Wild animals may be masters of adaptation but Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa is gaming evolution at its very best!

You are undoubtedly aware Springbok Casino is perfectly adapted to changing demands – as is evident with our mobile casino South Africa... but did you know wild animals are highly evolved too?  Some, like immortal fish, poisonous primates and reindeer wrapped in Ray-Ban are way ahead of the rest!

Find Fascinating Phenomena in Nature

The natural world is packed with fascinating phenomena.  Birds, mammals, insects and fish have found extraordinary ways to survive, often in harsh conditions.

There are those that rely on venoms and toxins to repel predators.  There are also creatures built in such a way they can swallow huge servings of food… all in one go.

How Does Springbok Casino Figuratively Fit into the Scheme of Things?

We have taken a standard online casino and transformed it into a responsive gambling platform with three user friendly channels.  In essence we have shored up our survival by providing full cycle gaming on a download, instant play and mobile casino South Africa!

How have our wild cousins assured the survival of the species?  Here is a roundup of remarkable animals and their unique adaptive techniques:

Venomous Primates That Can Cause Anaphylactic Shock


Everyone knows snakes, spiders, scorpions and a good few sea creatures are venomous… but mammals?  We are guessing not so much!

Yes, some might know that the male platypus has a poisonous spur on the hind foot that can cause serious pain and discomfort.  Other than that, it is the creepy crawlies that deliver painful and often deadly bites or stings… or is it?

The Cuddly Creature with a Toxic Demeanour

Here is something to keep you up at night.  A rather cuddly creature that looks a bit like an oversized bush baby is feared for its toxicity.  What animal are we referring to?  The slow loris, believe it or not!

The slow loris is a rather placid, slow moving nocturnal creature that inhabits the forests in South East Asia.  Sadly, the comically cute and wide-eyed loris it is a heavily trafficked animal sold for its body parts.  Perhaps that is precisely why it has developed a toxin which can cause anaphylactic shock, the loss of mobility, and even death in humans.

Deadly, in More Ways than One

This unique primate activates the toxin by licking a gland on its arm.  When the secretion is mixed with saliva – any salvia – the bite can cause a major allergic reaction.  So, whenever this beautiful little creature feels threatened, it rubs the venom all over its fur.

If a predator bites the slow loris, they will ingest the deadly venom – and if the slow loris bites a human, well, we have little sympathy for what will follow if it is an animal trafficker!  In addition to having a flesh-eating effect, the venom contains “numerous volatile components”, including a variation of Fel-D1 – a major cat allergen.

Resist the Urge to Cuddle… Play Slots at Springbok Casino Instead!

The lesson here is when you encounter a slow loris on your travels through Asia, resist the urge to give it a hug.  There is a high probability you will come off second best.

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Immortal Jellyfish Can Live Forever

Nothing can live forever, right?  Wrong.  A tiny little jelly fish called Turritopsis dohrnii is capable of surviving the cycle of life… over and over again.  It is, for all intents and purposes, biologically immortal. Now wouldn’t we all like to know its secret?

What we do know is immortality has all to do with the jellyfish’s reproductive cycle.  Here is how it works.  Jelly fish start off life as a planula – a minute larva that swims around until it attaches itself to a hard surface.  The planula then becomes a polyp and shares space with an entire colony of polyps.

Planula, Polyp, Bud… and Back Again

At some point, the polyps bud baby jellyfish that swim around doing their thing.  If, perchance, a jellyfish is under attack or feels stressed or sick, it can revert straight back to the polyp stage… and life begins again!  How amazing is that?

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The Secret of the Caribou – Eye Colour Changes from Gold to Icy Blue

Caribou – or reindeer, if you prefer – are perfectly adapted to the icy northern climes.  They have two layers of fur; a thick woolly undercoat and a shaggy overcoat made up of hollow hairs filled with air.

Heat loss is minimised by a unique blood circulation system and the comparatively huge feet of the Caribou ensure they can easily walk on any surface; soggy, icy or bone dry.  What is even more extraordinary is during the dark winter months, their eyes change colour from gold to blue.

From Sun Shades to See-In-The-Dark

Now, here is a thing – the golden hue of summertime is as effective as a pair of sunglasses at reflecting light off the eyes.  The blue colour, which automatically kicks in during winter, helps caribou see perfectly well in the dark.

What is the default colour of the caribou’s eyes?  Gold… but when the weather ices over, the layer behind the retina changes to a deep blue.  When that happens, it reflects light passing through the retina back again to give the light-detecting cells a second opportunity to deliver optimal vision.

How effective is the change in colour?  According to some estimates, the blue eyes can see 1,000 times better than their golden counterparts… but not in the glare of summer, mind you!  The caribou’s eye-colour changing abilities show us that nature is truly wondrous.

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Pythons Have Elasticised Ligaments in the Jaw

At around five metres in length and tipping the scales at 50 plus kilograms, South Africa’s rock pythons are very large snakes.  They are also non-venomous and use stealth and constriction instead to kill their prey.

A snake of that enormous size requires plenty of sustenance.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Rather than taking bite sized chunks out of their prey, pythons swallow victims whole!

Prey Weighing Up to 59 kg is Not Off the Menu

When you consider rock pythons are capable of eating fully-grown impala which can weigh up to 59 kg, and on the rare occasion even spotted hyena, how on earth do they get the food down their gullets?  Coming to think of it, not even the mascot of our mobile casino South Africa, the springbok, is off the menu!

Unlike other types of animals that unhinge their jaws, pythons rely on flexible jaw ligaments to provide the stretch required to swallow prey… horns, hooves and all!  The fact that the ligaments are not connected to the skull makes the culinary antics all the more believable.

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