Who is your online gamble real money betting selection for best F1 driver? Ayrton Senna or Sir Lewis Hamilton?

In the world of online gamble real money betting, it is all about finding the value bets.  On the F1 track, it is about watching in awe as driver and car defy gravity and clock up unimaginable speeds – on the straights, around the corners and in the wet.

F1 Drivers Who Pushed the Limits

When it comes to Formula One motor racing, only the most skilled drivers taste victory.  The drivers who are not only fearless but unafraid of pushing the limits.  Over the years, there has been several men who have seized the mantle of greatness.

F1 drivers like Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and most recently, Lewis Hamilton, are revered for their abundance of talent.  On a good day, they could make their cars ‘sing’, notwithstanding the competition, the conditions or the track.

Schumi was jester, joker and king.  Over his glittering career, there was seldom anyone chasing him or his legion of records.  Seven-time World Champion, Sir Lewis ‘Hammer’ Hamilton has been so dominant, it is obvious the rest of the bunch are pretenders to the throne.

Ayrton Senna was one of the few greats who always had a challenger consistently sneaking up in the rear-view mirror.  Unlike Schumi or Sir Lewis, Senna had a formidable rival in the uncompromising figure of Alain Prost.  With that in mind, it’s the F1 equivalent of a betting duel at a Springbok Casino online slots tournament – who will top the leader board?

The Brazilian Maverick vs the British Motor Racing Ace

The question is… which driver would you put your online gamble real money on?  Senna, the charismatic maverick who defied the odds – until he didn’t.  Or Sir Lewis, the British knight in shining armour and operator of the fastest car in the history of the sport?

In reality, it is a bit like comparing the sawdust gambling joints of Las Vegas with the slick sophistication of Springbok Casino.  There really is no fair of way of weighing one up against the other.  When it comes to our drivers, we will try our best and zoom into who we think is the best online gamble real money pick!

Ayrton Senna – A Raw and Dangerous Talent

In the great Brazilian speedster and magician, Ayrton Senna, you had a man who believed he was immortal.  Right through his career, Senna raced with almost careless abandon.  At times, his hunger for success was frightening in its intensity.  Many would say even ‘dangerous’.

When behind the wheel, Senna was so in-tune with his car and in the moment, he often spoke of entering another state of consciousness.  It was if he was at one with the machine.  He had the ability to recognise and exploit every nuance – of the car, the track and the conditions.  With Ayrton Senna, racing was life itself – until it snatched his life away in a fiery ending.

What fed into the legend of the inimitable Brazilian was his extraordinary ability to adjust to conditions and still come out tops.  At the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, he contested much of the race with the transmission locked in sixth gear!  Despite the extreme physicality required to control the car, Senna grabbed his maiden home win and 28th GP overall.

Lewis Hamilton – Simply Unmatched

When it comes to smashing Senna’s legacy, Lewis Hamilton has done it all.  He zipped past Senna’s all-time win record at the Russian GP in 2015.  That is six long years ago.  Since then, Hamilton has won 58 GPs and bagged an unassailable seven World Championships – and he ‘ain’t done yet’.

Senna and Prost were undoubtedly the daredevils of the eighties and nineties.  Schumi took the millennium by the throat.  In the past seven and bit seasons, it has been the British racing ace who has re-written the record books – again and again.

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Comparing Driver Stats

When it comes down to statistical match-ups, Sir Lewis is the only knight at the roundtable.  He has recorded 100 wins and 178 podium finishes in 284 starts.  His fastest lap tally is 58 and he boasts 101 pole positions.

Ayrton Senna, whose life was cut short at 34 years of age in 1994, had 41 wins in 161 starts.  He took pole position 65 times and racked up 8- podium finishes.  Senna won three championships and was well on his way to a fourth.

In reality, the stats are meaningless as Hamilton has raced so much more.  That said, Sir Lewis is only the fourth driver in history to accumulate more silverware than Ayrton Senna.  Had Senna lived, would that still be the case?

One stat that could prove illuminating is the points conversion rate at a similar time in their respective careers.  Even then, it would be a grossly inaccurate comparison simply because the scoring system in F1 has changed dramatically over the years.

If we can’t rely on stats to determine the best F1 driver that your online gamble real money can bet on, what can we rely on?

No Close Rival for Hamilton

The only vital component missing from Hamilton’s incredible journey to super-stardom is that of a close rival.  Without someone else equally talented pressurising from behind, we will probably never know how good Hamilton could be.

When all is said and done, it is the art of manoeuvring a machine into a winning position that requires the greatest skill in motor racing.  The truth is, Lewis Hamilton has never really been challenged.  In the context of the online gamble real money odds, that could have made all the difference.

Operating at maximum speed under pressure is an entirely different proposition – and Ayton Senna wins that contest hands down!

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