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The evolution of the job market is rapid and constant.  What was cutting edge ten years ago is redundant today.  That’s just in the natural course of things.  When the unexpected happens, everything changes at warp speed.

We already have an idea of what the future of work looks like.  It’s digitised, remote and high-tech.  Meetings are Zoom-a-thons, seminars are webinars and everything, everywhere is shared in a spirit of candid collaboration.

Even the online casino South Africa has emerged from the rubble of realism and tripped into a world of virtual reality where animations, algorithms and machine learning is key.

Jobs In Demand Yesterday Are Now Obsolete  

Now, with a future that’s been snatched up, shaken up and randomly scattered across linear time, the jobs that were in demand yesterday are already obsolete.  Think airline pilot, restaurateur and the always efficient events co-ordinator and you’ll get the idea.

As we peer into an opaque future where nurses are superheroes and politicians are kids, how do we prepare ourselves for a workplace that has changed so rapidly it is virtually unrecognisable?  The answer is quite simple actually – by being adaptable, flexible and using every opportunity to learn new skills.  

What are the skills we should adopt for a future of work?  Some of these suggestions might seem odd but hey, the future is here, so let’s have a look-see.  

Jobs Tipped to Precedence in the Future  

Apart from constantly optimising our game strategies (and updating our software and interface) at Springbok Online Casino South Africa, we can change the dynamics of what we are, by learning to become what we want to be.

What should this generation work towards to have lucrative and feasible career options around 2050?  Well, here are the jobs tipped to take precedence in a whole new era devoid of group hugs, spectator sports, Rocking the Daisies… and truth!

Personal Medical Consultant   

We are all familiar with the concept of a personal trainer, personal assistant and personal shopper.  Sign up at the number one online casino South Africa, gamble like you really mean it and you too could enjoy the services of a personal casino host!

What we are less familiar with is the idea of a personal medical consultant – a highly trained and highly skilled health care professional who customises medicines and treatment plans exclusively to our individual stem cells, blood type and DNA!

In the future, there’ll be a doctor who is permanently available on speed dial, and with a cache of chemicals tailor-made for each patient… and that highly paid doctor could be you!

Privacy Police 

With governments everywhere using facial recognition software and mobile apps to track every citizen’s movements (ostensibly to protect our health) there is a neat little niche that’s waiting to be exploited – and that niche is the ‘privacy police’.

These guardians of personal data will be trained to scrutinise government’s every move. They’ll be the whistle blowers who alert us to nefarious dealings, where sensitive information is disseminated to the wrong people, for the wrong reasons.  Could you be a PPI or would you prefer to police the action at the best-ever online casino South Africa?  

Black Swan Scenario Planner 

For those of you who aren’t entirely sure what a black swan is, Investopedia defines it as “an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences.”

Any guesses as to our most recent black swan?  Well, if you think you have the insight to predict volcanic eruptions, market crashes, jobs blood baths, Arab Springs and assassinations, this risk management position is ideal for you!

Drone Traffic Controller 

Drones are the future in the delivery ecosystem, the crime prevention arena, the film industry, the defence arsenal and the passenger transport sector.

Look skywards in a couple of years and you’ll struggle to discern the shape of the clouds or the birds in flight.  Instead, you’ll be greeted by a swarm, a drune or as one clever fella suggested, a game of drones! 

With so many machines whizzing around in the lower stratosphere, it will be up to the centralised drone traffic controller to maintain the orderly and efficient flow of drones.  Is that a job that appeals to you?  It’s likely to be really well-remunerated too!

Artificial Intelligence Psychologist  

You’ve heard about behavioural, clinical and social psychologists… but how about a head doctor that specialises in artificial intelligence?

Well, with virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby increasingly taking on human attributes, the services of technologically astute psychologists will soon be in-demand.

What these engineers of the robotic man will be trained to do is help AI machines strike the fine balance between emotional and psychological well-being and high-tech computing!  Now that’s a job best left to the psycho-techs!

Robotic Croupiers 

With gaming Meccas like Las Vegas, Macau and Sun City recently losing money hand over fist, one way to recoup the losses is to roll out a clank, clamour or apocalypse of robots to replace the live croupiers.

OK, we know robots aren’t real people but we thought we’d throw that job description in for fun.  That’s the beauty of Springbok Online Casino South Africa – everything is high-tech and digitised… apart from the attentive and friendly customer support consultants who are as human as you and I!

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