Great odds/no strategy required vs. better odds/lots of strategic decisions to make. What to play at our Angola online casino?

If you want to win money at an Angola online casino you have to find the casino games with the best odds.  In the wonderful world of online gaming the odds are virtually interchangeable with a term we all know and understand and that is ‘probability’.

What you need to determine is not only the game or games with the best odds – but the bets within those games that have the highest statistical probability of winning more frequently than most.

Now that you know exactly what you should be looking for when you visit Springbok Online Casino, let’s get down to the two B’s – baccarat and blackjack.  These are the classics of our casino along with the likes of roulette and poker in all its glorious guises.

Baccarat: The ‘Whales’ Game at Springbok Angola Online Casino 

Play baccarat online and you will be following in the footsteps of the literary legend James Bond.  You will also be in the very best of company as the mega high rollers of Macau – the men who have made so much money at the tables they are known as whales - prefer baccarat over everything else.

Ask casino operators what instils the most fear in their hearts and they will tell you it is the big spenders who jet in for a weekend of baccarat that get the blood pumping and adrenalin flowing.  In terms of risk versus reward there is nothing quite like a whale on the hunt!

Why do professional gamblers and literary spies like the idea of playing baccarat at a top-rated Angola online casino such as ours?  Well as you have probably guessed it is the favourable odds that have them coming back again and again.

How the Odds, Pays and Probability of Baccarat Stack Up   

How do the odds and bet-aligned probability stack up in baccarat?  As you probably already know there are only three bets you can make when you play baccarat at Springbok Angola Online Casino and they are:

  • The player’s bet which pays 1:1, has odds of 1,24 percent and a 44,62 percent probability of winning
  • The banker’s bet which pays even money less 5 percent commission, has odds of 1.06 percent and a 54,14 percent chance of winning
  • The tie bet which pays 9:1, has odds of over 5 percent and a 9,53 percent probability of winning

With odds like those why would anybody not want to play baccarat at our Angola online casino?  With the player’s and banker’s bets you have virtually got a 50/50 chance of winning every hand – or coup as they say in baccarat.

Exploit a Pure Game of Chance  

Granted you only win even money but if you win consistently – as you should – you can build a formidable bankroll over a few hours gambling online.  How do the men from Macau generate a whale of win?  They wager huge amounts of money and usually on the banker’s bet.

The other reason baccarat is such a popular choice at all casinos - including Springbok of course - is because it is a pure game of chance.  The results are entirely random and there is no way anyone can influence the odds.  

With baccarat there are no complex decisions to make or optimal strategies to learn.  All you have to do is choose the size of your wager and which option you want to bet on… and away you go!

How Does Blackjack Compare in Terms of Odds and Probability? 

The RTG Blackjack you can play at Springbok Angola Online Casino has odds of 0,63 percent and a return to player of 99,37 percent.  ‘Wow’ I can hear you say - those odds are better than the banker’s bet in baccarat.

That is undeniably true but unlike baccarat where there are only three possible outcomes - none of which can be influenced by you the player - blackjack is a complex casino game that can be won or lost by the decisions you make.

Think about it… with every hand of blackjack you play you have to decide whether to hit or stand and maybe split or double down at least once.  That decision is not only based on the cards in your hand but on the dealer’s up card.

Although a natural blackjack – a ten value card and an ace – does pay out 3:2, the more frequent wins are the hands that beat the dealer’s without going bust.  They pay out even money which is exactly equitable to what the banker’s and player’s bets pay in baccarat.

An Optimal Strategy Required to Win at Blackjack 

If you really want to capitalise on the favourable odds that blackjack provides it is essential to learn how to play the game the best way you can. 

To do that you have to memorise a basic blackjack strategy that essentially tells you when to hit, stand, double down or split based on the full range of possible card combinations.

Fortunately, when you gamble online at our Angola online casino there is no-one around to watch your every move.  That means you can download the basic blackjack strategy from the internet, print it out and refer to it as you play the game. 

A more respectable way to play blackjack online is to practice your optimal strategy in the fun mode.  At Springbok Casino you can enjoy the highs and lows of all our casino games in the free play mode - and that includes baccarat and blackjack.

Are There Wads of ZAR Destined for Your Springbok Casino Account?

Once you are more familiar with the finer nuances of the games you can level up to real money betting with a click of a button or swish of a tab.  Who knows there may be wads of ZAR destined for your Springbok Casino account!

Whether you opt to play baccarat or blackjack at the best Angola online casino the odds are firmly in your favour - it’s just a matter of how much effort you are prepared to put in to maximise your win rate.

If your mission is to find the odds at an Angola online casino, sign up at Springbok and swing into gamble mode right here and right now!