Play Caribbean Holdem at Springbok Online Casino South Africa – exploit multiple pays, a progressive side bet & low edge!

There is nothing more exhilarating than hitting a paying poker hand but when it happens to be higher than a full house, that is when the corks start popping and the champagne starts flowing.  At the best online casino South Africa, we feature a suite of online pokers that offer the promise of a major payday. 

In this article we weigh up Tri Card Poker against the biggest daddy of them all and that of course is Caribbean Holdem – home to the flop, turn and river.  What these games share is much more than ante bets and hand rankings.  Along with the basic rules, there are optional side bets scripted into the action and that is where the mega money prizes lie.  

There are of course also glaring differences between the two games, one of which is the rather obvious fact that Tri Card Poker pays on winning three-card poker hands while Caribbean Holdem is a five-card game.  In essence we focus on the side bets so that you can make a more informed decision when you have that insatiable appetite for playing online poker right here are Springbok Online Casino South Africa. 

We also take a quick look at the statistical edge that the casino has in both these variations of the classic card game of poker.  Before we get into the money side of things, however, let’s take a brief look at the respective games. 

Tri Card Poker Payouts  

Owing to the fact that your task in Tri Card Poker is to create a paying three-card poker hand, the ante payouts are limited to just 3:1 for a straight flush, 2:1 for three of a kind and 1:1 for a straight.  Any other hand that beats that of the dealer is paid even money.  That is the sum total of what you can win in the base game.

The Ante and Raise Bets 

As far at the bets are concerned, there are three options on the table - the ante bet, the raise bet and the optional Pair Plus side bet.  The ante bet is the initial bet placed to get the game rolling.  The raise bet, which is equal in value to the ante bet, is automatically activated when you hit the raise button.  You obviously only do that when you think you have a better three-card poker hand than that of the dealer.  Otherwise you fold. 

Caribbean Holdem Payouts 

Right, now to the mechanics of Caribbean Holdem – the undisputed king of pokers at Springbok Online Casino South Africa.  In this game your objective is the make the best paying poker hand using the two cards you are dealt, the three community cards on the table - the cards famously known as the flop - and the two additional community cards that are dealt on the call.

As you have seven cards at your disposal to create a winning five-card poker hand, payouts range from 100:1 for a royal flush to even money for a high card through to a straight.  The other big payers are 20:1 for a straight flush, 10:1 for four of a kind and 3:1 and 2:1 for a full house and flush, respectively.

The Ante and Call Bets 

When it comes to the bets, the ante is the opening wager.  Once you have assessed your cards against the three community cards, you can make a call bet valued at double the ante by hitting the call button.  When that happens the turn and river are dealt, the hands are compared and the best five-card poker hand wins.

 In this poker game you obviously also have the option to fold rather than call – and that is what you must do when you feel that your cards have no hope of winning.  As you can see, there are plenty of similarities when it comes to the game play in Caribbean Holdem vs Tri Card Poker.  How about the side bets?

The Side Bets Compared  

As we have already mentioned, there are optional side bets to hype things up.  In Tri Card Poker you can place the Pair Plus bet and unlock bonus payouts of up to 35:1 for a straight flush.  The side bet in this case matches that of the ante.

Load Caribbean Holdem onto your PC or phone, click the progressive skull and crossbones icon on the table simultaneously to the ante bet and you can win up to R400,000 for a royal flush.  In this case the side bet is charged at a flat fee of R8 notwithstanding the value of the ante bet.

Here is what you can win at Springbok Online Casino South Africa with the respective side bets in play:

Tri Card Poker Pair Plus

Caribbean Holdem Progressive

Straight Flush


Royal Flush

100% capped at R400,000

Three of a Kind


Straight Flush




Four of a Kind




Full House






The Respective House Edge

Now to the number crunching… and by that we mean the statistical advantage to the house.  In the case of Tri Card poker, the advantage to the house is 4,28% compared to just 3,06% on Caribbean Holdem – and a percentage, and then some, is quite significant in this instance.

That in itself tells a story – and that is simply the fact that Caribbean Holdem is the clear winner when it comes to the average return to player.  On that score the king of the Caribbean pays back an average of R9,69 in every R10 wagered on Caribbean Holdem at Springbok Online Casino.  Conversely, Tri Card Poker pays R9,57 in every R10! 

As we are talking about historical averages here, it does not mean you will win anywhere near that margin every time you ante up at our star rated online casino South Africa.  It is simply an indication that you can bank rands and cents more frequently when you play Caribbean Holdem Poker over Tri Card Poker at Springbok Online Casino South Africa.

The only way you can really determine which of the side bet pokers are for you, is to give them a go.  You will find you can play all our RTG casino games in the fun mode and that is the perfect way to test your betting tactics and fine tune your strategy.  Go on, sign up and become part of a growing community of gamblers who have chosen Springbok Online Casino South Africa as their number one remote gambling platform!