Take in all of New Zealand - including its online casino

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably in New Zealand.  There’s a good chance that you’re a tourist in New Zealand or, if you live here, you’re visiting an online casino for the first time.  It may come as a surprise that New Zealand attracts over 3.5 million tourists every year.  Some come from the relatively close Australia or China but many also come from Europe.  Even tiny and far away Israel boasts a relatively large contingent of yearly visitors mostly youthful backpackers trekking the Far East.

So, combining these two factors—tourists or first-time online casino gamers—we will devote this article to two important subjects: How can someone know to choose any given online casino and what off-the-beaten-path attractions are there in New Zealand?  We hope you’ll then understand why so many people in New Zealand and elsewhere say that Springbok is THE online casino for New Zealand.

How to Choose a Casino

Any reputable online casino has to meet several rigorous requirements for keeping players happy:

  • Absolute security and safety
  • A good mix of games
  • State-of-the-art computer graphics
  • Instant play platform
  • 24/7 customer service


Online casino gaming almost always involves sending money to your casino account and withdrawing winnings from the account.  As your money travels through cyberspace, you want assurances from the casino that it is doing everything possible to protect your money.

Springbok uses the most sophisticated encryption software to protect your money.  Encryption means that the communication between your account at the casino and your outside account are encoded in one of a massive number of possible combinations.  It is simply impossible for a third party to decode the communication.


New Zealanders like playing casino games.  Whilst online pokies are still the favourite casino game for Kiwis, native New Zealanders like an eclectic blend of casino games.  So, we offer many variations of blackjack, casino poker, and video poker in addition to the best pokies available from Real Time Gaming, our games provider.

At Springbok, we go a step further than merely offering great games.  We publish tips articles that will help you become better gamers especially in the games that require decisions on every hand.

In addition to helping you play better with strategy articles, we also offer unlimited free play so you can learn about our games at your leisure and at no cost.

Computer Graphics

The grand improvements we have seen in computer graphics are visible at Springbok in three areas.

First, the games that rely on graphics the most are pokies.  The pokies we run from Real Time Gaming exhibit all the best graphics extant at the time.  Great graphics in pokies allow you to experience vicariously many different motifs from ancient cultures like Greece, Rome, and the Aztec Empire to space travel, undersea exploration, and every possible on-land experience.

Second, is the instant play platform which works better than ever because of the amazing improvements in computer graphics in the last few years.

Third, is the quality of our mobile casino.  It’s a simple app and then the graphics take over.  Mobile gaming has never been better and, if you’re a traveler, you’ll enjoy great gaming even if you’re at one of the two off the beaten track attractions we will describe here.

Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools

The Manupirua Hot Springs are a natural wonder of sorts as they are part of cold Lake Potoiti.  You get to the hot pools only by boat.  There are over 100 hot pools around New Zealand but the Manupirua Hoit Springs are certainly the most off the beaten path of them all.

Many people bring their own boats to the lake.  Others come to the hot pools by catamaran or kayak.  However you get there, you’ll be treated well by the staff.  Families love it because there are picnic areas, a water slide for the kids, and plenty of places for the kids to run around.  The café sells hot and cold drinks, hot food, and ice cream, of course.

One of the best features of the hot springs is that they stay open after dark.  A dip in the morning and again in the late evening after dark is a wonderfully unique New Zealand experience.

There are actually five hot pools of different temperatures.  You can get a great deal of pleasure from bathing in the “cool” hot spring as well as in the “hot” hot spring.

Gibbs Farm

This is a sculpture garden like no other in the world.  Although it is only about 50 kilometers from Auckland, most visitors to New Zealand miss this amazing attraction simply because it is “only a sculpture garden”.   The great attraction of these sculptures is that they are of ordinary objects that are oversized and fit perfectly in the landscape in which they were placed.

The sculpture garden overlooks Kaipara Harbour which is a vast but shallow harbour.  The harbour is so big that it fills the entire seascape from the vantage point of the sculpture garden.  Because it is so shallow, low tide exposes a vast area that glistens as it catches the sun.  It is as though the harbour is part of the oversized objects in the sculpture garden.

The harbour is the only “sculpture” that changes as the tide comes in or goes out and as the weather from the west approaches.

Gibbs Farm remains underrated by travel guides since there is so much rugged natural beauty in New Zealand.  People who have visited the sculpture garden uniformly say that it was a life-changing experience.  There are about two dozen unique sculptures.  You have to expect a trip to Gibbs Farm to take the better part of a day.

Springbok and New Zealand

We feel that a short “excursion” in Springbok Online Casino can be a fine adjunct to a wonderful day exploring all of the wonders that New Zealand has to offer from the standard tourist fare to the exotic and out of the way locations.

Even native Kiwis can enjoy an off the beaten track day once in a while and you can all enjoy a short trip to Springbok often.