Surviving lockdown – brew your own alcoholic beverages and enjoy chilled with a smattering of Springbok Angola Online Casino!

If your stash of alcohol is finally depleted, the lockdown is probably more of a nightmare than a challenge.  Right now in South Africa, there is no indication exactly when our favourite beverages will be legally available again!

What do we do?  Throw in the towel and surrender to the enduring thrills of an Angola online casino instead? You can do that the latter, for sure!  You can also roll up our sleeves, scavenge around for fruity ingredients and come up with a Corona beer virus with ingredients that are freely available!  All you need is some fresh produce, a fermenting agent and sugar!

If you want to beat the lockdown blues and raise your glass to the day when the beer virus, covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 – or whatever the darn lurgy is called – finally loosens its grip on society, here are three easy home brew recipes that you can make with the minimum in terms of equipment, ingredients and fuss.

Before we get into the art of creating belch inducing fermentation, it is vitally important to mention that fine tipple needs time to mature into a well-rounded alcoholic drink.  What we are trying to say is patience is key here… even if you do have a devastatingly dry palate.

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Apple Cider for Liquor Heads

The best apple cider is made by mixing tart and sweet apples together with a few sun-ripened pears thrown in.  That way you will get a well-rounded drink that is delicious to the taste and lethal when drunk in obscenely large quantities.

The beauty of this apple cider recipe is you don’t need to add yeast to the brew.  It relies on the natural yeasts contained in the fruit skins – together with a fair whack of sugar – to kick start the fermentation process.

What you do need in order to produce around four litres of cider is six kilograms of well-washed fruit, a juicer, sieve and one cup of sugar.  You will also require a few glass demijohns with rubber stoppers, a funnel and four plastic litre bottles with their caps.

The method is simple.  Cut the fruit into quarters, remove any bruises but leave the skins, stems and cores intact.  Juice the fruit in the juicer and pour it into a bucket or large plastic container.

Use the sieve to squeeze all the juice out of the pulp and add the juice to the main batch.  Discard the pulp. Add the sugar to the juice and mix well.  Using the funnel, pour the liquid into the sterilised glass demijohns and loosely insert the rubber stoppers.

Store the demijohns in a warm area for 24 to 48 hours, then remove any foam that has floated to the top.  Pop the rubber stoppers back in and leave the cider to ferment for one up to three weeks – depending on the strength and flavour you are after.

After the allotted time, taste the cider and add sugar if required.  Pour the final product into the plastic bottles, shove them into the fridge and enjoy nice and chilled as you are play real money games at the Angola online casino with green and gold trim!

Citrus Wine for the More Refined 

Citrus is currently in season in South Africa so you can easily source the core ingredients to make a few litres of wine with a kick.  You can use any kind of citrus fruit, from grapefruit and oranges to lemons and lime!

If you want a slightly sweeter beverage, you can add a few raisins or dates to supplement the sugar – but be careful about going overboard.  Right, here goes.  You will need a five-litre saucepan, 15 grams of yeast and one kilogram of sugar.

Fill the saucepan with water, bring it to the boil and peel and halve 12 of your chosen citrus fruit.  Pop the fruit in the boiling water and dunk them under a couple of times.  Remove the fruit, cut the halves into smaller pieces and put them in a large plastic container or bowl.

Pour two litres of the slightly cooled boiled water over the fruit, cover the container and leave for two days, crushing the fruit periodically with a spoon.  Once two days have elapsed, boil one kilo of sugar in a litre of water for approximately two minutes.

Allow the sugar mixture to cool, pour it over the fruit pulp and add 15 grams of yeast.  Leave the covered mixture to ferment for about five days.  Strain the mixture thoroughly using a cheesecloth, discard the dry pulp and return the liquid to the fermentation container for a further 10 days. 

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Ginger Beer with the Kick of a Mule 

Fresh ginger is not only tasty, it has a range of health benefits too.  It also makes a great base ingredient for homemade beer that, if you make it right, can have the kick of a mule.

What do you need to make alcoholic ginger beer?  Well, apart from 200 grams of chopped ginger and five litres of water – four fresh lemons and 600 grams of sugar will do!

Quarter the lemons, add them together with the ginger to five litres of boiling water and allow to simmer and infuse for 15 minutes.  Remove the mixture from the stove, stir in approximately 600 grams of brown sugar or honey and allow to cool.

Pour the mixture into a five-litre plastic container with a lid and top up with cooled boiling water if required.  Replace the lid, store the container in a warm spot to ferment and stir the beer twice a day.

Once the fermentation bubbles have stopped forming, strain the liquid and sweeten to the taste by dissolving 60 grams of sugar into a tiny quantity of hot water and, once cool, adding it to the beer.  Mix well, bottle and store in the fridge.  That’s it, job done!  It may not be a beer coronavirus but it’s a delicious homemade brew nonetheless!

How to Improve the Overall Effect of Homemade Beverages  

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