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Since the legalisation of gambling in Nevada in 1934, blackjack games have been increasing in popularity throughout the western world and beyond. It is the main reason many people like to visit a casino be it online, offline or traditional. The roots of the game have been traced to European games such as twenty one and the Australian game, pontoon, but there are many variations across the globe. Free blackjack games let the player to play blackjack and get a feel for the table, so this is something we offer for download. People win real cash playing their blackjack game at our virtual tables and it is not just local skinder, as our users come back time and time again.

This is partially due to the quality of the games we host, but we must take a bit of credit for being awesome to our new visitors and regulars. Those who come to the site are offered a selection of deals that will help them get into the swing of the simple, yet effective, format of our casino downloads and start to win cash fast.

Winning streak

The standard game we offer is what everyone expects of blackjack; our online casino downloads also provide many variations of the game. Pontoon and super blackjack are just two of the options offered to players. Card counting is something that has always been regarded as inappropriate and in the past casino staff have ejected players from the premises if they suspect the gamer has any skills in this field. The fact of the matter is that it is a hard skill to learn and those who can do it using mental calculation and memory can expect around a 2% advantage

We offer tips to give gamers a little insight into the games they are going to play; in addition we also provide a short history of the games. People come to the site and download our blackjack online games with our casino package once they have watched the brief but informative videos that we have put together about the games. Each lasts around 30 seconds and shows the player what they can expect when they come to us to win cash.