Podcasts are polished, accessible and provide content on specific subjects, such as online gambling – but they lack X-factor…

How many hours have you spent with your ear locked in to somebody else ruminations, ramblings, dialogues and discussions?

In the bad old days when audio was radio and the poodle cut, duck tail and the bouffant were the equivalent of the bob, lob and shag, radio talk shows were about the only means of catching up on current trends and events.

Now, there is an infinite selection of podcasts – covering every imaginable subject – that you can download and listen to whenever you so desire.  

Podcasts on Every Subject from Online Gambling to Book Reviews  

Need a few online gambling tips?  There’s a litany of podcasts that offer exactly that.  Want to know why the cosmos is so darn large, how the Titanic sank or why labradoodles make such great pets?

The PC’s – and by that we mean podcasters – have got it covered and in reams and reams of slick and sophisticated sound bites!

Technically Astute but Lacking in Spontaneity

Although both mediums provide auditory snippets of information at a click, tap or swish, one is more technically astute than the other.

In the case of podcasts versus radio chat shows, however, it is very much the old adage – what you lose on the roundabout you win on the swings!

What do we mean by that?  Well, we all know the quality and flow of information in podcasts is far superior to that of radio, largely because the producer has the freedom to pre-record and edit the content before posting it online.

This quest for perfection has, however, taken the fabulous spontaneity of the radio chat show out of the equation… and that means a duller and more blunted listening experience all round! 

When it comes to rating the X-factor, podcasts may be digital darlings but they are nowhere near as unpredictable or exciting as the chat show with a mad-hatter maverick or loose-tongued dissident as host!

That’s strike one for the radio chat show in terms of entertainment value.  How about the content?

Niche Content versus Generalised Gumpf  

Well as we have already alluded to, podcasts cover clearly defined themes like cold cases, Jeffrey Epstein, cybercrime, why MacDonald’s doesn’t serve pizza and how NFL star Aaron Hernández became a cold-blooded killer!

Even within the themes like online gambling for instance, PC’s deep dive into the subject and come up with podcasts like the Blackjack Apprenticeship or Online Gambling with an Edge. 

When all is said and done, these new-gen auditory clips are produced by niche specialists for a niche audience… and a relatively tiny one at that.

Tune in to your favourite talk radio show and you’ll be bombarded with a constant stream of general subject matter that can evolve from service delivery and traffic congestion to why prostitution is so rampant in upmarket areas!

This kind of natural progression from politics to porn may have a larger appeal but if you want more targeted information on a particular subject – be it online gambling, outdoor rambling or the latest hair trends in 2020 – the well-researched and always polished podcast is most definitely for you!

By our estimation, that is pretty much a tie when it comes to content, as it really all boils down to what each individual wants to listen to – generalised gumpf or targeted subject matter on any topic you could think of.  

How about accessibility?  Is the podcast the prince of expediency or do chat shows wing it in terms of convenience?

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility versus Defined Time Slots

Radio talk shows are always in the same time slot.  If you know the time and you are a fan of that talk show you can tune in and get your fill of local, regional or national natter.  Problems do however arise when you can’t tune in at that particular time.

You may be too busy winning ZAR during a protracted online gambling session at Springbok Casino or you may simply have over slept.  That of course means you miss out on that particular episode or that particular show… forever.  With radio there is no winding back!

Podcasts on the other hand are versatile auditory media streams.  You can download them whenever you want and once they are featured on the World Wide Web, podcasts remain online for eternity.

You can listen to podcasts online or offline and from the beginning to the end… on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and over and over again.  With podcasts the content is indelibly available and that means you never miss out on a thing!

How do we rank radio chat shows versus podcasts when it comes user-friendliness?  Truthfully, in this instance, the podcast is your best friend!

What are the Best Online Gambling Podcasts?

As we have mentioned online gambling ad nauseum, we thought we would give you a heads up when it comes to choosing the best podcasts featuring online gambling.  According to the folk who rank these kinds of things, Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet On That; Faces and Aces: Las Vegas, Gambling with an Edge and Good Bettor Bets are great resources that are well worth listening to.

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