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If you enjoy treasure hunting, the Springbok Casino login can unlock infinite possibilities.  Finding the priceless hoards of valuables, however, entails taking the plunge into the deepest parts of the ocean.  Here are 3 of the most valuable treasure troves discovered to date!

Pure Luck or a High-Tech Endeavour

When it comes to valuables and artefacts of incalculable value, the ocean is the key.  X marks the spot may refer to pirates’ plunder but the real big-ticket items are found on the sea floor.  Some treasure troves are encountered quite by accident.  Others involve well-funded projects, which use high-tech equipment as detection and retrieval tools.

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What are the richest caches of treasure found under the sea?  Well, for one, the aptly named Caesarea Sunken Treasure is a priceless find.  Let’s take a look at the top three contenders in terms of dollar-denominated value.  This time, the Springbok Casino login is not the gateway to untold riches!

Caesarea Sunken Treasure

When one thinks about treasure, images of piles of gold coins spring to mind.  That is precisely what the Caesarea Sunken Treasure is all about.  It is an ancient trove consisting of around 2,000 gold coins, all of which were found strewn across the sea floor just off the Israeli coast.

What is remarkable about this particular find is the advanced age of the coins.  Some are inscribed in Arabic and date from the 10th to 12th Centuries AD.  That is when the Fatimid Caliphate ruled over most of North Africa and the Middle East.

Other coins in the underwater cache date from an earlier time.  These coins were minted during the reigns of the Emperors Constantine and Licinius of Rome, in the 2nd and 3rd Centuries AD!  Besides the coins, the haul included perfectly preserved bronze statues, lamps and other sophisticatedly designed and rendered artefacts.

Due to its immense historical value, the treasure, salvaged from what was once the ancient port of Caesarea, is considered priceless.  If you factor in the current price of gold bullion, however, the 6-kilogram stockpile of coins is valued at just $347,000.  That is around R5.5 million rand.

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The Treasure of the Spanish Galleon San Jose

The treasure of San Jose can essentially be described as the spoils of war.  It consists of a vast hoard of gold and silver doubloons, and emeralds the size of pigeon eggs.  It was part of the inventory on the Spanish Galleon San Jose, which was plying a route between Portobello in Panama and Spain.

The galleon was, in turn, a part of the Spanish treasure fleet which transported valuables from the Spanish colonies to the mainland.  This particular cache of cargo was despatched to King Philip V of Spain, who was to use it to bankroll the War of Spanish Succession.

As luck would have it, the San Jose became entangled in hostilities with British naval vessels in a battle known as Wager’s Action.  During the melee, the San Jose’s powder magazines exploded – a rather fortunate event that led to the boat sinking to the ocean bed.

That was in 1708.  The treasure lay undisturbed on the bottom of the ocean for more than 300 years.  In 2015 the Columbian navy located the wreck of the San Jose and salvage operations began two years later.  Today, the Treasure of San Jose has an estimated value of $18 billion…  That, my friends, is a mind-blowing R285 billion!

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The Black Swan Project

Our third and final contender for richest ever treasure trove is the Black Swan project.  It is centred on the wreck of the Spanish frigate, the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes.  It too was sunk by the British navy in 1804 off the coast of Portugal, in the Battle of Cape Santa Maria.

At the time, the frigate was transporting silver, gold, spices and livestock from Montevideo in Uruguay to Cadiz in Spain.  Again, an accurate shot – this time from the HMS Indefatigable – hit the ship’s munitions magazine and the entire vessel exploded and sank.

The wreck and treasure were discovered by a commercial exploration company from the USA in 2007.  After a lengthy court battle, the valuables were acquired by the Spanish government in 2012.  So much for finders, keepers!

Today the treasure – which consists of 14.5 tons of gold and silver coins – is permanently on display at the National Museum of Subaquatic Archaeology in Cartagena.  It’s estimated value?  $15 billion… or R237 billion randelas!

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