Everyone is a combination of several personality types

Everyone has a personality type.  There are many personality types and most people are a combination of at least two if not several.  Interestingly, we can see the personality types in the casino games our players like here at Springbok, the top online casino for New Zealand.

We feature many types of games.  First are the games of pure luck but these games are not all the same. Craps and roulette have many different bets you can make whilst pokies are more about the graphics and the storyline than about a plethora of bets.  Then there are the games that require decisions.  These games appeal to analytical people, people who like solving simple arithmetic problems in their head.

Online Casinos

At a land-based casino, the several different personality types usually spend an entire gaming session at one game only.  That’s because they can’t be sure to get the game back when they return to it.  At an online casino, you never have to worry about getting a game back.  In that way, online casinos are the best place for people who want to see what other people are so excited about.

Introverts and Extroverts

In general, people who prefer playing online casino games are more introverted than extroverted.  That’s because there is an entire social scene at land based casinos.  The biggest social scene you’ll have playing at an online casino is if you have a casino night party on your big television screen or if you play with your partner.

There is, of course, a lot more to being introverted or extroverted than a facile definition.  Some extroverts love working out problems.  They like interacting in a group at work to ferret out the best course to proceed on.  Some introverts also like working in a group but they prefer working in a small group.  Extroverts like playing roulette or craps at land based casinos because there are more people around.  However, many extroverts don’t like to play blackjack because it requires too much analysis for them.

So, if you see yourself as an introvert, you might like poker, video poker, or blackjack and if you’re not particularly analytical, you’ll mostly like to play pokies.  What is interesting here is that many people who play pokies either online or at a land based casino may actually get a lot more fun out of playing other games.  That’s why we said earlier that an online casino is the best place to sample a lot of different games.


This is a trait that everyone needs to cultivate and improve in order to have the most success in work and in life in general.  Many people exude confidence but there is false confidence and true confidence.  In business, people who seem to be demonstrating false confidence often fail to make a sale or finish a complex project well.

How do casino games develop and improve one’s confidence?  There are several ways that playing casino games for real money does that. 


This involves playing for just the exactly correct amount of time.  This is far easier at an online casino than at a land based casino.  Land based casinos have no windows and no clocks.  They do that so people will play longer, eat when they shouldn’t and sleep less than they should.

Self-discipline has several sub-categories.

Money Management

You should set aside a specific amount for your gambling entertainment.  Just as you set aside money for concerts, sporting events, or movies, you need to set aside money for gambling and stick to this sum.  Doing so develops the confidence that you can follow a plan and stay with it.

Once again, this is much easier to do at an online casino because you have so many other things to do aside from casino gaming online.  At a land-based casino, you’ll want to gamble, eat, sleep, maybe see a show, and gamble some more.


The strategy centered personality loves to figure things out on his or her own.   In video poker and blackjack, you can use strategy cards for every hand.  This may lead to a few more wins but it doesn’t build self-confidence.  Self-confidence comes from learning the strategy card for the game you’re playing and then using it in your mind rather than referring to it all the time.  By developing the ability to see the right move in a gaming situation, you’ll be developing that same ability in a more serious situation such as at work or in personal relationships.

A player who began as an introverted gamer with less self-confidence can become less introverted and more intuitive simply by learning to play the decision-oriented games without a strategy card.

Risk Takers

Risk Takers are the people who take up mountain climbing, hand gliding, and the like.  As far as casino games are concerned, the risk takers are usually the people who bet more money than they can afford to bet.  If you are a risk taker in your everyday life, it probably pays to play slow-moving games like bingo.  You need to learn to take risks away from the casino not at the casino.

Risk takers are far better off playing at an online casino for the same reasons indicated above: you have so many other responsibilities that you’ll naturally play at an online casino for less time than you would play if you were at a land based casino.

Careful or Careless

Risk takers are often careless as well.  They love the risk without paying enough attention to being careful.  It’s a lot easier to be careful at an online casino than at a land based casino.  In addition to money management and time management, which are a lot easier online, land based casinos also offer free alcohol and other distractions.

Casino gambling is, of course, a form of risk taking.  But if you see casino gambling as primarily a form of entertainment, you’ll be able to keep the risk taker in you at bay.  Land based casinos sell the entire casino as one giant entertainment which leads many risk takers to gamble too much.  Online casinos have only their games and promotions to sell so it’s much easier to have fun, be entertained, and go on to some other activity that may actually be more important to you.

Online Casinos Enhance Positive Personality Types

It seems that we have just scratched the surface on this subject so we’ll continue next week.  In the meantime, try to find the personality type you show most of the time.