What are slots of the future? Find out now from the specialist supplier of online slots real money for South Africa!

As a leading online slots real money for South Africa casino, we know what players want.  Games must be engaging and interactive.  The demand is for an immersive UX, along with ever-evolving technology, is providing the space to deliver exactly that.  Here is a look ahead at the online slots of the future.

Trends Shaping the Next Generation of Online Slots

What are the top trends shaping the evolution of online slots real money for South Africa games?  What appears to be on the cards is more elaborate characters.  The mythical superheroes who already populate Springbok Casino slots are destined to be fleshed out.

Cleopatra may become more alluring and seductive while she unlocks big paying combinations on the reels.  Achilles will undoubtedly be given a rough and rugged makeover as the seasoned warrior of old.  If online slots follow the video gaming trend, already cute characters are likely to be cutified still.

What is probable is players like you and I may soon be able to control character avatars in the game.  Imagine how much fun you can have controlling key personalities in Springbok Casino online slots? Wouldn’t you like to be the genie in 5 Wishes, the count in Count Spectacular or one of the witches in the Bubble Bubble slots trilogy?

By adding interactive capabilities, real money gaming is about to change forever.  Games at our online slots real money for South Africa casino will figuratively ‘come alive’ with just that one small modification!

In addition to more believable and endearing characters, gameplay is tipped to become a multi-layered experience.  Of course, the integration of narratives and storylines into slots is expected to be revisited.  This time, advances in graphics design have made it simpler to relate fascinating tales… as the game unfolds.

  • Speech bubbles and text can more easily be added to images using motion graphics software.
  • 3-D computer-generated imagery and rendering enables quick and seamless replication of characters.

Telling stories through online slots is the next big leap.  It is made possible by the sophistication of the software and tools used in the design of the graphics.

The futuristic games at our online slots real money for South Africa casino will essentially be gaming hybrids.  They will have elements of feature films, cartoons, comic books and literary tomes.  They will also boast the open worlds and complex characters of video games.

High Resolution Springbok Casino Games Deployed Across All Platforms

The Springbok Casino slots over the next decade or two will be developed quite differently.  Game devs will use cutting-edge technologies we haven’t yet dreamt of.  They will be multi-resolution online casino games designed to be as crisp, agile and beautiful on all screen sizes – from mobile phones to big-screen TVs.

As things stand, the best video slots online support a range of resolutions – whether it is standard or Full HD, 4K or Quad High Definition.  That of course means the gaming experience is guaranteed to be quick loading, crystal clear and stunningly spectacular.

As with video gaming, the next generation of games at our online slots real money for South Africa casino will be purposely optimised for the big screen.  You’ll be able to play games on 70+ inch monitors without experiencing any pixilation whatsoever!

Another development rapidly gaining traction is the collaboration between platforms.  We have already seen the launch of community casino games on social media sites like Facebook.  The next step is to deploy games on consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo.

Then there is the adoption of the blockchain.  The transparent decentralised ledger for transactions is set to be a game-changer.  In its current form, it makes it easier for gaming brands, like Springbok Casino, to monitor real-time transactions across multiple casino platforms.

Real money slots are already available in the VR and AR space.  Now brands can leverage continuity across all available platforms to provide gaming… everywhere.  The online slots real money South Africa casino of the future will be accessible via VR headsets, digital devices and gaming consoles!

Individualised Prizes Based on Skillsets and Points Earned

What will continue to define modern online slots as a standalone genre?  The real money prizes and in-game bonus features, of course.  What will change is the way prizes are awarded.  We have already seen a shift from the original payline-only wins...

Random jackpots, timed access to bonus icons and interconnected features are becoming more prevalent in online slots.  Interactive bonus rounds, where players have to complete tasks or accumulate points, are becoming more challenging and sophisticated.

What is expected to ramp up the experience is the integration of mini games into play.  ‘Pick me’ bonus games are already common fare.  Players have the opportunity to try their luck and pick items for unique bonus levels – some far richer than others.

The next generation of online slots will reward players with particular skill sets.  Winning won’t be left purely to chance. There will be an element of gamification in the mix.  The players at the top end of an in-game leader board for instance, may be the only ones to progress to the next round.

What is more, gameplay will consist of various levels with unique symbols, themes, characters and pay tables.  Static gameplay will become more interactive, innovative and exciting.

When you visit the number online slots real money South Africa casino, it won’t just be about hitting payline wins.  It will be about:

  • Accumulating special icons within designated periods of play
  • Filling up metres in attempt to snap up instant prizes and progressive jackpots
  • Buying in to bonus features on-demand for an extra fee
  • Competing with other players for a share of largesse
  • Earning individualised payouts based on points awarded during the game

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