Find warrior slots with killer features - turn online casino games into money spinners by channelling the warrior deep within.

Throughout history warriors have been regarded with great esteem.  Princes, kings and ordinary men have risked life and limb to protect their realms, riches, territory and women… and have been suitably rewarded for their efforts.

Names like Caesar, Achilles, Odin and Ronin evoke images of gory battlefields and combatants heavy with armour fiercely fighting to the death.  Now there’s a collection of RTG online casino games that celebrate the warriors of ages past - and at Springbok Casino we showcase the lot.

Are you into combat?  Do you have a warrior lurking deep within?  Are you armed and ready to pounce when danger strikes?  If you are, you’ll find an awesome selection of multi-line video slots that feature the characters and imagery of battle right here at Springbok Casino.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most iconic warrior slots in the RTG stable.  These are the online casino games that feature the heroes of war cherry picked from history and Greek mythology.

They are also the real money games that pay out enough moola to keep an entire squadron of legionaries in food, drink and festive post-battle frivolity!

Achilles Slot 

Revered as the greatest Greek warrior in the decade-long Trojan War, Achilles was brave, brutal and incredibly blood thirsty in his star role as a murderer of men.  He was also a lascivious lover of beautiful women.

Along with his incredible antics on the battle field Achilles is probably best remembered for slaying the Trojan Prince Hector at the gates of Troy.  The omnipotent warrior of Greek mythology was - after all - almost invincible.

As the story in Homer’s Iliad goes, Achilles was dunked upside down into the River Styx as a baby.  But for those tight fleshy bits above the heel of each foot he would have lived for eternity.  Instead, he was shot in the heel by Paris and promptly succumbed from his injuries - hence the term Achilles heel!

Now you can battle it out for prodigious payouts playing Achilles slot right here and right now.  It’s a 20 payline video slot that has wilds, scatters and two free spins bonus features.  Aside from the conventional payouts in the free spins there are morphing wilds and double the money in line wins.

It’s also one of those RTG online casino games that has a progressive jackpot as the top prize - so be sure to draw your secret weapon in the form of the ‘bet max’ sword!

Ronin Slot  

A rōnin is a samurai who has no lord and master.  The fact that he did not belong to any particular clan or lord made a ‘fallen’ samurai very dangerous indeed.

Those who did not commit seppuku upon the death of their master hired out their formidable fighting and tactical skills to the highest bidder.  In the feudal period of Japan, samurai were ruthless warriors and skilled swordsmen.  They were also highly trained in martial arts and the strategy of war.  

One of the most famous rōnin was Miyamoto Musashi who used a double-edge sword to dangerous effect.  He fought 61 duels to the death and is widely regarded as the Sword Saint of Japan.

Unlike samurai who used only two swords on the battlefield, rōnins packed an arsenal of weapons that included a bo, jo and yumi - a big staff, small staff and bow and arrow - plus the samurai sword double act!

Now you too can become the samurai of slots at Springbok Casino.  All you have to do is flex your sword arm, open Ronin slot on your PC or mobile phone and slash and parry your way to big wins in ZAR.

It’s one of those action packed online casino games that’s rich in bonus features - free games with increasing multipliers, reel respins and free spins where all wins are trebled.  Are you brave enough to be a ‘bushi’ who knows how to bet, spin and win or is the way of the rōnin a little more your style?

Caesars Empire Slot  

Julius Caesar was a master strategist, an outstanding military commander and a dictator who lent his name to all the future rulers of the great Roman Empire.  As a warrior he was merciless.  As a politician he was more than ambitious, he was unrelenting in his quest to expand his empire and rule the world.

The great Roman general was the first to invade Britain.  He was also the first commander to cross the Rhine into Germany.  Caesar was a key figure in the Gallic Wars and when his own country turned its back on him, he bore arms and fought a bloody civil war against his countrymen in Roman Italy.

Julius Caesar is undoubtedly one of the greatest warriors of all time.  The visionary reforms he introduced as a leader were however his undoing as he died at the hands of Roman senators who were also his friends!

Do you want to be Julius Caesar for the day?  Are you ready to prime the paylines with ZAR and unleash wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins on the reels?

If so, Caesars Empire slot is a red-hot gambling opportunity with multiple game features that operate with military precision.  When you wager the 20 coin maximum, evoke the spirit of Julius Caesar on all five reels simultaneously, you’ll be a rich as Croesus.  Why?  Because this Roman inspired warrior slot has a progressive jackpot in the mix!

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