From Google Glass to Google Lens – and how casino games at Springbok Casino is solid entertainment for South Africans!

In recent years, apps that can identify items such as plants, flowers and food have gained popularity – more so in recent times as databases for reference have improved.  Unfortunately for most of these apps, Google Lens has knocked it out of the park with their image identifier, leaving little need for any other app.

Everything You Need in the Palm of Your Hand 

We don’t think anyone could truly envision how powerful our mobile devices would ultimately become – and as much as they’re capable of now, we bet this is just the beginning.  If you’ve been playing casino games for longer than you care to admit, you’ll remember how monumental the moment was when casino games could be played on your phone! 

Fast forward a decade or so later, and the ability to play casino games on your phone or tablet is simply, well, normal.  Then comes a tech giant like Google and reminds us of the power of the digital world all over again!

Google Lens – One App, Billions of Possibilities 

After the ill-fated launch of Google Glass Explorer Edition in 2014 – the pair of wearables targeted toward a general public audience (with a price tag of $1500!) – the tech company went back to the drawing board.  The idea was shelved and essentially became a concept project.

A few years later and they’re back with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.  Only this time around, it is marketed as a business solution that is “a small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work” – although the price tag is still a solid $1000.  As for its success, the jury is still out…

To bridge the gap, however, the company developed an app that can be downloaded for free by the general public, and it seems to be a success.  Google Lens has surpassed 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store – and counting…  In just two years, the app went from being able to recognise 1 billion things, including plants, landmarks and animals, to a database that can now identify 15 billion objects… and all it takes is your mobile phone camera!

Along with being your portal to mobile casino games at Springbok Casino, your phone is now capable of so much more...  Let’s take a deeper look at what Google Lens is all about!

Scanner / Automatic Language Translation

Finally, business cards have a use again!  With Google lens you can scan a business card and the information on the business card will automatically be detected, for you to save to your contacts.  You can even add events to your calendar by scanning details from a flyer or social media post.

You can furthermore utilize the app as your own personal translator!  Simply scan the words you need translated with your camera and Google Lens will do the rest automatically.  Need to save a long piece of text, or perhaps a code to use later?  No problem!  Google Lens will copy it for you and save it to your phone so you can paste it elsewhere later.

Instantly Identify Animals & Plants 

So, you’re playing casino games at Springbok Casino and the theme is about animals… Yet what weird and wonderful creature is that?  Want to find out?  Fire up Google Lens – and as long as it’s not some mythical beast that doesn’t exist in any realm – the app will solve the mystery for you.

Unlike animals, which most of us can identify with our own eyes though, plants can be tricky – and as such, many plant identifying apps have popped up over the years.  We’re afraid to say that they’re now in head-to-head competition with a possibly unbeatable force.  Google Lens can identify plants in seconds, with the largest database of species.

Explore New Places and More… 

Broaden your horizons and your knowledge with the Google Lens app as you discover the world around you.  The vast database enables you to identify and learn more about landmarks – and even learn some historical facts.  Pretty nifty when you’re sightseeing!

If you see a vibey restaurant or interesting store, simply snap a pic and the app will return results showing user ratings, trading hours and much more.  You can even take a snapshot of a restaurant menu for feedback on popular dishes based on ratings and reviews from Google Maps.

Your Personal Shopping Guide 

See something you like, such as an outfit someone is wearing, or the perfect piece of furniture to match your décor at home?  The Google Lens app is ready to deliver results of retailers where you can purchase similar, or even the exact same clothes or furniture.  Of course, the app wouldn’t be complete without the ability to instantly scan QR codes and barcodes. 

Can South Africans Use Google Lens? 

The Google Lens app is available for South African’s to download from either the Google Play Store for Android devices, or the Apple Store for iOS.  After limited testing on our end, we can say that it is trial and error – and doesn’t always deliver the most accurate results.  It is a fun little gadget to have though and we’re sure that more testing will reveal its true abilities.

If you’re looking for immediate entertainment that will never let you down, Springbok Casino is proudly South African – and although there aren’t billions of possibilities, there are hundreds of casino games that can turn in millions of Rands in terms of winnings!