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Craps is one of those online games that may seem really simple but has a habit of leaving players – especially new players – completely mystified.  It’s not the mechanics or the rules of the game that get people into a bit of a twist.  It is the sheer number of bets that leave folk like you and I scratching our heads.

The truth is that once you have got the hang of it, craps is a seriously good gambling prospect.  It along with a few other classic online games from the casino offers nice favourable odds for frequent wins, all driven by a few low edge bets.

For obvious reasons these bets are known and loved by seasoned online games aficionados as the best darn bets around!

Before we get into the bets that you really should lean towards every time you roll the dice at Springbok Casino, here is a quick refresher course of the rules of the game.

The Rules of Online Craps at Springbok Casino   

As with all online games your objective is to predict the roll of the dice and to wager hard cash on your prediction.  Before you hit the roll button you must select one or more chips and place them on the betting layout.

At this stage of the game you can only bet on two areas – the pass line and don’t pass pockets.  The RTG gaming software at Springbok Casino will not allow access to any other areas so you really can’t make a mistake.

Once the bets are down, all you have to do is hit the roll button to activate the come-out roll which, for all intents and purposes, is the first roil of the dice in that particular round.  If you roll a 7 or 11 you can roll again. Rolling 2, 3 or 12 ends the round.

If you roll any other number – 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 – the button on the upper left corner of the layout turns from off to on to indicate the point has been rolled.  

After the point has been established you continue rolling until you hit the point – in which case you roll again – or 7 when the game ends.  Fairly straightforward once you get the hang of it!

Popular Craps Bet Types 

Now to the bet types.  The easiest way to explain what’s what in this prince of online games, is to list the most popular betting options and provide a brief explanation of each.  Here goes:

Pass line bet – wins if the come-out roll is 7 or 11 and loses on 2, 3 or 12.  Any other value is known as the point.  If the point is rolled, the bet wins.  If the value equals 7 the bet loses. 

Don’t pass bet – wins if the come-out roll is 2 or 3 and loses on 7 or 11.  When the value is 12 the bet is a push and the round ends.  If the point is established and is rolled again, the bet loses. When 7 is achieved the bet wins. 

The pass line and don’t pass bets pay even money, as do the next options on our list – the come and don’t come bets.  These wagers can only be made once the point has been achieved.

Come bet – wins if the first roll after the point is 7 or 11 and loses on 2, 3 or 12.  If any other value is rolled it is known as the point for the come bet.  As with the pass bet, you win if the point is rolled again and lose on a 7.

Don’t come bet – is exactly the same as the don’t pass bet.  You lose on 7 or 11 and win on 2 or 3.  Any other value is the point and you win on 7 and lose when the point is rolled again.

Odds bets – can only be made once the point has been determined.  They are basically extensions of the pass, don’t pass, come and don’t come bets.  These bets win and lose on the point and 7 exactly like their respective namesakes but pay out at much richer odds based on the value of the point.

Place win bets – are made after the come-out roll and once the point is established.  Bets can be placed on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.  If the number you have wagered on is rolled before the 7, you are paid out at odds of up to 9:5.

Place lose bets – are the opposite of place win bets.  That means you will win the bet if 7 is rolled before the number you have bet on.  Payouts range from 4:5 to 5:11.

That’s not where the online games betting conundrum ends in craps.  You will also find buy bets, lay bets, Big 6 and Big 8 bets and hardware bets.  

The Best Craps Bets for the Biggest Payouts Revealed 

As we have promised to reveal the best craps bets in terms of potential payout rate, the winners are… the pass line and don’t pass bets! 

If you are wondering why these bets are the best, it is all about the house edge – which is the key to all the online games at the casino.  When there is a low edge, there is a high probability you will win the bet!

In statistical terms, the don’t pass bet has a house edge of just 1,36 percent.  The pass line bet comes in a tight second with a very respectable 1,41 percent advantage to the casino. 

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Craps is undeniably one of the most lucrative online games at Springbok Online Casino, provided you know exactly how to exploit that edge!  Stick to the best bets and you’ll be on your way to beating the odds, time and time again.

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