Everyone dreams of making it big don't they? Hitting the online casino jackpot, winning the lotto, being given a six figure salary at work, it could all change your life forever. But what would you do if you suddenly had more money than you could spend? We have a look at the ultimate bucket list, or things to do before you die, if you're loaded.

Build your dream housedream house

Forget buying a house next to your favorite celebrities, in the middle of Los Angeles, if you want to really show off you need to build your dream house! Hire an architect, in fact buy an architect if you want, and give them the most ridiculous of demands. If you want a water slide instead of a staircase, you can have it! If you want a whole room made of chocolate (like Willy Wonka), then you can have it! None of this boring 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom and a swimming pool house in Beverly Hills.

Travel round the World, properly

Traveling round the world seems to make nearly everyone's bucket list, but it is a little bit predictable. If you want to do it properly, then invest in your own transport. It could be a luxurious cruise ship, big enough to take your friends and family. Or a private jet, if you're feeling selfish. You can visit wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to deal with other passengers. Just remember to hire some staff, unless you can fly a plane, or drive a boat yourself!


Invent something

You have the money to do it now, so why not? It doesn't have to be anything that is going to be useful, it just has to have your name all over it. It could be something as simple as a cocktail named after you, or a piece of equipment that will change lives forever. Whatever you decide to invent, make sure it has your name plastered on every single aspect of it. It doesn't matter if it doesn't sell, it's yours!

Open your own casino

If you won the jackpot because of an online casino, or the games in Las Vegas, then why not open up your own casino?! Not only will you begin making money from other people who love to gamble, but you can gamble for free (kind of) whenever you want. You'll never have to worry about losing your money, as you'll get it all back in casino profits. Win-win.

gold carGet stuff coated in gold

Ever wanted a car made completely from gold? No, but you do now! There are so many things that you can have coated in gold, and why not? The only things I wouldn't recommend having coated in gold would be animals, or your family. Everything else is a free for all, so use your imagination and get it done. Can't think of what would look great in gold? Then pay someone to think for you, that's what money is for after all!

What would be on your ultimate bucket list, if money was no object?