You can throw the bones or read the tea leaves but the only way to play online games at Springbok Casino is strategically!

The online games at Springbok Casino are divided into two broad categories – skill-based games and games of fortune.  If online slots, scratch cards, keno and roulette are your thing, listen up.  You can optimise your payout rate by adopting ancient rituals, all of which involve a fair bit of divination!

Divination Across Eras and Cultures

Ever since Croesus consulted the Oracle of Delphi and became a very rich man indeed, seers, prophets, fortune tellers and diviners have become significant figures throughout human history… whether real or mythological.

The common thread in divination is the use of a wide variety of items and objects to predict the future.  Some practices like Haruspicy and Extispicy were messy and ghoulish.  They involved reading the entrails of sacrificed animals or interpreting the flow of blood as it gushed from the neck of a slaughtered goat.

How About Reading the Residue of Home Brew?

Thankfully, fortune telling has moved on to more palatable techniques – like reading the tea leaves or, better still, the residue of home brewed pale ale or the finest Cape Cabernet!  If you’re willing to try, this could apparently reveal signs that may just point to a big win at Springbok Casino, home to the best real money online games!

The beauty about fortune telling is the flexibility of choice.  You can rely on a Romany Gypsy to gaze into a crystal ball, leave it all up to a Sangoma to throw the bones – or ask an octopus for the answer… provided it has nothing at all to do with football!

Arsgang, any One?

In 18th century southern Sweden, a divination technique called Arsgang was big.  To be clear, this type of fortune telling had nothing whatsoever to do with the rear end or nasty groups of people belonging to the Hard Livings, 28s or Americans!

Rather, it involved keeping away from the light until midnight on Christmas Eve – which in the depths of Scandinavia, wasn’t too challenging.  On the stroke of midnight, seekers would take a solitary stroll through the gloom to the nearest graveyard.

The people, objects and creatures encountered along the route were then interpreted as messages of good or bad fortune for the upcoming year.  If that is too eerie for your liking, we can recommend an extended online games session at Springbok Casino… good or bad fortune, be damned!

Science of the Sand… but Mind the Mess!

In Ancient Persia a process called ‘science of the sand’ or ‘foresight by earth’ was a popular method of divination.  Seers would toss handfuls of sand onto a surface and interpret the patterns created by the sand. Elements of astronomy were included to provide more science-based answers to questions posed by inquisitive seekers!

If you do choose Geomancy or science of the sand as your preferred method of divination, be sure to throw the sand well away from your PC, modem or mobile phone, or there is a good chance you will lose connectivity altogether – and that means zero probability of turning online games into hard cash!

Praying to the Smoking Mirror

The Aztecs relied on their pantheon of gods to provide glimpses into the future.  The patron of the practitioners of magic was none other than the key deity, Tezcatlipoca.  When translated into English, the deity’s name means ‘smoking mirror’.

Adopt the Aztec method of divination and winning or losing at Springbok Casino all boils down to a prayer – and one directed at an inanimate opaque mirror, of all things!

Parrots of Fortune

In India, green parrots are the key to foretelling health, wealth and happiness.  They are trained to select Tarot-like cards with their beaks and take them to the diviners so that they can interpret the meanings of the respective cards.  It is an ancient practice that happily for the birds is fading away into obscurity.

Other than the fact that it takes enormous patience to teach a parrot to do tricks, the only green parrots in South Africa are Cape Parrots and they are on the endangered list.  If you want to use avian selectivity to determine your online games win-to-loss ratio at springbok Casino, you will have to make do with a store-bought bird or a rose-ringed parakeet instead!

Interpreting the Cracks in Oracle Bones

Reading the bones in China is an ancient divination practice that hails back to the Shang Dynasty.  It is a practice that is similar to throwing the bones in Africa.  Unlike in Africa, however, where small bits of bone are thrown onto the ground and the patterns they create are interpreted by a seer of sangoma, the Chinese used the scapular bones of oxen and shells of turtles to provide insight into the future.

Individual questions from notable citizens like kings, queens and emperors were inscribed onto the oracle bones or shells. Heated rods were then used to create fine cracks and it was the cracks that provided the answers.

The Only Online Games Strategy That Counts is the Best-Play Strategy

Whether you invest in a parrot, throw fistfuls of sand into the air or take a stroll to the graveyard in the dead of night, it will make no difference whatsoever to your performance at Springbok Casino.

The only sure-fire method of winning more online games than you lose is to implement the mathematically perfect way of playing a particular game – but that only applies to skill-based casino games like online Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Jacks or Better and Loose Deuces!

When it comes to games of fortune, it is luck and luck alone that determines whether you bust your bankroll or bank a bit of money on the side!  Why not register an account at Springbok Casino, load the best RTG online games onto your PC or phone and enjoy real money gambling at its very best?