Find the best slots bonuses at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa – leverage bonus free spins & in-game features for FREE!

Crisp imagery, crystal clear audio and seamless game play define the best mobile casino South Africa.  On Springbok Casino’s digital platform, you really do have anytime access to uninterrupted gaming… available anywhere.

It is the kind of real money bonanza that you can slip out of your handbag or pocket and instantly benefit from in terms of rands and cents.  It is a no holds barred investment tool that provides some of the most exciting entertainment known to man… and woman too of course!

Find the Exclusive ‘Oh Wow’ Slots Bonuses on the Home Page 

When you ignite the game engines of the number mobile casino South Africa you not only power up an eclectic assortment of superbly designed RTG mobile casino games, you unleash a news stream that always features at least one head-banging slots bonus.

This exclusive ‘oh wow’ offer is over and above the permanent promos splashed across the promotions page at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa.

What is the big deal about bonuses targeting the zillions of South Africans who revel in the awesomeness of games like Storm Lords, Eternal Love, Count Spectacular and Halloween’s Treasure mobile slots?

Well when you unpack what you get in terms of potential - pure unbridled ZAR monetary potential - slots bonuses are the best bonuses by far…. Seriaaas!

The Best Ever Slots Bonus Guide 

How can you turn dust into dollars and stars into rands?  Here is a tips and tricks bonus guide that explains the how, what, when and where of slots bonuses and why you should pay close attention!

When you redeem a sizzling hot slots bonus at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa you are unlocking a multi-layered gift that keeps on giving.  What we mean by that is the free spins you will get of a particular game are just one facet of the free for all from Springbok.

Slots bonuses can be free cash giveaways that you can spend on any of the RTG slots listed at the best ever mobile casino South Africa. 

Get Free Spins Galore at Springbok 

However, a more common version of the bonus is a free spins bonus which gifts you a specified number of spins of a specified slot game.  That means you only have complimentary access to one game… and for a limited time only.

Nonetheless the potential rewards can be as satisfying, as when you do hit matching symbols on an active payline, the winnings are yours to keep.  You do have to satisfy a few T&CS in order to cash out - but we will get to that a little later.

With a free spins slots bonus you can effectively play in the real money mode but without spending any of your hard earned cash.  The only money that does change hands is transferred from the mobile casino South Africa’s coffers into your betting account - that’s provided there is a payout permutation in the equation!

Free Access to the Yummy In-Game Bonus Features 

Right we have determined that you can bank the payouts posted on the pay table when you play slots via a free spins bonus.  Wait… there’s more.  The bonus is also the key to the yummy features that are always part of the best RTG slots.

One of these features is free spins.  Huh?  Yup you can get another batch of free spins of the same bonus slot when - and only when - multiple scatters appear simultaneously on the reels.  If you are confused, don’t be - it really is quite simple…

When you redeem a free spins bonus at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa you have a certain number of spins of the reels that don’t require a cash commitment on your part.  If, during the free spins, you hit the correct symbol combination anywhere onscreen you will unlock the in-game free spins feature. 

That means more gratis games at your fingertips and more chances to win lots of dosh - for FREE!

Leverage the Money Magic of Multipliers

What is even more mind blowing about free spins - which you can trigger at any time during the (free) game time - is the fact that they are usually mated with multipliers.  That means any winnings you achieve can soar in value right through the stratosphere.

How do multipliers work?  Well the payouts on the pay table are automatically multiplied by the multiplier value that appears in the slot’s rules or on the pay table itself.  What kind of multiplier values are we talking about at springbok Mobile Casino South Africa?  Anything from 2 x up to 30 x and more!

Think about it for a moment.  If for example you are playing a slot game with a 12 x multiplier value in the free spins feature and you hit four matching symbols that pay out 300 coins.  Wham!  In a split second the 300 coins become 3,600 coins - and you’ve got a serious smile on your face!

See how easy it is to win lots of loot without having to part with a cent of your own?  That is why redeeming a slots bonus at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa is really a no brainer!

Wilds, Bonus Games and Random Jackpots 

That is just one way you can boost your betting account for free, gratis and for nothing.  There are a multitude of other ways, as the best RTG slots are packed with all sorts of cool symbols that are linked to bigger and better cash rewards.

There is the wild that completes line wins as a symbol substitute and occasionally doubles or even trebles all payouts and a host of second screen bonus games that offer anything from extra bet multiplier values to cash prizes.

There is even a chance you’ll be the delighted beneficiary of one of RTG’s renowned random jackpots that can be doled out after any spin - free or not! 

The only caveat here is that not all RTG mobile slots have random jackpots written into the script, so be sure to click on the ‘help’ or ‘information’ button on the gaming interface to find out!

Top Tip: Read and Understand the Bonus T&Cs 

As we have already mentioned, the slots bonuses at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa have terms and conditions of use.  These T&Cs outline the bonus rules relating to the wagering requirement, the casino games that count towards the wagering requirement and all sorts of other important stuff.

If you really want to get the best out of a slots bonus, it’s crucial you read and understand the bonus T&Cs.  The last thing you want is to be tied into wagering requirements that you really cannot meet.