Follow in the footsteps of famous fictional gamblers like Han Solo and Tony Soprano - play real money casino games online now

Casino games really are ubiquitous.  Apart from being the featured attractions at brick and mortar, online, live dealer and mobile casinos, they are an integral part of popular culture. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a book worm or a film buff, you will be aware of at least one fictional character who gets his - or her - kicks from casino games.  Some of the games are straight up and conventional, others are more a figment of a fertile imagination.

If you are into playing casino games online at Springbok Casino you are in good company.  Here are a few well-known fictional characters who are big spending, high rolling gamblers at heart. 

Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Spike aka ‘William the Bloody’ may be a failed poet but he knows how to mix things up when it comes to gambling.  The good looking vamp is played by James Marstens and doubles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s wannbe squeeze.

He is a vampire, a villain and an avid poker player who clearly prefers raising with kittens rather than standard casino chips!

In his role as the ‘good guy gone wrong’ Spike introduces Buffy to a dastardly demon hangout where pretentious pet gobbling predators play Texas Hold’em cash games… with a tummy churning twist. 

In this iteration of one of the most popular casino games on the planet, players go all-in with a litter of fur balls rather than the conventional deep stacks - meow! 

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer it is a case of Spike versus the SPCA in the sorry tale of lip smacking, tummy rumbling pussy poker!

Tony Soprano - The Sopranos 

Tony Soprano is the capo di tutti of the brutal DiMeo crime family.  He is a vicious mobster who at some point during the seven-year TV series is trying to make amends with his wife, his mistress and - more importantly - his maker. 

Along with his organised crime sprees and extended periods on the therapist’s couch, Soprano has a penchant for splashing the cash gambling on the horses, contact sports and casino games.

We are not talking about a few bob here and there.  We are talking about $10k wagers.  That is virtually the equivalent of R150,000 in ZAR - and on a single bet for heaven’s sake! 

Soprano’s particular poison in terms of real money gambling is high stakes poker, otherwise known as the ‘Executive Game’.  In one particularly fraught gambling session the New Jersey Mafia boss blows $100k - or a little over R1,47 million in cash - playing cards with his BFFs!

At Springbok Online Casino ZA you don’t have to spend anything remotely like that to get your gambling fun.  We feature an eclectic array of RTG developed casino games tailor made for the full cross section of betting budgets!

Han Solo - Solo: A Star Wars Story  

Smuggler, rebel hero and heart throb of generations of women - right here on earth and liberally spread across the entire universe - Han Solo is one of the more iconic figures of the Star Wars movie franchise.

He is Jack the lad and a ladies’ man all rolled into one.  He is also the intrepid commander of the Millennium Falcon, the fastest darn ship in the galaxy! 

In the latest Star Wars movie, the young Solo challenges his old friend Lando Calrissian to a game of Sabacc.  If you are wondering which casino games category Sabacc is most similar to, it is a bit like a high stakes form of blackjack but with a perfect hand value of 23 rather than 21.

The extra-terrestrial card game is also the hot favourite on the sparsely populated desert planet of Tatooine, where a lack of anything else much at all means that gambling is more rampant there than anywhere else in outer space! 

Do you fancy a gambling experience that really is out of this world?  At Springbok Casino you will find an epic selection of online and mobile casino games.  They cover all the best loved categories and are intentionally designed to keep you entertained for light years ahead!

Rhett Butler - Gone with the Wind 

Rhett Butler is the perfect Charleston gentleman.  He is also a no good blackguard and a charming rogue who through his disdain for Southern hospitality is the black sheep of the family.

The suave and incredibly good looking Butler is played by Hollywood heart throb, Clark Gable and is one of the main protagonists in the 1939 blockbuster feature film, Gone with the Wind.  

His insatiable ardour for Scarlett O’ Hara is legendary, so too is his prowess with the pistol and the often repeated one-liner; ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’.

What is not as well known is Rhett Butler’s love of high stakes card games with an emphasis on poker.  In fact, he becomes a successful professional poker player long before taking on the role of blockade runner and spurned lover. 

During the American Civil War Butler’s total takings on the cards amounted to $500k which in those days was a not-so-small fortune.  The wealth he generated by gambling was the key to Scarlett’s heart… but not for long!

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We can’t say for sure that you will win tons of money or even someone’s heart… but we can promise you loads and loads of fun where cash payouts are a distinct possibility!

Phileas Fogg - Around the World in Eighty Days

Phileas Fogg was an adventurer and inveterate gambler.  As an aristocratic British gentleman of formidable financial means Fogg spent most of his time playing Whist at a private gentleman’s club in London.

It was at this very club - the Reform Club - that Fogg made an impulse wager with a group of wealthy Saville Row friends, a wager that is now indelibly etched into literary history. 

The bet?  A £20,000 wager that he could circumnavigate the world in 80 days or less and a wager that Fogg went on to win, despite a few missteps and mishaps en route. 

For those of you who don’t know what Whist is; it is a tricks-taking tactical card game that requires skill and strategizing to win!  Although we don’t offer Whist, Sabacc or Texas Hold’em at Springbok Casino we do have plenty of low edge casino games that you can learn how to master.  

Why not follow in the footsteps of Spike, Solo, Soprano and all the other fictional gamblers out there and sign up at Springbok Casino today?