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Let’s face it, most of us are terrified by the thought of alien life.  Martians, Dressellians, Klatooians and Chagrians may have been mollified by paid appearances in the Star Wars movie franchise – but they are still seriously scary nonetheless.

Close your eyes in the dead of the night when the spirit world is at its most active and your imagination begins to play tricks.  First, you are winning wads of money at the best mobile casino South Africa.  Next you are about to be devoured by a one-eyed beast with the breath of a long dead wombat.  Fortunately, you are saved by the bell – an annoying and repetitive beep that rouses you from sleep.  All is well in the world… or is it?

The cosmos is not the only hideaway for awful looking beasties – and the online casino delivers wins with the same enthusiasm and alacrity as our every ready Springbok mobile casino South Africa.  Those are two truths we simply cannot avoid.  One refers to unspeakable fear and the other to infinite pleasure – but both are factual observations that deserve further exploration… so here goes.

Yikes - The Deep-Sea Version of Jurassic Park!  

Where in the world do denizens lurk that are so horrible and ugly, they make us shudder in our boots?  Does around 11 km below the surface of the ocean sound about right?  Well, if you are into deep diving – really, really deep diving – be prepared to encounter the stuff of your nightmares. 

According to the exceedingly few people who have made the journey to the Mariana Trench, there are sea creatures living down there that have not evolved for hundreds of millions of years.  If you think crocodiles are prehistoric and chameleons are distinctly odd, think Jurassic Park at a depth of 11,034 metres and you have got the idea!

Fun Facts About the Mariana Trench  

First a quick word about the deepest part of the ocean – the rather innocuously named Mariana Trench.  Down there, close to the centre of the earth, it is pitch dark, freezing cold and 11 kilometres deeper than Mount Everest is tall. 

The pressure at that depth is equivalent to the weight of 100 African elephants standing one on top of the other, rendering down ordinary animals, like you and I, into thin soup.  Despite these inhabitable conditions, the Trench is a thriving mass of life – most of which is more unicellular and blobbish than properly formed. 

Sharks That Look Like Hooded Serpents  

There are sharks with dozens of frilly gills that look more like hooded cobras than anything else, svelte sock-like creatures with skulls and no bones – and fish that are more gawping mouth and razor-sharp teeth than fish at all – which by the way have bioluminescent lanterns protruding from their heads!  

There are shapeshifting jelly fish that are the splitting image of Casper the Friendly Ghost… but billowing as if in a full-blown gale or hurricane.  These marvellously agile creatures called Deepstaria are so stretchy and flexible they can waft out to enormous lengths and effectively blanket their prey.  A fact that may induce the gag-reflex is that ‘Casper’ sucks up the juices while the prey is still very much alive – so much for the ‘friendly’ part of the equation!

Vampire Squids and Fish with Transparent Heads  

In the ink-black depths of the deep ocean, there are worm-like hagfish covered in slime that burrow into decaying carcasses and consume the flesh as they go.  Vampire squids have all the markings of the fictional blood-sucking creatures but fill translucent tummies on tiny flakes of marine snow instead. 

Stay and play a while in the hostile environment and there is a good chance you will encounter the barreleye – a fish that is remarkable for its bright green upward rotating eyes and entirely see-through fluid-filled head.  Hang, it is just like looking at a single-use plastic bag with bits and bobs of brain floating around inside!  

Massive Amphipods and Carnivorous Sponges 

Scratch around a bit and you will discover shrimps known as amphipods that grow to around half a metre in length.  There are even carnivorous sponges that look exactly like miniature ping pong ball trees but are equipped with sharpened spikes used to impale unsuspecting passers-by. 

Down there at the bottom of the sea is where the earth’s oddities prowl… and when you have let your guard down late at night, these creepy creatures float slowly upward to take up residence in the unconscious mind – and that my friends is when you scream, yelp and mumble in your dreams!

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