Use the info on the paytables of slots as a secret weapon - win lots of money playing casino games at Springbok Casino now!

Slots are the most popular online casino games by far.  They are also the most versatile in terms of content and payouts.  Open any RTG slot game on your PC, phone or tablet and you’ll be bombarded with cool tunes, awesome graphics and multiple ways to win on the reels.

Versatility means that every game is different and unique.  Although the nuts and bolts of online slots at Springbok Casino are largely the same - a set of symbols spinning on reels to deliver real money payouts - the finer details relating to the really important stuff aren’t.

Without knowing what these details are and how they can influence a game’s payout probability, you’ll effectively be playing one of the most exciting casino games ever created with a self-imposed blindfold on!

Where do you find the secrets of slots at Springbok online casino?  In the rules and paytables of course!  Let’s take a look at what the reel-based casino games paytables reveal:

Paylines: Where the ZAR is Stashed on the Reels  

As you are undoubtedly aware Springbok Casino offers hundreds of 3 reel, 5 reel and 6 reel slots.  You’ll find casino games with three paylines and games with 20, 30 or 50 or more.  

In some slots the paylines are fixed.  In others they are not.  In the former instance you can’t modify the number of paylines in play - they are all automatically active all the time.  In the latter instance you can, simply by adjusting the number of coins you wager, to the number of bet lines you want in-play on each spin.

Ideally you want all the available paylines active and ready to capture line wins.  If you don’t know how many paylines there are and whether they are fixed or not, you won’t know which betting strategy to implement.

Along with the number of paylines in play, it’s as important to understand the structure of the paylines - in other words what patterns the symbols can form on the reels to generate payouts. 

If there are 25 paylines in a slot game, there are 25 different ways symbols can be matched for money on the gaming interface.  That includes the conventional horizontal paylines you’ll find across the reels in classic 3 reel slots.  

Besides the number and structure of the paylines, the third element you should be aware of is whether the symbols pay from left to right, right to left or both ways.  Fortunately, all the vital payline information is laid out for all to see… on the slot’s paytable.

Symbols: Big Paying Icons for Everyone 

When you play casino games for real money at Springbok Casino your aim is to win money.  With slots the focus is on matching symbols on the reels.  

There are low paying symbols like the playing card icons you’ll often find in RTG slots and there are high paying symbols that are generally the ones that reflect the game’s creative theme.  When you know which symbols pay out the most in ZAR it adds the requisite amount of excitement to play.

Online slots may be one of those luck-based casino games where you can’t influence the outcome one way or the other.  Nevertheless, it’s fun knowing which icons pay out the big money prizes… and for that you need to browse through the paytable!

Triggers: Shooting for the Major Money Prizes in Slots Online 

Aside from the standard game symbols that pay out winnings according to the paytable, there are special symbols that trigger bonus features. 

Some symbols are wild and act as jokers on the reels to complete line wins.  Others are scatter symbols that trigger free spins and bonus games.

Wilds can be standard symbol substitutes that only appear on certain reels during standard game play or during free spins.  Alternatively, they can have the power to double or even treble the payouts during certain stages of the game.

Free spins may have expanding wild reels in-play or they can be linked to multipliers that multiply line wins by a specified amount.  Unless you know how the trigger symbols and associated bonus features work, you’ll miss out on the entertainment factor. 

There’s also a good chance you’ll make the wrong decision when you’re prompted to pick a particular symbol or feature to unlock yet more cool surprises on the reels.  If you want to exploit the myriad game features in online slots, check out the paytable!

Jackpot Rules: Playing Progressives with the Pot in Mind 

One of the most thrilling categories of casino games you’ll find online are the progressive jackpot games.  At Springbok Casino there’s a neat selection of video slots that are linked to real money jackpots. 

These are the casino games we all dream of winning - the online slots like Spirit of the Inca and Aztec’s Millions that offer the million rand and more top prizes.

Before you even spin the reels of the big paying progressives, you have to qualify for jackpot prize - and that means following the rules of the game like betting the maximum number of coins.  Where do you find the rules of mega money engagement?  On the paytable of course!

Capitalise on the Best-Ever Casino Games Online at Springbok Casino NOW 

If you really want to capitalise on the multiple game features, diverse payline structures and jaw dropping real money winnings that are commonplace in the hundreds of beautifully designed casino games that fit neatly into the online slots’ genre, it’s essential to do your homework first.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours calculating the odds or memorising complex strategies.  It simply means taking the time to read the rules and familiarise yourself with the paytables before taking the plunge into Springbok Casino’s stunning selection of online and mobile slots!