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4 High-Tech Inventions for 2021 – Infinite Electricity for Online Casino Games & More!

Personalised online casino games, levitating light bulbs, and intelligent power generating roadways are a few of the awesome innovations wowing the world.  Yet there more, so much more that technology delivered during 2021!  If you are a tech-head, read on…

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How the Artemis Program is the Answer to Deep Space Exploration

As we know from virtual casino games, crypto currencies and smart devices, anything is possible.  Now, the focus is on the next challenge to human endeavour, exploring outer space… and the Artemis program is the first step to sustainable inter-planetary hops!

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Imagine Launching an Online Casino with a Neural Implant?

Imagine a future where just the thought of playing Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed slots activates your fav online casino?  A time when humanoid robots are doing mundane tasks like hanging out the washing or walking the dog?  Does it seem far-fetched?  Well, not quite…

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What’s the Carbon Footprint of Your Favourite Tipple?

You are hitting the slots at the best online casino South Africa all whilst sipping on your favourite alcoholic beverage.  We don’t give a moment’s thought to the impact that some drinks have on our planet.  This begs the question: is there an environmental cost to your delicious tipple?

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From Online Gambling to Skin Electronics – The Future is Now

Online gambling, e-gaming and e-commerce… what is next on the tech trajectory?  How about e-skin, the fresh frontier in wearable tech?  Economists have pencilled in the skin electronics sector as a potential money spinner – and it is easy to see why.

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