Just in – Use Flexepin prepaid vouchers as the smart deposit option for our mobile casino South Africa, or on PC at Springbok Ca

As the world economy tanks and we are all forced into lockdown, budgeting is a smart and savvy thing to do. Thankfully Flexepin – in collaboration with Springbok Online Casino and our mobile casino South Africa – is making it easier to keep a tight grip on the purse strings.

What is Flexepin?  

Flexepin is a secure, discrete and instantaneous way of paying for the things you love most… without using a bank account, a credit card or a debit card.  Say what?  Yup, it is an upfront payment solution that ensures you never gamble more than you can afford.

How Does Flexepin Work? 

It works like this – you buy a voucher featuring a 16-digit PIN code, page through to the Springbok Online Casino cashier, select Flexepin as your deposit option and enter the casino voucher code onsite.  It is also available at the cashier on our mobile casino South Africa where you’ll find it amongst the list of payment methods.

With the wave of an imaginary wand, your Springbok Online Casino account is topped up with cash and you get to spend the next few days of the beer coronavirus lockdown playing blackjack, craps, roulette and slots – whoops, we really meant the Covid-19 lockdown!

Buy Virtual Flexepin Vouchers Online  

The only time real money changes hands is when the voucher is purchased from a participating vendor.  Right now, South Africans have to rely on online payment portals like OffGamers, SEAGM and SCDKEY – or Flexepin online – to get their hands-on virtual cash vouchers in currencies like EUR and GBP… but all that is about to change real soon.

Within just a few months, local gamers will be able to mosey on down to the nearest Flexepin reseller and swop Randelas for uninterrupted access to RTG developed games right here at Springbok Online Casino.

The direct payment system is already in place in Australia and Canada.  Punters can swop cash for a casino voucher code in AUD or CAD in person at multiple vendors like food markets and filling stations.

With the deadly covid-19 outbreak raging around the world, however, getting Flexepin online is a safer prospect all round.  Whether it is a mobile casino South Africa, Australian or Canadian voucher that is required to unlock gaming or retail therapy, we are all in the same corona beer virus boat – and it appears to be sinking at a rapid rate!

Available in Multiple Denominations and Currencies  

Right now, Flexepin vouchers are available in a wide range of denominations in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD.  You are entitled to buy vouchers to the value of $2,500 in CAD in one 24-hour period or the cash equivalent in the other currencies.

Each Flexepin voucher has a ‘use by date’ – so be sure to fire up the game engines at Springbok Casino online or on your mobile before the 12 months from the date of purchase. You can even buy that super-cool pair of shoes online that you've been eyeing forever...  That said, we can almost guarantee that you’ll use up your stash at Springbok Casino before it expires, with so many exciting games to bet on!

How Popular is Flexepin? 

Well, considering it has just landed on our banking page and further afield, there is already plenty of good stuff doing the rounds.  The Canadians dig it, the Aussies developed it – and the rest of world is going ooh and aah!  This new payment method is gaining momentum and has already acquired a steady fanbase as a preferred payment method across the globe.

What’s the Big Deal? 

Aside from the fact that you can limit how much you want to spend at innovative stores and service providers like Springbok Online Casino, you don’t have to enter more than a numerical code on the merchants’ websites’ – and that is a seriously big deal when it comes to cybersecurity.

What that in effect means is all your transactions are anonymous.  There is zero chance of hackers getting hold of sensitive information like your credit card number, I.D., or bank account details… even if they are smart and cunning enough to breach our impossible firewalls and encryption technology.

Last but not least, although you are not physically depositing bank notes into your online casino account, you really are… but in the form of one or more Flexepin voucher codes.  As such, you can enjoy all the benefits of an instant cash deposit and we all know what that means – you can deposit, bet and play at our mobile casino South Africa or on your PC without any delay!

Sign Up at Springbok and Deposit Using Flexepin

Now that it is even easier and more secure to get your wagers away at Springbok Online Casino, why not sign-up and explore the myriad of surprises that are in store for you?

Along with hundreds of beautifully designed Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed casino games that are super-functional across all the digital devices, including PC and our mobile casino South Africa, here is a brief synopsis of the bonuses and promotions that you can tap into from the get-go:

  • A three-part welcome match deposit coupon code valued at up to R11,5000
  • A totally free ‘test us out’ bonus of R250 in hard cash – no deposit required
  • A multi-use 300% reload bonus capped at R600
  • Get 25% cashback on your deposits – the playthrough is just 10 x and there’s no max payout!

A Quick Recap 

Right, to recap.  You can now fund your Springbok Online Casino or mobile casino South Africa account with Flexepin – a prepaid voucher system that is instantaneous and secure.  In the not too distant future, you will able to purchase vouchers in person and in ZAR.

In the meantime, you can buy voucher codes online in major currencies like AUD, CAD, EUR or GBP.  Gamblers from African countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya can join the Springbok Online Casino family and get their Flexepin vouchers remotely at the Directpay.online website.

It really is the easiest, safest and most budget conscious way of playing real money casino games online right here at Springbok online and mobile casino South Africa.  Check it out and keep safe, healthy and suitably entertained during the protracted beer virus lockdown!