Work and play casino games from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a productive day in a relaxed environment!

A huge focus in the corporate world over the past few decades has been how to optimise workforce efficiency and productivity.  Executives have attended seminars and talks, employees have been sent on courses and endured team-building exercises – yet could the answer really have been as simple as ‘work from home’ all the while?

With our world and landscape now forever changed – and still changing – the way we go about playing casino games, doing grocery shopping and, yes, working, has been directly affected too.  All of this has not necessarily been a bad thing…  In fact, this ‘new normal’ has proved to be particularly beneficial for many businesses. 

Prior to being practically forced to work from home, there was probably a bit of anxiety on business owner’s parts, wondering whether it would be a feasible option and way to proceed.  Well, the polls are closed and the verdict is in!

Productivity Increases in a Home Environment 

Perhaps there was no ‘dead weight’ at your office to start off with.  That guy who secretly played casino games when he was supposed to be working maybe really needed a simple break from the tedious, extended working hours, sitting in a cubicle at the office.

Now, we don’t have any actual statistics to share with you at this point, but the general feedback that we’ve witnessed has come from the big wigs who have instructed employees to continue to work from home, if they’re in a position to.  Now, what does this tell us?

Yes, you have more time to play casino games!  That goes without saying.  What it also tells us is that the general productivity of employees who have been instructed to work from home has increased dramatically – to such an extent that companies have opted to continue with this new normal wherever possible.

Let’s face it, no one is going to make decisions that will negatively affect their profit – so if the big guys at the top have given the thumbs up for people to continue their work in the comfort of their own homes, it must be working in their favour!  Even if you’re playing casino games here and there during official working hours – no one cares and no one will notice – as long as you stick to your deadlines and deliver.  You have more free time on your hands anyway!

Out with the Old, in with the Improved New 

Let’s look at our previous way of living – and how a typical workday started out.  There was the panic of waking up on time to hit the shower, hoping for a few spare minutes to chug down a morning coffee and perhaps a slice of toast, followed by the daunting trip to work, which more often than not resulted in time spent grid-locked in morning peak-hour traffic. 

By the time you get to the office, you’re probably exhausted, irritated, slightly anxious and, let’s face it, not your best self.  Then there’s the fact that a lot of hours were lost simply getting to and fro work – and things like playing casino games or enjoying any other extramural pastimes had to be placed on the back burner… unless you’re that guy who played casino games at work!

Why are People More Productive When Working from Home? 

The general consensus is that stress levels have been majorly reduced in those instances where companies have adopted a work-from-home approach.  Stress and anxiety have a huge impact on how we approach our days and the tasks at hand, and it affects our enthusiasm, productivity and general attitude in an immense way.

By eliminating the big stresses such as rushing against the clock to get ready, only to be trapped in traffic where road rage is a real thing, employees already have an edge over their day – and a more positive attitude to take on whatever work throws at them.

Unless you’re about to join a zoom meeting with fellow employees and employers, you can stay in your PJ’s all day, sit or lie back in your most comfortable spot, and get on with work with no additional pressure or distractions.

If you need a quick break, you can hop over to the kitchen, make yourself a cuppa java, play some casino games and not worry about the glares and sneers from co-workers.  Plus, there is the added comfort of knowing that you’re already home… and no road-rage infused journey to get home awaits!  This results in an infinitely more relaxed employee (you), which in turn results in a more positive attitude towards work overall! 

What does the Future have in Store for Us?

At this point in time, there are no guarantees of what the future has in store for us.  Apart from adopting a work from home approach, another mind switch that needed to happen was to ‘take each day as it comes’.  We’re all facing challenges, and a spanner has been thrown into the works of many of our plans – but we adjust, regroup, and overcome these with vigour.

You might not be able to make any concrete plans, such as that overseas holiday that you’ve been looking forward to, but there are other things that you can bank on – such as playing casino games at Springbok Casino! 

Whether businesses will resume as per the previous ‘normal’ remains to be seen.  With such great success and productivity output achieved, working from home, where possible, might very well remain our new indefinite normal. 

There is however still a lot of uncertainty and some companies have been forced to permanently close and retrench staff.  Others have easily been able to continue operations, albeit virtually.  Even though we’re in the midst of the most chaotic time in modern human history, people are finding new opportunities to survive – and even flourish.

Here at Springbok Casino we will not be shutting our virtual doors.  You are always guaranteed a safe, secure and fun place where you can play casino games, unwind, take time out from your day, and cash in on the entertainment at the same time!