What is the best time to play online slots at Springbok Casino? We look at whether there is a ‘best time’ at all…

Do a quick Google or Firefox search on online slots, and you’ll find that one of the questions on many gamblers lips is “when is the best time to play online slots”.  You’ll even find believable answers to this question that might have you setting your alarm clock and making a note on the calendar to remind you that now is the best time… We’re about to give you some insight into why you should take this type of advice lightly.

Online and Land Based-Casinos are Different… and the Same 

The theory is that, when playing at a land-based casino, there is actually an optimal time to play when payouts are more likely.  The general thinking around this is that more people play at casinos at night, which generates greater jackpots.  The other part of the theory is that more players visit land-based casinos at month end, which also helps jack up the pot sizes.

Now, provided that the jackpots weren’t triggered, and with big fat pots at stake, the theory is that big wins are more likely to be triggered at night and at the end of the month.  We can agree that the pot sizes might be bigger during those times at land-based casinos – but what we don’t agree with is that the win-rate increases.

At the end of the day, whether you play slots at a brick and mortar or online slots at Springbok Casino, the rate at which wins are triggered are random… and nothing – yes nothing – can influence that.

People Play at All Hours at Springbok Casino 

The difference between land-based and online casinos is that players enjoy online gambling at all hours.  It is not an occasion that is reserved for night-time, or the end of the month even.  Springbok Casino is open 24/7, 365 – and with the convenience of not having to travel, we have a fair number of players enjoying online slots at any given time.

That said, our slots with progressive jackpots are forever growing – and some players might choose to play our progressive online slots when the pot sizes really start to crank up in size.  Although you can use this as a strategy to win bigger, remember what we said before – nothing can influence when the pots are triggered.

Online Slots Have Built-In Random Number Generator (RNG) Programmes 

RealTime Gaming slots are known for their fairness.  The games are developed with high-end software that not only ensures that you experience smooth and flawless gameplay, but also that wins are generated totally at random.  With added security, there is simply no way that anyone can rig the games to win more frequently.

At the heart of online slots development lies Random Number Generator (RNG) programming.  An RNG programme is essentially an algorithm that produces results that cannot be determined, influenced or foreseen, in any way.  They function according to a computational mathematical construct with zero distinguishable patterns – which is why they are called ‘random’ number generators.

Getting Back to the “Best Time to Play Online Slots…” 

With the Real Number Generator facts at hand, you’ll now know that it is simply impossible to determine when any game – be it slots, table games or video poker – will pay out, as they all have RNG’s incorporated into the software.  Thus, even with all the ‘theorising’ you might come across online, the best time to play online slots is… any time!

As we’ve said, you can reserve betting max is you’re chasing the big progressive jackpots when they’re about to burst at the seams as a strategy, although this won’t guarantee that you will win.  If you do happen to strike it gold though, you’ll obviously land fair and squarely in the pound seats!

If You Really Want to Improve Your Win-Rate, Use Springbok Casino Free Spins! 

With no best time to play, and no way to influence or trigger a win yourself, how can you improve your chances of winning more often?  One way to do so it to keep an eye on our promotions and to utilize our free spins bonuses to the max!

Ok, they might also not theoretically increase your win-rate, but they will give you loads of complimentary spins that could generate winning outcomes at no cost to you… and that’s a win-win, right?  With slots taking centre stage at our casino, you’re bound to find loads of free spins to bag at any given time, be it morning, noon or night, or at the start, middle or the end of the month!

Look Out for New RealTime Gaming Slots Promos 

Free spins bonuses are often tied in with new slots as they are launched, hot off the press.  The best part is that it is the most diverse gaming category and one that is forever growing, so new slots are added to the menu pretty much monthly.  Keeping that in mind, there might just be a best time to play slots after all… and that is whenever new games are released!

There are also other promotions that will grant you access to some on-the-house gambling, but you’ll need to be a registered player to access these exclusive offers.  October alone offers 150 free spins on Ghost Ship plus a 225% bonus and 25 free spins for ‘Movies Shot in South Africa’.  This is in addition to Super Happy Spins where you get 25 free spins on a new online slot every Monday, and much more.

Don’t Miss Out - Sign Up and See What Else is in Store for You 

End the FOMO now…  Sign up and head over to the promotions tab and keep an eye on your messages for special rewards that are exclusively available to our valued registered players.  October is offering some online slots bonus whoppers… who knows what the coming months will have in store for you?  What we can say is that any time is the best time to play online slots at Springbok Casino!