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The internet is certainly a colourful and wonderful place… after all, it gives us access to online slots real money South Africa games!  It is also an infinite virtual encyclopaedia that can provide valuable factual information on any topic imaginable.  On the flipside of that, it is filled with endless reports of fake news, which some gullible users find all too easy to believe.

TikTok Video of So-Called 399-Year-Old Woman Goes Viral

If you haven’t seen it, you would have heard about it by now – as news in cyberspace travels at lightning speed.  Around 27 February 2022, a TikTok user shared a video of what he claimed to be the oldest woman in the world, at an phantastic 399 years.

As unbelievable as it sounds, many found it believable – and the video, along with reposts and shares across all social media platforms, has accumulated views into the hundreds of millions.  The original viral video alone has over 65 million views – that is the entire population of South Africa, and then some!

News media and ‘de-bunkers’ jumped on the opportunity the investigate and fact-check this claim.  The gist of it?  It’s as fake as a 3 Rand note!  Well, the person in the video is not – but the claim relating to the age is, and we’ll share more about that in a bit.

Who is the Woman in the Viral Video?

Firstly, the woman is, in fact, a man.  Luang Pho Yai, or Luang Ta, is a 109-year-old Buddhist Monk from Thailand.  The original video was uploaded by his granddaughter, Auyary, after her grandfather was hospitalised and she continued to share video updates on his journey to recovery.

Another user copied the video, made the false age-related claim – and it went viral as fast as the spin-rate on one of our online slots real money South Africa!  The claim was quickly debunked, but the story didn’t end there, as it continued to stir all sorts of debates.

Owing to the monk’s frail and drawn appearance, users speculated that it could be due to sokushinbutsu – a mummification process that is unique to Japanese Buddhist practice.  The process involves asceticism – a stringent diet – that allow monks to dry from the inside out, becoming mummified whilst still alive.

Suffice to say, there is no proof that the monk is practicing sokushinbutsu.  It is also not the first time he has been the subject of an exaggerated age claim.  Initial rumours that were circulating claimed that Luang Pho Yai is 163 years old.  Unlike how our trusted online slots real money South Africa are tested for their transparency – don’t believe everything you read or see online!

Human Obsession with Longevity & What Science Has to Say

Human’s obsession with longevity is a tale as old as time.  Scientists all around the globe are hard at work to find ways to extend life expectancy.  There is such a strong belief that a ‘cure’ for aging and age-related diseases will be found that people are turning to cryogenics for full-body cryo-preservation… ‘until then’.

Unlike our online slots real money South Africa which are timeless and not subject to aging, humans are biologically not built to live forever.  This begs the question…  Will those cryogenically preserved bodies every awake to a world where age is no longer a factor?

At this point in time, science is saying ‘no’.  According to a scientific study published on Nature Communications in 2021, humans have an absolute age-limit of 150 years.  Meaning, humans could live to be 120 – 150 years, but beyond that is biologically impossible.  Reason being?

Beyond that age, the human body loses the ability to recover from illness and injury and other stresses, which will result in death.  We must say though, considering the advances in technology – such as the tech that drives our seamless and lightning-fast online slots real money South Africa – anything is possible.

Who is the Oldest Living Person?

According to verified records, the current oldest living person is Kane Tanaka, a Japanese supercentenarian born 2 January 1903.  She is presently 119 years old.  The next living supercentenarian succession line is Lucile Randon, who is 118 years old.

What is a Supercentenarian?

A supercentenarian is a person who reaches the age of 110 years.  A centenarian, on the other hand, is someone who has reached the age of 100.  According to researchers, and based on the survival rate of centenarians reaching 110 years in age – which is 0.15% to 0.25% – there are currently in the region of 300 to 400 living supercentenarians in the world.

Bear in mind that these are only fully verified cases where official records provide indubitable proof.  It is kind of like our RNG verification certification that proves the absolute randomness of the outcomes our online slots real money South Africa!  In all likelihood, the number of living supercentenarians might be way more than 400.

Top 5 Oldest Living People According to the Gerontology Research Group

The GRG World Supercentenarian Rankings List keeps tracks of both living and deceased supercentenarians.  Here are the current top five at the time of writing:

  1. Kane Tanaka (born in Japan) – current age: 119 yrs., 62 days
  2. Lucile Randon (born in France) – current age: 118 yrs., 22 days
  3. Tekla Juniewicz (Austria-Hungary – now Ukraine) – current age: 115 yrs., 268 days
  4. Maria Branyas Morera (born in CA, USA) – current age: 115 yrs., 1 day
  5. Casilda Benegas Gallego (born in Paraguay) – current age: 114 yrs., 331 days

Who Was the Oldest Person to Have Lived?

According to Guinness World Records, Wikipedia, and a team of researchers who spent years validating the claim, Jeanne Louise Calment is the oldest person to have ever lived.  The French socialite passed away on 4 August 1997, aged 122 years and 164 days.

To put that into perspective, during her lifespan, one billion five hundred million people walked the planet, and Calment outlived them all.  Since the dawn of online slots real money South Africa was yet to come, how did Jeanne Calment spend her time?

The lady reportedly led a leisurely, social and active lifestyle.  She enjoyed fencing, cycling, tennis, swimming, roller-skating, hunting, mountaineering on famed French glaciers, playing the piano, and making music with friends.  She also never needed to work and employed servants.  Could the secret to her longevity be linked to her seemingly stress-free life?

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