Comparing casino games and console games

Many people see modern times as the "video game era" but online casino games are more popular than ever.  We at THE New Zealand online casino, the Springbok casino and other casino sites say that increasing numbers of video gamers are opening new casino accounts so that they can play online games via the Internet. 

Online  Casino Games

The first online casinos opened in the '90s, just when the Internet was becoming popular. These casinos offered some old-fashioned casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat along with a limited number of slot machines.  As new payment methods became available and new game designers started to work with online casino operators the industry exploded.  Today players can find hundreds of game options at the online casino for desktop or mobile gaming entertainment when they want, where they want.   

Classic games are available online as are new specialty games and online slots. These games are highly adaptable and can be conformed to the changing  social and technological advances.  All of the games are available for free play or for real money gaming entertainment for gamers who want to compete in an online atmosphere of fun and excitement. 

Console Games

Console games involve a form of interactive multi-media entertainment in which the player manipulates sounds and images that are generated by a video game console. The images are displayed on a screen connected to an audio-visual system. 

The game is controlled or manipulated using a controller – a handheld device connected to the console. There are buttons and directional controls, each of which interacts with and controls a different image on the screen. 

The earliest console games were released in the '70s but the popularity of such games grew when arcade games became popular.  Many arcade games were adapted for early consoles. Today, console manufacturers (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, xBox, etc) contract with game developers who create new games for their consoles. Some games can be played by multiple consoles while others are specific to one specific console. Some of the newest console games feature Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Reality (AR) experiences. 

Different Gaming Platforms

Some console operators have incorporated casino games into their library of game selections but in general, each genre has its own games options. At one time, console manufacturers expressed the belief that their consoles would become the preferred gaming method but this has not proven to be so – the online casino is as popular as ever and shows no signs of slowing growth.

If you're looking for a casino experience, what can you expect if you compare and contrast these two gaming methods?

Jackpot Games

It's fun to play games, it's fun to compete – either against yourself or against others on the network – and it's fun to win.  But it's hard to really feel the pressure of a game or the anticipation of winning if there's no prize at the end of the event. 

Besides the pure fun, when you play on a console you can only play for in-game chips or for virtual money.  When you play at an online casino you wager real cash and have the chance to achieve wins that bring you cash prizes. This increases player engagement and raises the level of excitement, especially when it's a game that includes a major jackpot prize. 

Special Features

Special features in console games are lacking.  Basically, the game that you buy is the game that you play without the addition of mini-games, free spins or bonus games. You know, from the beginning, what the game will include and there are no surprises. 

Online games, however, offer a much wider range of extra elements and features.  In addition to the bonus rounds, free spins and other additions there are special action-filled elements that allow the gamer to expand the wins above and beyond the basic game.  There are retriggering free spins, scatter symbols, expanding wild symbols, wild reels and opportunities to form combinations with low-payout symbols, medium-payout symbols and high-payout symbols and much more.  


Casino operators are bringing the attractions of console games to the online casino in order to allow console gamers to combine the interactivity of console games with the challenges of real money gaming. The casinos are incorporating the fast paced action and complex narratives of modern video games into both classic games and slots. 

One way for slots to offer a more competitive, interactive element is in sharing high scores. The online casino game developers are, today, adding in side-games with bonus rounds in the form of special missions, interactive storylines and more. All of these elements increase interest as players become more and more involved.

Another development in the online gaming market involves the use of vivid graphics and special effects. These images support the game theme and draw the player into a fully immersive experience so that they feel as though they are living within the game's plot. 

Interactive Engagement

Online casino players have the opportunity to compete against players from around the world via tournaments, jackpot games and live casino activities. Gamers from different countries and even different continents can all play the same online casino games at the same time and all vie for the game's prizes.  That's a big reason that many people come to the online casino.  There's an atmosphere of collaborative entertainment that console players don't necessarily find when playing console games.

There are also opportunities to become a VIP player and play in the VIP room where you receive special amenities and extra privileges. 


Console games strive to deliver great visuals but often, the storylines and plots become so convoluted and complicated that the player gets bogged down in the details. Many online players say that they feel that the level of the gaming machines at the online casino gives a good mix of challenging gameplay and user-friendly, simple gaming entertainment. 

In addition, when you wager your cash you have a stake in the game. That makes it  more of a genuinely thrilling, authentic adult entertainment experience. The extra edge that occurs when you risk cash brings the gaming event to a higher level of thrills and excitement.   

Casino games are popular among video gamers but also among players who want the fun of the video games along with the something extra that a wager brings.