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We all understand the symbiotic relationship between players and the #1 mobile casino South Africa.  It is called mutualism, where both parties’ benefit.  Yet did you know there are animals that work together… sometimes for the common good?

What is Symbiosis?

In its most elementary sense, symbiosis is a close relationship between two or more organisms, people, systems or things.  It can be mutually beneficial… or not.  Depending on the broad category, symbiosis can mean different things.

In the field of psychiatry, for instance, symbiosis refers to a co-dependent relationship between two people.  In this scenario, both parties are equally dependent on each other.  They are also totally reliant on one another for reinforcement, whether positive or negative.  Quite whether this relationship is at all beneficial, is up for debate.

Symbiosis at the Mobile Casino South Africa

At Springbok mobile casino, there is a strong symbiotic relationship between platform and patrons.  As a highly ranked mobile casino South Africa, we directly benefit from the patronage of players.  Similarly, players get a kick out of top-class entertainment that pays out in real money too.

Our particular symbiotic relationship is driven by a very powerful emotion.  That, of course, is the unquantifiable adrenalin rush players get by having a financial stake in the game.  Playing cash games at the best mobile casino South Africa creates a level of drama that is difficult to emulate anywhere else.

What is fascinating about symbiosis, is it happens on an unconscious level – at a mobile casino South Africa and in the natural world.  Here are few examples of animals that have forged strong working bonds in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Vampire Finch and the Blue-Footed Booby

The Vampire finch is a tiny little critter that exists exclusively on the Galapagos Islands.  It is a ground finch that feeds on small insects and seeds.  That is until it feels the need for a splash of supplementary nutrition.

Sharing the same island group are large maritime birds called Nazca and Blue-Footed boobys.  These fellas feed exclusively on small, oily fish like anchovies, sardines and mackerel.  When pictured side by side, the booby is at least eight times the size of the finch.

By rights, it should be the booby predating on the finch.  In this weird and wonderful world, the finch is the aggressor… but not in the conventional sense.  Every now and again, in a rush of blood lust, the finch pecks a hole in the boobys skin and drinks the blood.  In this symbiotic relationship, known as commensalism, only one partner benefits.  The other, quite frankly, couldn’t care less.

According to the scientists, this particular relationship probably evolved quite by accident.  The consensus is the original relationship was based on mutualism.  The finch would preen the booby’s feather to remove ticks and parasites and get a free meal in the process.  Nowadays, preening has been replaced with involuntary bloodletting… and the vampire finch is the sole beneficiary!

If that happened at Springbok mobile casino, rated the best mobile casino South Africa, what would our symbiotic relationship look like?  The players would win all the time… and we would have a hard time covering our expenses!

The Honey Badger… and Everyone Else

The ratel or honey badger is a particularly adept nocturnal hunter.  Its trademark style is digging into burrows to flush small rodents and reptiles out of their underground hidey holes.  Their average success rate…?  An impressive 80% – but that is precisely why the hunter often goes hungry.

Trailing behind our furry friend, as he excavates for prey, is a veritable troop of fellow predators – earthbound and in the sky.  All these creatures have one thing in mind… and that is to swoop in and feast on the honey badger’s meal!  This they sadly do with astonishing agility and speed, consuming as much as 40% of the ratel’s potential prey.

Who are these bad-mannered robber beasts?  The Chanting goshawk may be the key culprit but the ‘brat pack’ features a varied bunch.  Owls, hornbills, snakes, slender mongooses, African wild cats and black-backed jackals all shadow our badger friend as it toils away!

What benefit does the honey badger get from this rowdy arrangement?  Absolutely nothing!  In the context of gaming online, it would be like our mobile casino South Africa paying out a progressive jackpot every day.  The players, of course, would contribute… well, a big fat zero!

Sociable Weaver and Pygmy Falcon

As a South African, you will be familiar with the incredible size and scale of the social weavers’ nest.  To those who aren’t, these awesome creations can reach more than four metres in height.  They consist of a series of tunnels and chambers, all carefully constructed out of sticks and interwoven with grass.

Despite the best efforts to deter predators like the Cape cobra, Boomslang and Black mamba – snakes are the birds’ core enemies.  What do the weavers do?  They encourage co-habitation… but only with birds of prey which, themselves, are not their predators.

Their main lodger is the Pygmy falcon, a beautiful raptor that predates mainly on reptiles and small rodents.  It, together with a few of its mates, is allowed access to one or more chambers in the weaver’s vast expanse of a nest.  In exchange, the falcons keep the weaver eggs and chicks safe from marauding snakes.

Right at the top of the towering edifices, you are likely to find barn owls or eagle owls nesting in comfort.  They, too, swop nocturnal snake-hunting forays for ready-made accommodation, high up on the weavers’ nest.

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