Charging rooms, floating light bulbs & smart bags may be high-tech - but not as cool as online casino games at Springbok Casino!

Personalised online casino games, levitating light bulbs, and intelligent power generating roadways are a few of the awesome innovations wowing the world.  Yet there more, so much more that technology delivered during 2021!  If you are a tech-head, read on…

How Tracking & Data Collecting Delivers an Individualised UX at Springbok Casino

How do we deliver what our players really want at Springbok Casino?  We track individual gaming activity – don’t worry, your privacy and identity is our priority!  By gathering certain data, however, we select the Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed online casino games we know will please our players.  Through using the same methods, we also offer targeted bonuses, promotions and tournaments based on personal player preferences.

That is one small example of how technology is refining the lived human experience.  Let’s take a look at a few other mind-bending inventions, some of which are harnessing natural processes to deliver useful and unique products and services.

1. Wireless Charging Rooms with a Generating Capacity for 50 Smartphones

The really smart folk at Tokyo University have developed a room that uses magnetic fields to generate electricity out of thin air.  All that is required is a conductive pole in the centre of the room and conductive cladding on the walls.  That leaves you with a self-sustaining magnetic field capable of producing enough energy to charge 50 smartphones simultaneously!

No Major Modifications to Chargeable Devices

The only modification required to chargeable devices is the integration of a wire coil to harness the magnetic field.  The transmission itself produces an AC current in the wire, which is then transformed into a DC current to charge the device – no power points, wires or cables required!

In order to maintain safety standards and enable people to enter the room without being frazzled by harmful elements, banks of capacitators are integrated into the walls to pull in and trap the destructive electrical fields.

Buildings as Standalone Power Generating Hubs?

Although the all-new power system is still very much in the experimental stage, there could be a time when entire buildings become standalone power hubs – servicing their own needs and possibly supplying surplus energy to the grid.

Just think how easy it could be to park and charge an electric vehicle as you do your shopping or carry out the days work?  At this point in time, the generation capacity of a 3 x 3 metre room in a student’s digs, for example, is sufficient to power devices and appliances like laptops, air conditioners, fans, printers and phones!

What that of course means is power plugs will become obsolete, cables and wires redundant and not even incessant loadshedding will have the capacity to disturb online casino games sessions at Springbok Casino!

2. Magnetised Levitating Lightbulbs for Free-Floating Illumination

A Swedish company has used the combined forces of wireless power transmission and magnetic attraction to create the Flyte – a floating lightbulb that is never plugged into a socket.

The bulb, constructed from non-breakable glass and fitted with a magnet, hovers above an electromagnetic base constructed from hard wood.  The levitation effect is created by gravity, which pulls the magnet in the bulb down, and the magnetic force in the electromagnet in the base, which pushes the bulb up.

Aside from its unique stance, the bulb uses LEDS with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.  Transfer that kind of efficiency to Springbok Casino and you could play RTG online casino games 12 hours a day, for more than 10 years!

Oh Cool – A Carbon-Neutral Cooling Solution!

We know air conditioners guzzle electricity – which does not come cheap in South Africa – and spew out carbon emissions.  To mitigate the harmful effects of conventional cooling solutions, innovators have come up with the Cool Tube.

It is not a tube, per se, but rather wall and ceiling panels coated with an air-tight membrane and trimmed by tubes filled with constantly circulating chilled water.  This all-room cooling device uses the natural process of radiation to extract heat directly from the people in the room, leaving them feeling cool and comfortable, despite the ambient temperature.

Innovative Use of the Natural Process of Radiation

As most of us know from our school days, heat naturally radiates from a hot surface to a cool surface – and that is precisely what happens here.  As the panels are clad in a humidity-repelling membrane, there is no problem with condensation forming on the walls or ceiling.

The big reveal is that the air is not de-humified or conditioned in any way… and that results in significant energy savings.  It is the perfect solution for South Africans playing online casino games at Springbok Casino during our blistering summers!

3. Smart Solar Roadways for Safer Commutes

Solar Roadways consist of hexagonal panels less than 4 cm thick.  The panels are tough, durable and modular and fit together like jigsaw pieces to create smart pavements, driveways, runways and road surfaces.

Each panel is made from shatter-proof glass and equipped with light and temperature sensors, solar cells and a microprocessor – a smart control hub capable of wireless communications with other panels and connected vehicles and devices.

Variable LED Lighting and Smooth Ice-Free Surfaces

Using a solar harnessing capacity of 43-watts per panelSolar Roadways can melt surface ice and snow, generate LED road signs and lighting, using one of 8,000 stored patterns, and even charge electric vehicles with clean energy.

From a practical point of view, these next gen surfaces provide plenty of traction and don’t warp or bend in the heat or crack or shatter in the cold.  If any of the panels are damaged in any way, they can easily be switched out with new ones.

With smart roadways like that, who needs a gaming device?  We can all congregate along the N1 and play the best online casino games in gigantic technicolour!

4. The Brainy Backpack - Security, Charging Capabilities and Wi-Fi Access Built-In

The final innovation in our 2021 technology round-up is the amazing Lumzag, a smart backpack with all sorts of useful features.  This handy carrier is a must-have for frequent travellers and those who are constantly on the move.

Apart from real time GPS tracking, the Global Wi-Fi Hotspot feature has a built-in SIM card to enable Wi-Fi access anywhere in the world and at a much cheaper rate than data.  As for in-transit charging capabilities – there is a nifty wireless charging pocket integrated into the strap, backed by a built-in power pack.

An Array of Integrated Security Features

When paired with a mobile app, you can hit the Secure Mode and get instant alerts when the bag is tampered with.  You can keep track of your valuables via connected tracking stickers and even set a distance limit between you and the bag.

When the distance is breached, an alarm is auto-activated to scare anyone in the direct vicinity of the backpack half to death.  Now that really is a fantastic concept, especially for hand luggage that mysteriously disappears mid- or post-flight.

No Chance of Running Out of Digital Steam… Login to Springbok Casino En Route

Think about it... with a power pack, charging pocket and anytime Wi-Fi access built-in, there is zero chance of running out of digital steam as you are about to hit the ‘Bet Now’ button at Springbok Casino.  With the Lumzag in tow, playing online casino games en route to somewhere exotic is a given!