The gaming salon is housed in the breathtakingly beautiful Grande Albergo delle Rose, a boutique hotel that has smatterings of Turkish, Venetian and Ottoman influences.

The casino itself comprises 1 700 square metres of gaming space spread over two floors of the hotel.  Aside from a dedicated poker room that’s discretely tucked away on the ground floor, guests can mingle - cocktail in hand - and play classic table games at one of 34 tables located one floor above.

More than 300 slot machines line the walls of a ground floor gaming hall that’s retained much of the glamour that defined its launch in 1929.  A subsequent refurbishment has only added more style and sophistication to an already refined gambling experience.  Slot games vary from classic 3-reel machines to high-tech interactive video slots with all the whistles and bells.

Once you’ve had your fill of the cash tables and machines, you can saunter across to the mesmerising Medieval town that defines the history of the largest Greek island in the Dodecanese.  

You can walk the old walls and ramparts and follow in the footsteps of Moors, Turks, Phoenicians, and Greeks, all the while assaulting the senses with spectacular views of the island and the crystal-clear waters beyond.

Venture a little further and you’ll find ancient settlements, opulent palaces and crumbling monasteries with their trademark blue domed roofs. Rhodes encapsulates all that’s to be admired of one of the oldest civilisations on earth.

You can even take an extended tour of the Greek islands and rely on your trusty mobile casino South Africa as an away from home gambling solution that operates optimally… everywhere!

Casino De Marrakech: Palaces, Souks and Snake-Charmers

Located in the upscale Hivernage neighbourhood of Marrakesh, the Casino de Marrakech is an iconic Moroccan landmark that’s populated by gamblers from all over the world. It’s a regular host of international live poker events and offers the full gamut of casino games in its beautifully appointed 900 square meter gambling hall.

In addition to a vast selection of slot machines, all the classics - poker, roulette, and blackjack - are well represented. Guests can ante up in the cash games and daily tournaments and enjoy a late-night soiree at one of the many cocktail bars, dance clubs and chic restaurants that are found in Hivernage.

The casino itself has retained its original 1950s façade and is gracefully decorated with vintage pieces that speak of the confluence between Africa, Islam and former colonisers, Spain and France. Over the years, princes. emirs and superstars have wandered around the casino’s beautifully manicured gardens and enjoyed authentic Moroccan hospitality.

You too can walk in the footsteps of French fashion mogul Pierre Balmain, dancing sensation Josephine Baker and Hollywood actor Leonardo di Caprio when you visit the exotic Marrakech Casino.

When you’ve had your fill of the reels, cards and little wheel, the ancient city of Medina with its narrow cobbled roads, bustling souks, carpet traders and snake charmers await. It’s the kind of place you can while away the hours and drink refreshing mint tea with the locals.

Sun City Casino: Baccarat, Blackjack and an African Safari 

On the opposite end of the African continent is one of the most extraordinary gambling destinations on earth - the fabled Sun City Resort in South Africa. This gem of a place is a quick two-hour drive from Johannesburg and consists of several hotels, including the plush and decidedly exotic African themed Palace of the Lost City.

Aside from the Valley of the Waves - an artificial beach with authentic looking machine-generated waves -   spectacular live shows and a variety of restaurants and bars, guests can enjoy diverse gambling activities at the Sun City Casino.

There’s a choice of hundreds of slot machines and more than 40 table games that include blackjack, baccarat and American roulette. There’s even an exclusive Salon Privé for high stakes gamblers to get their wagers away.

Once the gambling bug has been satisfied it’s time to explore the great outdoors.  Abutting the resort is the fourth largest conservation area in South Africa, the 572 square kilometre Pilanesberg Game Reserve… that’s an area equivalent in size to the Sultanate of Brunei!

You can partake in all sorts of bush-oriented activities that vary from guided game drives and walking safaris to hot air ballooning over the African savannah. If you’re lucky you’ll spot the Big Five mammals in their natural habitat – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant.

Aside from the wildlife there are cultural villages and a volcanic crater that erupted more than 1 300 million years ago waiting to be explored. You can always take your mobile casino South Africa along with you into the wilds and continue spinning those cash-filled reels!

Byblos Casino: Beaches and Biodiversity in an Intimate Jungle Setting

Situated on Costa Rica’s stunningly beautiful Pacific coast in a snug and intimate rain forest setting is the Byblos casino. It may not be a five-star establishment but it has all the casino games required to appease the gambling beast lurking deep within.

There’s a choice of multi-reel slot machines and when you tire of poker you can try your hand at Costa Rica’s flagship card game - Tuti. The casino is located in the tiny seaside village of Manuel Antonio, an intoxicating jungle destination ranked in the Top 15 Beaches and Parks in the World by Forbes Magazine.

The jewels in the crown of this tranquil getaway are the soft sandy beaches, excellent eco-tourism initiatives, and the national park. You can wander through the jungle on foot on well-marked trails and marvel at the extraordinary rich animal and birdlife.

Watch out for the two and three-toed sloths, white-faced howler monkeys and the endangered little squirrel monkeys as they the kings of this section of the Costa Rican jungle.

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