Romantic mobile gaming

Ten years ago, few observers would have predicted that by the middle of 2019 most online casino gamers would play most of the time on a mobile device.  What has happened in the areas of mobile devices themselves and in the area of online gaming?  Finally, how have online casino gamers changed their gaming habits to make playing at the mobile casino South Africa more attractive than desktop gaming?

Smartphones, Tablets, and Affluence

It is incredible that, whilst having a cellular phone about twenty years ago was a luxury that only top executives could afford, now everyone with a small amount of savings can own one.  And cell phones have evolved from those monster phones of the first generations of phones into sleek phones that easily fit into a pocket or a handbag.

The language has also changed as the result of the enormous technological developments in mobile communication.  Where we once spoke about cellular phones, and most people didn’t really know what that term meant simply because they couldn’t afford to buy one, everyone now speaks about smartphones.  The distinguishing characteristics of smartphones can be summed up into how smart the phone actually is!

Ten or more years ago, a survey was done on which countries had the most cell phones per capita.  The survey found that Japan and Israel, of all countries, led the way.  The Japanese owned phones manufactured in Japan and Israelis owned phones to be able to communicate quickly with each other for security reasons as well as for convenience.

Today, every country has high penetration of cell phone and smartphone use.  The cell phone is exponentially more than the phones many people grew up with that were attached to a wall in one’s house!  In those days, the greatest innovation was the long telephone cord so you could sit at the kitchen table and talk on the phone!

The Reality of Affluence

Many people who don’t really understand economics also don’t understand how the short history of cellular communication demonstrates the enormous increase in personal and family affluence across the planet in just a few years.

People who one generation ago could not afford most luxuries can today afford a smartphone and even a tablet.  The tablet may be more a portable computer than a telephone but for the purposes of online gaming it serves a tremendous purpose, namely making gaming on a small screen comfortable.


In the early days of mobile, the graphics for all forms of gaming on mobile devices were not nearly as good as they were for desktop computers.  The casino games we offered at Springbok were refitted to “fit” onto the mobile platforms of the time but we admit that the graphics needed a great deal of improving.

Springbok has been a leader in embracing every new development in mobile gaming technology.  One reason why we have always been so quick to grasp new technology for mobile is that Springbok is a young online casino.  We began in 2012.

The decision makers for the older online casinos had a bias in favour of desktop even if today they wouldn’t admit to it.  After all, desktop was all there was twenty five years ago when online casinos first came out.  The first mobile casino games offered convenience but not comfort.  So, most online casino gamers continued to play at their desktops even though there was a growing library of mobile casino games available to them.

By the time Springbok Casino came online, it was obvious to us that you, our loyal gamers, were becoming more affluent by the week and that you would play our games on mobile just as soon as they became visually attractive enough for you to switch from desktop to mobile.

The Need to Relax

With affluence comes a type of pressure that was unknown through most of human history.  We have pressure to succeed in those careers that give us the money to live well.  Studies have shown that playing games can have enormous therapeutic effect.  We all have many options for which games we choose to play.  However, here is where mobile casino gaming has one tremendous advantage over so many other types of games.

When you go to Springbok on your mobile browser, you literally take Springbok casino with you in your pocket or handbag.  That is obviously not the case with all of the physical games people play.  It is also not the case with many of the other types of computer games. 

When you play those games, it usually takes some time to reach the point you want to reach.  With mobile casino games, you can play for just a few minutes at a time as a relaxing activity.  In a few minutes, you can play a few dozen spins at slots, a few dozen hands of blackjack or video poker, and so on.

Flexibility:  More Things to Do

Computer games take you through the same motions time and time again.   When you play casino games on your mobile device, you can also go from vicarious experience to vicarious experience.  You can play video poker or blackjack.  You can throw the dice in craps or spin the roulette wheel.  And you can travel across continents, through time, up into space and far beneath the oceans in slots.

And all of this activity can take as few as ten minutes or less!

Comfort and Romance

The last word on mobile gaming is that many gamers have discovered the romantic side of mobile gaming.  When we played at our desktop, casino gaming was more of an individual pastime; we played alone.  But mobile gaming allows us to include another person in the gaming experience.

We can both curl up together on our favourite sofa or in bed and play a wide variety of casino games for the sheer enjoyment of it and for the unique sense of togetherness we get when we play as a couple.

Who knew as recently as ten years ago how mobile casino gaming could bring couples closer together?