Play cartoon-style slots at the number one online slots real money South Africa casino and invest in rare comic books!

What do comic books and online slots real money South Africa casinos have in common? Spell binding characters, of course! You may not meet Spiderman or the Joker at Springbok Casino. That said, there is a bunny wabbit that is a shoo-in for Snowball!

Comic Books as Investment Assets

Whether you are into Captain America or Bucky O’Hare, comic books are more than a good read. They are collectible investment assets that can trade hands for a million bucks or more. It is not only the fabulous cash returns that are driving the second-hand comic book market. It is nostalgia for times gone by.

According to collectors, not every publication is worth its weight – and more – in gold. It is the rare editions that fetch eye watering prices at auction. As with classic cars, rare whiskies and fine arts, the scarcer an item, the more desirable it is to collectors.

As with all investment assets, there are classes or categories of comic books. The earliest comics, published in the thirties to fifties, are gold class commodities that fetch premium prices. Besides rarity, condition is key.

If you happen to own the first-ever publication featuring Superman – and it is in mint condition – you can expect to get around R45 million or more… for one flimsy kid’s book. That kind of money is not enough to get you into space but it will go a long way in making life verrry comfortable!

During the so-called Golden Era of comic books, superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain America held sway. At the same point in history, the precursor to our online slots real money South Africa casino, the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, was only a few decades old!

How Comics and Online Slots Real Money South Africa Casinos Have Evolved

Since then, both comic books and gaming halls have undergone significant change. Modern day graphic novels are not the light reading of yesteryear. They feature complex characters, dark and forbidding storylines and anti-heroes like:

  • Jesse Custer in Preacher
  • Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan and
  • Hunter Rose aka Grendel in Comico Primer.

The plush gambling emporiums of Downtown Las Vegas have been eclipsed by digital gaming platforms. Of these agile, responsive and mobile-friendly online slots real money South Africa casinos, our very own Springbok Casino is ranked number 1!

Everything, from the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software to the crypto-compatible banking platform, is designed for a new age of gambling. That said, our online slots have not evolved in the same way as comic books. They are neither dark nor violent.

Most of the themed characters in Springbok Casino slots are either from a bygone era, represent pop culture or are contemporary chic. Where, for instance, the modern-day comic Ex Machina features a 9-11 hero and alien technology, Lil Red online slot is a parody on Charles Perrault’s children’s story, Little Red Riding Hood.

Similarly, the graphic novel Usagi Yojimbo: Travels with Jotaro has a fierce swashbuckling rabbit samurai as the title character. At the best online slots real money South Africa casino, our leporine friend in Run Rabbit Run slot has characteristics of Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and Snowball, the acclaimed star of The Secret Life of Pets!

What is the most significant difference between comic books and casino slots?

Graphic novels, like the 1940s Captain America Comics #1, the Amazing Fantasy # 15 and Action Comics #1 will easily cost you more than $3 million apiece. The most popular games at our online slots real money South Africa casino, on the other hand, cost a nominal amount to play. What is more, they pay out real money as prizes! Honestly, what is there not to like about Springbok Casino slots?

Online Slot, Comic Strip and Cartoon Rolled into One

One of the most recent additions to the Springbok Casino games library is a delightfully entertaining 5 reel and 25 payline slot called Run Rabbit Run. As you have probably guessed, it has a rabbit theme, cartoon-style graphics and a paytable that is more generous than most.

What is particularly pleasing about this RTG developed online casino game is the unique way in which the free games feature unfolds. Rather than simply allocating free games according to the number of triggering scatters, a fun cartoon strip clip has been added to enrich the player experience.

Our comic book rabbit in Run Rabbit Run may not be fearsome but he is wild. He also delivers payline prizes up to 2,500 x the line bet. When you bet max and do the sums, that means there is up to R25k up for grabs. Hit the carrot farm scatter with the same bet in play and the top prize tips the scales at R75,000.

With that very same configuration, you activate the slots showpiece of our online slots real money South Africa casino. When that happens, you are whipped away to a second screen featuring an animated cartoon strip. Here is how it plays out…

Each triggering scatter on the gameboard is represented by a rabbit that attempts to cross the road. The lucky rabbit or rabbits that do not get mown down by a speeding pick-up truck unleash the action. They allocate free play that maxes out at 100 free games!

If the rabbit/s pick up one or more bonus carrots, the free games are souped up by 3 x prize multipliers, extra wilds and/or additional free games. Now that is what we call big bonus gameplay – and it is yours to enjoy at the #1 online slots real money South Africa casino!

Why Play Run Rabbit Run Slot

Run Rabbit Run online slot may not be a comic book or a cartoon strip. That said, it is a creative masterpiece. It is also a massive step in the right direction in terms of innovation. It is the kind of online casino game you can play again and again simply for its entertainment value.

When you throw in the following elements, you’ll instantly see why Run Rabbit Run slot is a sure-fire winner:

  • Lavish payouts
  • Replicating wilds
  • Prize multipliers
  • Up to 100 free games
  • Two random jackpots

We of course highly recommend raiding your dad or grandfather’s garage or storeroom in the small likelihood that a dusty old box contains a collection of highly-prized comics in perfect condition! One man’s junk can literally be another’s treasure in this instance. The odds of success on that front might be slim, though…

For a more realistic prospect, we recommend exploiting the instant cash prizes inherent in our selection of Springbok Casino slots! Simply sign up right now to enjoy the action, and the resulting cash, at the best online slots real money South Africa casino!