Enjoy Super Rugby 2019 with Marvel

SA Rugby, SuperSport, Vodacom and Marvel have all teamed up and gave birth to a ground-breaking collaboration, and as a result each of the South African Vodacom Super Rugby teams will be assigned a Marvel superhero. How awesome is that?! The teams will adopt new looks for the home derbies next season.

This will make the Bulls, the Lions, the Sharks and the Stormers superheroes on the pitch. They will surely look like them, sporting colours associated with Captain America, Spiderman, Black Panther and Thor – some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. According to The Walt Disney Company Africa, character attributes such as stamina, strength, speed, strategy management and agility align perfectly with what SA rugby teams represent and demonstrate on the field.

Emirates Lions team up with Spiderman

Proud and fearless, the Lions are the perfect match for Spidey, one of Marvel’s most charming characters.

This fictional superhero was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko of Marvel, and first appeared in a comic book in the 60s. The story of Peter Parker who becomes the web-shooting masked fighter for justice is a story of rising up while struggling with issues of adolescence, identity, and even finance. Witty and lovable, Spidey surpassed the sidekicks and became a hero on his own.

He was the one to learn that "with great power, there must also come great responsibility" – and that’s something that the South African team identifies with.

Cell C Sharks team up with Black Panther

With the slogan Black and White. Nothing Else Matters.”, the Sharks fit perfectly into the image of the Wakandan hero. Carrying the legacy of the Black Panther warriors, everyone from Lukhanyo Am and Keegan Daniel to Thomas du Toit and Robert du Preez will be wearing exclusive jerseys inspired by King T’Challa, hoping to evoke his near-superhuman strength and agility.

The new Black Panther-inspired Sharks’ jerseys probably won’t have retractable claws, nor will they be made of vibranium weave, but they will be awesome.

Vodacom Bulls team up with Captain America

The Vodacom Bulls will adopt a distinct Marvel look that will bring to life the iconic character of Captain America. Even though the kit designs haven’t been revealed yet, the fans are super excited to see how will they turn out and will the team rise up to the challenge and make the Cap proud.

As people know them today, the Bulls formed in 1997. They have been the most successful South African franchise in Vodacom Super Rugby tournament. They’ve reached the finals three times and won. Now we’re about to see how the Bulls keep up with the honour and spirit of Captain America in an upcoming story on and off the pitch.

DHL Stoermers team up with Thor

The buzz you’ve heard is true – the Stormers will adopt the Thor look in the upcoming Super Rugby competition 2019! It’s only logical that the Stormers’ kit will be emblazoned with the colours of Thor. Son of Odin, God of Thunder and Prince of Asgard, Thor Odinson is a powerful protector of both Earth and his home realm of Asgard. 

Thor wields the mighty hammer Mjölnir as the lord of lightning, uses it to summon rain, thunder, wind and to blast energy beams at his opponents. Will the Stormers squad members inherit some of Thor’s powers through the specially designed kits? We’ll see!