Find the games with the best RTPs and in-game bonus features - win the big bucks at Springbok Kiwi online casino!

Casino games are the essence of every casino.  They are the gaming products that not only deliver endless entertainment, they provide a genuine chance of winning wads of cash.  Classic casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and slots have been modified for the online and mobile platforms… and the results are simply sensational.

Along with the creative alchemy that makes gaming in the infinity of cyberspace such as wonderful proposition, the best Kiwi online casino has more than 200 individual casino games available right here and right now.

Notwithstanding your choice of genre - be it video poker, slots, scratch cards or table games - you’ll find a title packed with payout opportunity.  Turn up the proverbial heat, so to speak, and click on the ‘Progressives’ tab in the download client or on the left side bar at the instant play Kiwi online casino and you’ll open the equivalent of Pandora’s box in crisp bank notes!

The trick is to find the games that offer that little bit more than most - the games that have the potential to pay out winnings more frequently.  Before we get down to the casino games roundup at Springbok Kiwi online casino, let’s take a look at why the titles are so compelling.

Why Games at a Kiwi Online Casino are So Popular  

At the centre of what defines a casino is the software developer responsible for creating the games.  At Springbok casino we’re so confident about the integrity of the gambling options we’ve staked our reputation on just one software supplier… and that of course is Real Time Gaming or RTG.

Unlike other software brands that develop casino games characterised by funky creative touches and explosive in-game animations, RTG has never lost sight of the core reason why people, like you, play casino games in the first place.

Our graphics may not be as spectacular as what you’ll see in animated movies like How to Train Your Dragon, The Secret Life of Pets or Reign of the Supermen.  You may not be blown away by the toe tapping audio that’s been integrated into the latest RTG slots and the game developers really don’t like wasting time on generating game trailers that really have nothing to do with the game itself.

At RTG casinos, games are strictly about business… but with a fair bit of colour, creativity and fun scripted in.  In other words when you sign up at our Kiwi online casino you are assured of a fully functional gaming experience where performance far outweighs pointless little design details.

We guarantee you’ll have the pleasure of playing online and mobile casino games that never lag or break down just as you’ve triggered a few winning combinations.  A sustainable business like ours means offering games that are not pre-programmed or rigged in any way.

Thanks to Real Time Gaming we can say with absolutely certainty that the gaming results are random and the gambling experience is fair.  In our world, client satisfaction is paramount.

Which Online Casino Games are the Best?

Now down to the much anticipated casino games roundup at Springbok casino.  If you’ve read the articles featured on our blog, you’ll know that some categories of games have better odds.  What that means is the return to player (RTP) is nice and high and the house edge or the advantage to the casino is low.

The gaming categories that offer the best odds of winning are those that have an optimal strategy that you can learn in order to sway the results in your favour.  These games are the skilled based games like video poker, Tri-card, Hold’em and Stud poker and blackjack.

In our quickfire roundup we’ve earmarked the gaming categories that are worth their weight in gold… provided you’re taken the time and effort to memorise and apply the relevant optimal gaming strategy.

Best-Ever Blackjack Games Online

At Springbok casino blackjack is blue chip.  It’s fun, easy to learn and has excellent payout potential.  As with most online casino games, you’ll find variations that fit neatly into the blackjack games category.  

There’s standard blackjack along with five other variants, each with a unique house edge and return to player - Face Up 21, Match Play 21, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Pontoon and Super 21.  In this case, the best blackjack game to play in terms of potential winnings is Blackjack and Perfect Pairs blackjack, as they share an RTP of 99.46 percent!

Video Poker Games with Plenty of Vooma!

The second gaming category that offers one of the best average RTPs in the business is video poker.  It’s a hugely popular gaming genre… and for good reason.  Aside from its low house edge and simple yet strategic game play, there are loads of cool variations that are really fun to play.  They are also capable of boosting your bankroll into the stratosphere.

At RTG powered casinos like ours you’ll find 15 video poker variants, each more exciting than the other.  All pay out according to conventional poker hand rankings as per the pay table on the gaming interface but some offer tantalising top wins and bonus pays that can ramp up the ROI.  In cyberspace, video poker is king.

If you want to exploit the low edge and high return of video poker to the fullest, we advise you to wager on one of these cool games.  Their average RTPs as a percentage are as follows:

  • Jacks or Better full pay - 99.54
  • Double Joker Poker - 99.63
  • All American - 99.60
  • Aces and Eights - 99.78
  • Bonus Deuces Wild - 99.45

RTG Slots with Attitude

Everyone loves to play slots but with so many titles featured on the casino games menu its tricky to choose a really hot title in terms of payability.  Unlike some software suppliers, RTG does not publish the RTP of its slot games.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make an informed choice when selecting the best slots in terms of win rate.  Rather than relying on the RTP you can use stuff like slot variance and in-game features as clues.

A general rule is that the more simple the structure of the game, the better the odds of hitting winning combos.  In this case, 3 reel slots with their limited paylines, game symbol and features are an excellent proposition.  Games like 7s and Stripes, Double Ya Luck and Diamond Mine are low stakes gambling opportunities that have the game mechanics to provide frequent wins.

As far as the 5 reel video slots are concerned, the games with a low to medium variance are your best bet.  They may offer lower payouts but the frequency of wins is high.  In my experience these slots are more exciting and rewarding to play provided you have the patience to build your account.  Look for the games with a free spins and high bet multipliers and the odds are you’ll come out tops. 

Here are a few recommendations that will make your gambling foray at our Kiwi online casino feel like a great night out - Witch’s Brew, Swindle All the Way, Ocean Oddities, Gods of Nature, Mystic Dragon and Santa Strikes Back!