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What is the difference between our Kiwi online casino and Mars?  One word; breathability.  At Springbok Casino, fresh air and great online casino games are part of the package.  On Mars, O2 is materially deficient.  Thanks to a mini-Martian machine, all that is about to change.

Project Mars: A Self-Sustainable Destination for Space Adventurers

If all goes according to plan, the Red Planet will be a remote-controlled production hub for O2 and rocket fuel!  Won’t that delight Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and the government-funded hacks at NASA?

At this point in time Mars is beyond the colonial aspirations of humankind.  We can successfully land rovers to explore the Martian terrain, launch a drone-like helicopter to do extra-terrestrial fly-bys – and probe the surface for clues of previous life.

Current Challenges: Asphyxiation and No Way Back to Planet Earth

What we can’t do quite yet is travel the 55 million kilometres or so to our planetary neighbour and land safely in a puff of Martian dust.  Even if we could, we would asphyxiate on the spot.  Carbon dioxide accounts for 96% of the atmosphere on the Red Planet… and that is not a ‘wheeze’ – it is a calamity!

If by some miracle we could transport and preserve sufficient oxygen to do a quick surface reccy, we would be stuck light years away from Earth for the rest of eternity.  How come?  In the current era of space exploration, there simply isn’t a rocket powerful enough to carry enough propellant for the homeward journey.

Enter the Clever People

What do clever people do when faced with seemingly intractable problems?  They put their big brains to good use – or so we hope.  For one, they build the best Kiwi online casino using the World Wide Web as a keystone and they call it Springbok Casino!  That’s the genius behind casino software developers.

The geniuses of space science go on to develop a prototype machine capable of producing oxygen from the rarefied CO2 dominated atmosphere on Mars.  Now, the engineers behind our Kiwi online casino might not be rocket scientists – but they over excel in their field, nonetheless.

Moxie: The Martian Miracle Machine

What is truly remarkable about the Mass Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (Moxie) is its pint-sized specs.  Moxie is only the size of an average car battery and it weighs just 17.1 kg on Earth – and less than half that on Mars.  Yet, despite its tiny dimensions, it has the potential to turn space exploration on its head.

Our Kiwi online casino has no physical dimensions at all.  Despite that, it is capable of delivering hundreds of online casino games to any gaming device at a speed equivalent to the speed of light!  That is not to say Moxie is not an equal in efficiency.  It is and here is why…

At full throttle, Moxiecan produce 10 grams of oxygen, every hour, on the hour.  When scaled up and adequately powered for consistent O2 production, it can operate for more than two years prior to the arrival of the first Martian astronauts.  It can also generate more than enough oxygen to support life.

Moxie Uses a Process of Electrolysis to Create Oxygen from CO2

How does the prototype convert carbon dioxide into oxygen?  Pretty much like a tree.  It absorbs CO2 and splits it into carbon monoxide and oxygen using a process of electrolysis, similar to that of Solid Oxygen Electrolysis Cells, or SOEC.

After some of the oxygen is spun off and stored, the rest is used as a key ingredient in the manufacture of rocket propellant.  What is even more extraordinary is all this is happening right now, and on another planet located up to 400 million kilometres away from the Earth – depending on the orbit of the two planets at the time.

When one considers around 25 metric tons of oxygen is required for one in-bound journey to Earth, the scaled-up versions of future Moxies have their work cut out!

How Long Before There are Manned Missions to Mars?

The successful deployment and operation of Moxie has brought us one giant step closer to building a permanent research station on Mars.  How long will it be before there are manned missions to the Red Planet?  Probably not in our lifetimes… but hey, stranger things have happened.

Even now, space scientists are coming up with smarter ideas, ones that are destined to accelerate the process of creating life-supporting modules on Mars.  One such idea is the use of low temperature plasma to break down carbon dioxide molecules in double quick time.

The Use of Plasma Can Accelerate the Timing to a Colonised Mars

When gas is ionised into different particles like photons and electrons, they have different energies and properties.  Highly energetic electrons, for instance, can split CO2 molecules on direct impact.

In fact, plasma developed on Mars can produce electrons that transfer 90% of their energy into decomposing CO2 using vibrations.  This process uses about ten times less energy to achieve the same results… and at a much faster rate.

Further Challenges Exist

That may be the on-site breathing apparatus and rocket propellant taken care of.  The question is – how can anyone survive average temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius, and atmospheric pressure 150 times lower than that of Earth?  With great difficulty, one would be suspect.

Whatever the challenges, there is always some sparky working on an idea – or in the process of developing a solution… like our cross-channel Kiwi online casino that can be accessed on all platforms, for example!

From the First PCs to the Launch of Springbok Kiwi Online Casino

When you consider personal computers only went mainstream in the 1980s, IBM invented the first smartphone in 1992, and Springbok Casino – the best Kiwi online casino – was only launched in 2012, then nothing is off limits.  No matter how unlikely it may initially appear!

When viewed in the context of the past 30 years, a colony on Mars is no longer a distinct possibility.  It is a certainty.  Will you be around to witness this massive achievement?

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