Bamboo bikes, sustainable animal feed, instant malaria tests – smart African innovations to complement ZAR casino games!

With a predominantly young population and an insatiable hunger to find homegrown solutions to local problems, Africa is a hive of innovation.  Engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries across the continent are coming up with bright ideas, many of which have grown into flourishing businesses.

Software and mobile app development, medical technology, digital fin-tech and video game development are among a host of sectors booming in Africa.   It appears as though casino games are however best left to the geniuses at Real Time Gaming (RTG)… for now!

What is remarkable about African innovation is it embraces the concepts of environmental sustainability, clean energy and job creation.  Enhancing the quality of life of people living in rural communities is key to Africans developing cutting edge solutions… for Africans.

Here are four world-class African innovations that are as creative and exciting as the real money casino games you can play right now at Springbok Online Casino:

Sustainable Animal Feed Produced from Invasive Water Hyacinth 

What do you do when water hyacinth is throttling the life out of Africa’s lakes and waterways?  You harvest the plant and produce a protein-rich feed source for domestic animals of course.  That is exactly what Jack Oyugi of Kenya has been doing on a commercial scale for the past four years… and the results are manifold. 

Aside from helping to eradicate water hyacinth from Lake Victoria – his company Biofit was responsible for harvesting 100 tons of the stuff in 2019 – Oyugi’s sustainable business venture has helped to enhance food security and create jobs.

The aquatic weed that originated in the Amazon basin may be a major environmental disaster but as a sustainable resource for small- and large-scale farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, it is proving to be a godsend. 

When processed, water hyacinth is converted into a range of products – mineral licks; fish, chicken and pig feed and tablets of Aquaprotein that farmers can use to make their own animal feed.

What is remarkable about these water hyacinth-based products is they are not only organic, highly nutritious and rich in crude protein, they are low in cost.  They are also effective in ramping up production on dairy, pig, cattle and poultry farms by as much as 30%!

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Non-Invasive Malaria Tests with Instant Results

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), malaria accounts for around 400,000 deaths world-wide… and that is on an annual basis.  Early detection and treatment are obviously key to managing the disease and a team of Ugandans have come up with a smart testing system that delivers instant results.

The Matibabu testing system consists of a reusable device paired with a smartphone enabled mobile app.  Users simply attach the device to the patient’s finger and the results are displayed in-app within 60 seconds!

How does the device work?  It emits a red light that can detect changes to the blood cells in the finger, changes that indicate the presence of malaria in the blood.

The results and location of positive diagnoses are automatically sent to a centralised dashboard where the data is analysed to identify and predict geographically localised malaria trends.  Now that is a proactive way of dealing with a potential serial-killer!

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Solar Powered Production of Chlorine from Sea Water  

Namibian civil engineer, Immanuel Hango has harnessed the efficacy and power of sea water and the sun to produce chlorine – a tried and tested agent used in the purification of drinking water.  The idea was to develop an environmentally friendly method of combatting cholera, a water-bourne disease that is all too prevalent in Africa. 

Today Hango’s company, Namibia Chemicals produces 1,000 litres of chlorine by electrolysing sea water, a natural resource that is freely available.  Where does the sun come in?  Well, photo voltaic solar panels, capable of powering the entire process, have been installed on the plant’s roof. 

The result?  A sustainable water purifying solution that is efficient, cost effective and ideally suited to water scarce countries located along Africa’s vast coastline. 

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes   

Entrepreneur Bernice Dapaah wanted to alleviate poverty, prevent environmental degradation and come up with an accessible mode of transport for Ghanaians, especially school-going Ghanaians.  Her solution?  Bicycles made from bamboo! 

What started off as a community-driven project is now a thriving business that exports custom bikes to South Africa, Nigeria, Europe, the USA and the UK.  Along with slashing greenhouse gas emissions by building bike frames from bamboo rather than steel or aluminium, Dapaah has a policy of planting 10 bamboo trees for every one used in the production of the bikes.

Today the company owns and manages a 200-hectare bamboo plantation that is used to re-forest denuded areas in Ghana, provide the raw material for the bikes and create jobs for dozens of locals.  More importantly, the company donates hundreds of bamboo bikes to school kids in Ghana so that they can focus on their studies rather than how they are going to get to school each day. 

Dapaah is clearly an African visionary who is always working on new and innovative ways of improving our world.  Among the projects she is currently working on are solar powered bamboo bikes and using bamboo as a bioenergy crop for electricity production!

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