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Aztecs Millions Slots

Casino slots are a strong attraction for many gamers, but the inexperienced newcomer, who is just starting to explore the world of downloadable casino slots online may not see the attraction. The primary pull for many is simply the cash. There are many ways to win and by taking progressive jackpot games the pay-out can be significantly increased. The cost of playing online casino slots with our downloadable games is absolutely minimal and it is totally the prerogative of the player how much cash they want to risk.

Three wheel slots are one of the most popular types of slot machine, partly because the chance of winning is higher than on the five wheels. The old school feel of the three reel slots is what attracts a lot of players and with many variations available, such as “7’s and stripes” and “diamond mine” there is sure to be a format to suit the tastes of first time and experienced gamers alike.

Building the jackpot

Playing our downloadable online casino slot for the first time need not be daunting, as the player does not need to play with real cash. ‘Fun mode’ enables the gamer to sample the slot machine or game of choice in order to find out if it has the features and bonuses required. This is a zero risk way to test the ropes, but the truth is that many people move onto the real games very quickly.

When the win is on online casino slots the games are a lot of fun and the winning amount differ, depending on the type of jackpot pay-out. Some slots have a fixed or “flat top” jackpot, whereas others have a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpots are games in which the real money lies with slots, but with that said there are still some pretty tasty flat top jackpots across our range of three and five wheel machines.

Games that are similar to our downloadable video slots are found in amusements arcades, as are the three and five wheel casino online slots. The difference with video slots lies in the massive array of themes available to play on the video slot format, but the fundamentals of the game are, in essence, identical to the on line casino slots we also offer for download.