Do you want to outsource tasks in the home or have more efficient fun? Here are 3 tools plus a Kiwi online casino!

Technology makes everything more efficient and accessible – whether its our Kiwi online casino, bot-enabled home security or in-house food production.  If you are looking for futuristic solutions for mundane tasks, here are the top 4 high-tech gadgets for 2021!

Smart Homes Feature Sophisticated Gadgets  

Smart homes are connected homes.  They are homes that use sophisticated gadgets paired with smartphone apps to maximise home security, streamline the recycling process – and sustainably grow fruit, vegetables and greens in intelligent vertical gardens. 

Entertainment is streamed to 8K Roku TVs, and video gaming is boosted by wearable tech that increases the click response time.  Responsive, real money gaming at a key Kiwi online casino, like Springbok Casino, is available on-demand on all digital devices. 

With advances in technology driving R&D, there really is a gizmo and gadget for virtually every application in the home.  Here are 4 high-tech gadgets that can drive efficiency, security and fun:

1.  AI Enabled Recycling Machine

If we want to save the planet for future generations, recycling is a top priority.  Plastic, particularly single-use plastic, has invaded all our natural environments.  From the bottom of the Marianas Trench to the top of Mount Everest, plastic waste is pervasive.

Tech-Rich Recycling Device  

Now, an American company has launched a recycling machine that is designed to look like a standard kitchen appliance.  The Lasso Recycler uses cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, combined with machine learning, to determine whether the items fed into the machine, one by one, are recyclable. 

Clean, Grind and Go 

If it’s a go, each item is individually steam cleaned to remove the label and any residue.  It is then ground down to recyclable particles, which are deposited into a storage bin located at the base of the machine.  If the item is not recyclable, it is returned to you via a separate chute.

The machine is connected to a smartphone app that automatically alerts you when the storage unit is near capacity and due for collection.  Once a collection date has been set up via the app, the storage unit is removed from the base of the machine and left outside where it is swopped out for a sanitised replacement unit.  Job done!

2.  Autonomous Mobile Surveillance Robot  

The Morebot Scout is a smart surveillance and crime prevention tool.  It is essentially a camera mounted on four omni-directional wheels that operate optimally on all indoor and outdoor surfaces.  It can be programmed to carry out autonomous patrols or it can be remotely controlled in real time via a smartphone app.

Sensitive to Sound and Motion 

The bot supports motion and sound detection and is fitted with a night vision camera with a 120-degree field of view.  With the Morebot Scout on patrol, bind spots are not an issue.  When an event occurs, or during the usual course of events, images and video clips are transmitted directly to connected devices, before being saved in the cloud.


When the batteries of the little surveillance solution are running low, the bot automatically returns to the docking station for a rapid recharge before setting out again, as per your app-enabled voice command, or the next programmed patrol.

3.  AI Driven Vertical Growing System 

House plants may be ubiquitous in most up-market homes – but how about a vertical self-sustaining veggie garden?  How common is that?  Innovators in the United States have come up with exactly that but it’s not a typical garden. Oh no, it’s a smart ‘Gardyn’ powered by artificial intelligence!

The vertical indoor growing system has a recycled plastic base and water reservoir that is under a square metre in size.  Despite the tiny dimensions, the Gardyn has the capacity to nurture 32 different edible plants – from fruit and greens to vegetables and herbs.

Non-GMO Seeds and a Proprietary Closed-Loop Feeding System  

Locally sourced and non-GMO seeds come as part of the package and are deposited in a receptacle called a yCube.  Each yCube fits into the base and the seedlings are fed by a proprietary hypriponic system that consists of a closed loop of recirculated water, nutrients and air.

Growth is encouraged upwards on vertical columns called yPods via artificial adjustable LED lighting.  The columns are fitted with smart sensors that provide the AI garden assistant, known as Kelby, with real time data on the ambient temperature, humidly and water level. 

Auto-Adjustments by the AI Assistant  

If any adjustments need to be made, Kelby either enables any modifications automatically or lets you know via the Gardyn mobile app, along with instructions as to which plants are ready for harvest.  There is even a vacation mode that slows down the rate of growth so that the fruit and veg don’t ripen while you are away.

What is your role in producing garden-to-fork fresh food in your home?  Simply filling up the 227-litre water reservoir once every few months.  The rest of the action is automated in every sense of the word!

4.  Animated, Responsive Digitalised Kiwi Online Casino 

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Springbok Casino Contributing to a Waste-Free World 

At our top rated Kiwi online casino, we have banned the use of plastic all together.  Unlike the B&M casinos that use plastic chips, the tokens at Springbok Casino are virtual and completely harmless to the planet.  That is our contribution to a waste-free world.

Your Data and Bankroll is Safe - No Gadget Needed 

How do we secure your data and gambling funds at the number one Kiwi online casino?  We don’t use a bot or a camera.  We have however invested in cutting edge encryption and firewall technology to protect personal player information and ring-fence the entire platform.

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HTML5 Software for Optimised Speed and Functionality  

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