Getting audited is regular, normal, and even welcomed

Springbok Casino came online in 2012.  That was almost twenty years after the first online casino came online.  In those almost twenty years, online casinos learned a lot about their business and about their customers, loyal gamers.

One area where an online casino now welcomes scrutiny is in the area of regulation.  Within the term “regulation” we include basic certification and auditing of the safety of the casino’s banking system and the reliability of its games.

Springbok Welcomes Regulation

Springbok Casino has embraced certification, regulation, and audits from the beginning.  In this article, we will explain why this is so.

Building Trust

There is no real face to an online casino.  In addition, there are now thousands of online casinos.  Some online casinos have been known to be undercapitalized.  That means that they don’t have enough money to pay out large jackpots to winners.

Some casinos take the gamble that they will get enough money from players to be able to pay out large wins.  This practice doesn’t work and, in the end, the gamers get cheated out of legitimate wins.

Building Trust through Customer Service

So, every reputable online casino becomes reputable in two ways.  One is through prompt and thorough customer service.  At Springbok, you can reach a representative at any time.  Did you know that in the early years of online casinos many online casinos closed their customer service office for weekends and holidays?  And some had only email support?!?

The customer service office at Springbok has been open around the clock and around the calendar from Day 1.

Building Trust through Outside Regulation

The second way online casinos build trust ids by welcoming regulation.  An online casino is truly only as good as its games, its service, and its willingness to follow some basic rules.

There are three areas where online casinos like Springbok willingly accept some rules:  the reliability of the Random Number Generator (RNG); the reliability of the casino’s banking system; and the casino’s ability to resolve conflicts with gamers.

Here is how Springbok openly, willingly, and happily welcomes outside certification in all of these areas.

Random Number Generator

This is software that creates the outcome of every game at an online casino.  At land based casinos, there are games like roulette, blackjack, craps, keno, bingo, poker and others that at are played “live”.  That means that you see the game being played.  Those games do not use a RNG.

But even at land based casinos, games like video poker and slots are entirely digital and do use the RNG.

All of the games at Springbok and every other online casino—with the exception of live casino feeds from a studio—require an RNG to determine the outcomes.

The results created by the RNG are entirely random.  Every spin or every hand is entirely random and is not connected in any statistical way with the spins or hands previously played.  Because of the RNG, some undercapitalized casinos go under as two big jackpots are won in close proximity to each other and the casino can’t pay out the winnings.

So, one important aspect of online casino regulation is to assure gamers that the casino is so well capitalized that it can pay out several large jackpots from the casino’s own coffers.

Every online casino has to guarantee the fairness of its RNG.  The casino can also set a general return to player rate for every game.  In the Canadian province of Ontario, the return to player rate for online gaming in state run casinos is about 65%.  This is remarkably low!

The return to player rate at Springbok is generally about 97%.  It is the reliability of the RNG and frequent audits of the RNG that insure gamers that the return to player rate is indeed about 97% - even higher on some games like video poker.


When you go to a land based casino, you buy chips and when it is time to go back home, you usually cash in your chips for real money.  The reason is simple: unless you live in the city where the casino is located or very close to it, you would have no reason to have your money sit in an account at the casino.

If you live “far away” from the casino, there is always the possibility that you’ll never come back to that casino!  So, having an account there makes no sense.

But having an account at Springbok and other online casinos does make sense.  That’s because you can access your account at Springbok at any time.  That means that you can play when you are sitting at your desktop or gaming through your laptop computer but it also means that you can literally take the casino with you and access the games on your smartphone or tablet!

So, keeping your money in an account at Springbok makes a lot of sense and having the banking system frequently checked by an independent outside interest makes sense both form the gamers’ side but also from the casino’s side.


The way Springbok guarantees that your money is safe in your account here is through software called encryption software.  This software makes it virtually impossible for hackers to access any information that is encrypted.  All online commercial banks, investment firms, and any company that accepts payment online use the same type of software to ensure customers that their money is safe.

Online casino regulators insist that our encryption software be inspected frequently.  Even without outside regulation, we would inspect our encryption software very often because the safety of your money here is one of the main reasons you play online casino games here at Springbok.

Customer Relations

Our regulators insist that we keep a record of every disagreement between a gamer and the casino.  Our records show that our ability to resolve disagreements is 100%.  There are three areas where gamers make the most complaints: progressive jackpots, a Royal Flush in video poker, and the extra requirements for withdrawals.

Our customer service representatives sometimes have to explain to gamers who thought they had won a big jackpot that in order to qualify for the jackpot, or the extra payment for a Royal Flush in video poker, they had to make the maximum bet.  Every complaint we get in this area comes from a gamer who didn’t make the maximum bet.

We say very often in many articles and blogs that we urge all gamers to play within their true means.  So, if you can’t make the maximum bet in a progressive slot, you are much better off playing a regular slot.

We ask for extra identification when you ask for a withdrawal in order to add a layer of protection so that your money goes to the correct person.  Our encryption software protects your money when it is in your casino account and when it is in transit but it can’t protect you from being hacked on your end.  So we ask you to make us feel 100% sure that we are sending your money to you!

Springbok is Regulated in Many Countries

Almost every country in Europe regulates online casinos.  Each does so in a slightly different way and we follow every local law exactly as it is written.  Some countries in other continents also regulate online casinos and a few US states do so as well.

In all, we find that accepting regulation imposes an extra burden upon us but it is a burden that we willingly—even happily— accept because in the end the burden protects you, our faithful gamers, and that is the ultimate goal: fun, safe, and exciting gaming!