5G Will Power-Up your Online Casino

Online casino gaming has always been technologically driven.  Online, of course, could never exist at all without the technology that gave us the internet.  Since the beginning of the online casino market, online casinos have quickly adapted to new technological innovations. 

One modern example is the improved graphics for the instant play platform.  In the past, players had to download the entire casino to their hard drives.  Now they can play on their browser in instant play.  This is a great convenience for gamers as it allows them to use their hard drive space for any of the myriad other things we all use our computers for.

Graphics have also been the main reason that Springbok mobile casino is such a success.  First, keep in mind that Springbok began operation after the first mobile casinos were introduced and we saw the frustration felt by players who wanted better graphics.  We were fortunate to begin our own operation with much improved graphics and as a result Springbok mobile began as an immediate success and is now the gaming platform of choice for most gamers, most of the time.

5G Technology

All of the above was an introduction to the fantastic new technology clearly on the horizon.   5G technology will revolutionize much of the gaming experience for our players.  The earliest computers were drearily slow as some of you can remember.  We waited and waited.  The same was true of the earliest online casinos. 

Computer speed and therefore online casino speed immediately began improving because the computer industry was itself just getting underway and everyone wanted faster gaming or faster surfing.  The improvements in speed went with the improvements in graphics technology.  Together, they are what made instant play and mobile gaming possible.

5G is coming along in 2019 or at the latest in 2020.  Industry people believe that the introduction of 5G will take place in Canada.  Wherever 5G begins, everyone expects it to take over the digital world like wildfire.  That’s because 5G will be 20 times faster than 4G!  The speed will make all forms of online communication faster. 

Aside from online casinos, which even we at Springbok recognize is a relatively minor side of the earth-shattering change that will occur in communications, 5G will be the springboard for even better technologies.  People are talking about self-driving cars and turning everything into a “smart”.  Smart homes, smart cars, smart communities, and smart factories are just a few of the hundreds, if not thousands, of things that will communicate with us with speed that we didn’t even imagine could exist just a few years ago.

People who pay hundreds of dollars for fast transfer of data will pay mere pennies for faster transfer of information.

Mobile Gaming

It will turn everyone’s smartphone into a genius phone.  We will be able to do everything we now do with our mobile device exponentially faster and we will find that our phones are suddenly equipped to do far more than they do today.  Mobile gaming will become so fast that new games, especially slots, will come to market that play much differently than the best slots play today.

We, at Springbok, say that the difference in the gaming experience after 5G will be similar to the difference in slots between when slots were mechanical three reel games and modern slots which are each a kind of story of its own.

Live Casino Gaming on Mobile

We are working to get ready to introduce our new Live Casino feed using 5G technology.  No company has yet developed the technology that would make a Live Casino feed seem as real as being there but 5G promises to be that technology.   

Live Casino requires the most information or data transfer.  It isn’t like a slot that sits on your browser or computer.  Many developers have tried to create a realistic atmosphere in Live Casino feeds but none has been good enough for us and our gamers.  Even as mobile casino gaming is now the number one platform for online casino gaming, Live Casino is either not available in the mobile app or it is available and gamers don’t choose it.

We are anxiously awaiting the time when we will be able to introduce a Live Casino feed for mobile and desktop that is as fast as being at a land based casino.  We suspect that many gamers who prefer land based casinos because they are so “realistic” will begin to visit our mobile and desktop Live Casino feeds and will become loyal Springbok gamers.  In so many ways, technology is the straw that stirs the online casino gaming “drink”.

A True World Community

One of the few drawbacks of online gaming is that we often play alone.  At Springbok, we emphasize online gaming as a fun activity.  We allow unlimited free play.  We encourage our players to play with their significant others or friends.

5G technology is expected to be able to bring people together from all over the planet.  In that sense, it will unite people in ways that even today, with seemingly instant communication, we can’t bring people together to play.

One Technological Stumbling Block

Imagine the world before electricity in homes and businesses.  Imagine the world before every house had a telephone land line.  Remember the world before digital communication.  In each of these cases, we as a society needed to invest in towers to connect telephones and we needed power lines to bring electricity to everyone.

In his biography of Lyndon Johnson who became President of the United States after John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Robert Caro wrote about the “electrification” of central Texas in the 1930’s.  Lyndon Johnson, the future President, was then a young man.  Electricity was an amazing innovation to the people of central Texas and 5G will be something similar for us.

5G has a short reach.  That means that we will once again have to build many towers to connect us all to 5G technology.  That’s why 5G will begin in large cities.  But it will spread around the world very fast and Springbok gamers will begin to feel the changes in just a matter of time.