Springbok Online Casino = Great U

In this blog article, we’ll continue our series of how Springbok Casino does everything we can to make your user experience as good as it can be.  We introduced the marketing term UX which means user experience to show that throughout the business world companies and individuals are trying to maximize their clients’ or customers’ UX.

At Springbok Casino, we know that we are far more than an online conduit for excellent online casino games.  We always feel that we owe you much more than just great games.

Speed of Change

In the previous article in this series, we spoke about the highway.  This is the supposed path every department in every company is taking to develop and maintain new products and services and to stay ahead of the competition.

In the world of online casinos, the highway is immensely fast and it is getting faster rather than slower.  It is in a sense like the universe itself, relentlessly expanding.  Springbok devotes many person hours to keeping track of developments in the industry.

Even though you might enjoy playing a relatively quiet game in order to relax and unwind, behind the scenes there is furious activity directed at maintaining our casino so that you will continue to get the most entertainment value from gaming at Springbok.

A New Type of Online Casino

For instance, the legal sports betting market in the United States is just opening up in all fifty states after more than 25 years during which only Nevada, the state where Las Vegas is located, had full-fledged legal sports betting.  Of course, the resourceful American people bet on sports illegally; the last best estimate is that in 2017 they bet an amazing $80 billion illegally on sports.

But now sports betting is legal in the US and mostly it goes through land based casinos.  However, there is an opening for an online sportsbook to gain some of this new market.  So, the news is that an established European online sportsbook has partnered with an American casino conglomerate to bring sports betting to the casino’s land based and online casinos.

The question we are asking ourselves is how will Springbok respond to this massive new market?

Intersecting Highways

The point here is that a highway is not necessarily a straight line.  It has its own twists and turns like any real highway.  Two or more highways often intersect.  Sometimes what was just a “road” intersects with a highway and becomes a highway in its own right.

Mobile Gaming

The experience of online casinos with mobile gaming is a perfect case in point.   When mobile gaming first became practical, the technology was not good.  The graphics were poor by the standards that then were the case with desktop casinos.  Game developers were reformatting old games to “fit” onto mobile platforms.

Casinos advertised which mobile platform was compatible with its mobile casino.  But technology drives furiously ahead.  In just a few short years, the technology for mobile was so much better than it had been that many players began playing more often on their mobile devices than at their desktop computer.

Many online casinos missed the significance of this development.  Fortunately, the people who founded Springbok Casino were devoted market observers and had years of hands on experience in the online casino market.  So, we saw both the present state of mobile casinos when we started out and we also saw the enormous future.

Today gaming on a mobile platform is far more popular than gaming on a desktop or laptop computer.  Any casino that failed to begin developing games directly for mobile apps and to make game compatible with all mobile devices, lost out in the early drive to acquire online gamers who from the start would do most of their gaming on their mobile devices.

How Does Springbok Keep Our Focus on Our Gamers?

This is the vital question we have to ask ourselves every day.  We ask ourselves every day for the same reason professional singers practice their scales every day, pianists practice the most basic sequences of chords every day, and athletes practice the basic maneuvers they need to excel at their sport every day.

It is the modern reality ion business and UX in every company and in every profession.  There is a formula of sorts that demonstrates how this works.  The company meets the public at some point between them.  That’s the intersection of the highway we are on and the highway you, our gamers, are on.  Your constant feedback tells us a lot about what makes you happy and what we need to do to keep you happy and—this next part is so important we will put it in bold script—make you happier.

We at Springbok have our own formula for how we pay attention to the feedback we get from you.  We have to pay close attention because otherwise we would not be able to keep you happy much less make you happier.  The formula is that motivation leads to developing the skills needed to stay on the highway which leads to recognizing the needs of the people who have just joined us on the highway—our gamers.


There are many aspects to motivation and in the basically capitalist world we live in motivation is often construed as money.  In other words, there is the tendency to be motivated in order to make a living.  We feel that such uncommitted motivation can be felt by customers so we have always found that our guiding motivation has to be to focus on the customer—you.

The story of Walmart, which South Africans also know something about, is a perfect example of being successful by focusing on customers.  Walmart began in a small corner of one of the smaller states in the U.S.  The first store succeeded because customers knew that every price would be the lowest price they would find anywhere.

Walmart shaved pennies off the price of standard household products like laundry soap and shampoo so customers would know that they could get whatever they needed at the lowest price.  Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, called his employees “associates” from the beginning.  Every employee received training to view every customer as the most important customer he or she would see that day.  And when that customer left the store, the next customer would become the most important customer the associate would see that day.

Sam Walton’s company grew slowly, always focused on the rural customers who were his base.  He sensed that rural customers would deeply appreciate the attention he and every associate gave them and he was right.  By now everyone knows that Walmart has succeeded in urban areas around the world as well as in rural areas.

The success of Walmart came about because of a corporate philosophy that money would follow from good customer relations rather than be the single largest motivating factor toward good customer relations.

We will conclude this series in our next article.