Exercise Your Brain by Playing Bingo

As the population of all developed countries ages, we have begun to hear about brain games that keep our brains young and supple.  Brain games are said to keep the debilitating diseases of old age away.  For youngsters, the old saw “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has given way to a new old saw for seniors: “A brain game a day makes us happy to play”.

Online casino pokies is a great and fun game as we say as often as we possibly can.  Still, there is one casino game that is the best brain game for seniors of the hundreds of games we offer at Springbok your top online casino for New Zealand: bingo.  We hear you chuckling at the thought that simple ol’ bingo can have restitutive properties that can keep the brains of the growing group of old geezers healthy.  But it’s true as we shall now demonstrate.

Attention Span

It’s a given that as we age, our attention span slows down.  Pokies are a great fun game for many reasons.  Still, pokies are just a wee bit too passive to qualify as a game that can help you retain a youthful attention span.  The fun in pokies is spinning the reels and getting into the storylines.  Both are excellent activities but they do little to enhance one’s attention span.


The flip side of attention span is concentration.  There are many online casino games that directly increase one’s concentration.  One such game is blackjack.  The great appeal of blackjack to gamers of all ages is the challenge to stay focused and make the best play on every hand.  This is true for seniors as well as for young whippersnappers. 

Alas, seniors do get tired faster than youthful gamers so, as good as blackjack is for improving one’s concentration, it does tend to tire seniors.  Bingo keeps seniors alert and ready to hear the next number and to quickly cover their cards.

Staying Focused

This is the third part of the list of a healthy brain’s characteristics along with concentration and attention span.  Bingo is possibly the best game for staying focused because it does the job with very little effort on the part of the gamer.

Longtime bingo players know the cards by heart but the configuration of numbers in every column changes from card to card.  The ability to quickly focus on one’s card and locate the number called is a lot less simple for older gamers as one might think.

Focus and concentration also require listening closely to the numbers as they are called out.  As long as a gamer can hear the numbers clearly, we tend to discount the challenge to hearing them well.  As we age we begin to hear less well.  There are sounds that some older gamers do not differentiate as well as they did when they were young.

Having said all this about one’s hearing, you might conclude that bingo is a tiring game.  The magic of bingo is that it’s the perfect game to maintain concentration, focus, attention, and close hearing with the minimum amount of effort.  Thus, seniors are able to play bingo for long stretches of time.

Hand-eye Coordination

The key element in playing bingo successfully is to cover your cards as quickly as possible and as accurately as possible so as to be ready for the next number.  In its own way, bingo is a fast paced game.  The numbers come as quickly as the players finish covering their cards.  In blackjack, you can take as long as you need to make a decision.  Players generally don’t take a long time to think about any single decision in blackjack or video poker but they do give the decisions some thought.

Bingo has the great advantage of requiring good hand-eye coordination without the necessity to make quick strategy decisions as well.

Online Bingo

Seniors may prefer to play close to home.  If one of a group of seniors has a large screen at home, they can connect the online casino to the big screen and invite their friends for a lively bingo party.  The “house” might provide refreshments but the casino provides the winnings!

Such bingo parties eliminate the need to travel to a bingo hall.  In large metropolitan areas, many bingo halls have closed in recent years but online bingo remains a great offering for seniors and players of all age groups.

Even though an online casino makes very little profit from offering bingo, it also has very little expense in offering it so, why not offer bingo for those aficionados who like their bingo neat?

Other Brain Games

Now, there are quite a few brain games that also help seniors’ brains stay young.  The Sudoku craze shows no sign of waning and seniors can benefit from playing Sudoku in their daily newspaper or online at Sudoku sites.  Sudoku has one serious disadvantage for seniors.  Easy Sudoku is simply too easy and hard Sudoku is great for one game at a time.  Few people can play Sudoku for many hours but bingo has the magic of being good for the health of your brain and remaining fun to play a long time after you’ve started.

Other Casino Games

Online casinos offer hundreds of great games.  Many players love spinning the roulette wheel or the pokies reels.  Many like playing video poker or blackjack.  At an online casino, you can play for free or for very minimal stakes as well as for high roller sums so the games fit all budgets.

We have spoken about the magic of bingo a few times already in this article.  Bingo does have a wonderful sort of magic.  It helps maintain a healthy brain by focusing our attention, improving our attention span, increasing concentration, exercising our hand-eye coordination and still is so much fun to play.  As exercise, it might not replace an hour in the gym.  But bingo is truly the best gaming friend a senior and all his or her friends can have.