Unusual Animal Friendship Day

You probably read some of the heartwarming stories we’ve shared about the unlikely friendships within the animal kingdom. On November 21st we celebrate "Unusual Animal Friendship Day". And this is how!

Abandoned baby rhino Osita was struggling to survive when he met his best animal buddy, goat Bokkie, who taught him how to graze and do all the other things Osita couldn’t learn from his human rescuers. Baby elephant Ellie was rejected by her herd but managed to strike a life-long friendship with Duma, the German shepherd, who’s probably to thank for Ellie still being with us. Baby hippo Owen lost his family when a tsunami hit the beach but found a faithful friend in Mzee, a 130 years old tortoise.

We share these stories with you because we find the support animals give each other, regardless of their species, size and gender, to be both heartwarming and inspirational. They teach us how to be better people and generously give support to those in need. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate the Unusual Animal Friendship Day and be generous to our online friends.

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South Africa’s Number One Online Casino With A Heart

We love the trust and loyalty you have been gracing us with for years. That’s why we strive to keep enriching our wide games portfolio and come up with more and more of the attractive promotional offers. We think of you as members of our extended family, much like the animals we talk about thought about each other.

We’ll celebrate your successes, help you out whenever we can and share with you the stories which make our lives richer, in the hope they’ll do the same for you. Like Osita and Bokkie, Ellie and Duma, Owen and Mzee, we look forward to our friendship lasting for a long, long time.

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