Earn 2x points with the Double Comps tab at Springbok Casino! Play top slots for great rewards at the best South Africa casino.

No, you’re not seeing double… Unless that’s double comp points! Springbok is a South African casino that is about as giving as Father Christmas on Christmas morning. Instead of a big red bag filled with prezzies for the boeties and sussies, our green and gold platform is packed with surprises for grown-ups.

That means we’re routinely finding new and inventive ways to incentivise the adults with a bit of free stuff, from us. With that in mind, we have found a new way… and that is with a very unique offering that you won’t find at any other online casino, let alone a South African casino!

Our New & Unique Gaming Category

We don’t just add new games at Springbok… We sommer added a new gaming category! Launch our South African casino in your browser on your mobile or computer, and head over to the casino lobby. What will you find there? How about our “Double Comps” tab!

Wedged in between the New Games, Slots, Table Games, Video Poker – and other gaming categories – our Double Comps section includes a cherrypicked collection of games that you can play to earn double comp points at Springbok Casino.

If you make your way to this awesome section right now, you’ll be greeted by three slots, namely Icy Hot Multi-Game, Sweet 16 Blast!, and Cash Bandits 3. Unlike our other promotions and bonuses that we deliver to your Springbok Casino inbox, our Double Comps slots aren’t going anywhere.

In other words, while some promos and bonuses are only valid for a certain period, this kief new game category is here to stay. There is one thing that might change though… and that would be the actual games that feature under our Double Comps tab.

What are Comp Points?

Now that you've heard about our exciting Double Comp Points tab, let's take a moment to chat about what comp points are and how they work here at Springbok. As we’ve alluded to, comp points are like little rewards we give you just for playing your favourite games with us.

The more you spin those reels or test your luck at the tables, the more comp points you earn. It's our way of saying "Thank you" for choosing Springbok Casino as your go-to South African casino. Except they’re little gifts that keep on giving!

You see, every time you wager real money on our games, you'll accumulate these comp points. Think of them as loyalty tokens, and they add up pretty quickly. Plus, here's the kicker – you can later exchange these points for real cash! It's like getting paid to have fun, and it's exclusive to our South African casino. Now, how cool is that?

Current Double Comps Games at Springbok Casino

Now, let's dive into the juicy details of our current selection of Double Comp Points slots right here at Springbok, your favourite South African casino. We've got three special games under our Double Comps tab that are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

Icy Hot Multi-Game

Prepare to be frozen with excitement as you explore the chilling world of Icy Hot Multi-Game. This slot is more than just cool graphics and frosty visuals – it's a double comp points sensation. Spin the reels in this icy wonderland, and you'll not only enjoy double games… but you’ll also rack up comp points in double-time.

Get ready for an epic arctic adventure like no other, with many twists and turns, exclusively at our sunny South African casino!


Sweet 16 Blast!

Feeling the need for something sweet and sugary? Well, look no further than Sweet 16 Blast! This candy-coated slot is a sugary dream come true, and it's part of our Double Comp Points collection. Indulge your sweet tooth while you spin those reels and earn comp points at double the rate.

It's a sweet deal you won't want to miss, and it's only available right here at Springbok Casino, the ultimate South African casino, for and by South Africans!

Cash Bandits 3

Join the criminal masterminds in Cash Bandits 3 and get ready for a thrilling heist like no other. This action-packed slot is not only entertaining but also rewarding, especially under our Double Comps tab. While you plan your virtual raid, you'll also be pulling off a double comps swoop in record time!

It's a game that keeps you on your toes, and it's one of the many reasons why Springbok is the top South African casino for savvy players like you.

Are Comp Points Worth It?

You might be wondering, are comp points really worth your time at Springbok? Well, the short answer is a reverberating YES! Comp points are a fantastic way for you to get more bang for your buck while playing your favourite games at our South African casino. Here's why they are absolutely and unequivocally worth it…

First and foremost, comp points are like hidden treasures that accumulate as you play. You don't have to go out of your way or perform any additional tasks to earn them – simply enjoy the games you love, and the points will start piling up. It's a hassle-free way to boost your bankroll without even breaking a sweat.

What makes comp points even more enticing is that they're incredibly versatile. You can use them to extend your gaming sessions by redeeming them for bonus funds. So, whether you're a slot enthusiast, a table games fan, or a poker pro, comp points are your ticket to extended playtime and more chances to win big.

Here's the cherry on top – at Springbok, we value your loyalty. The more you play, the higher you'll climb in our loyalty tiers, and the more comp points you'll earn for every wager. This means that the longer you stick around, the more lucrative comp points become.

As you can see, comp points at Springbok Casino are definitely worth your while. They are a hassle-free, versatile, and rewarding way to enhance your gaming experience and get the most out of every spin and bet. It's our way of saying "Thank you" for choosing us as your preferred South African casino. So, don’t stare a gift quagga in the mouth!

Enjoy Double Comps - Only at Springbok South African Casino!

In conclusion, here at Springbok, your go-to South African casino, we're all about giving our players more reasons to smile. Our Double Comp Points tab is just one of the many ways we go the extra mile to make your gaming experience exceptional.

With exclusive games like Icy Hot Multi-Game, Sweet 16 Blast!, and Cash Bandits 3, you can earn comp points at double the rate while enjoying top-notch entertainment. Remember, these exciting Double Comp Points slots are here to stay, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of extra comp points every time you play!

Now, why settle for less when you can double your rewards at Springbok Casino? Spin those reels, chase those wins, and collect comp points like never before – it's all waiting for you right here. Join us today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together, only at Springbok, the best South African casino!