Adopt our baccarat betting systems, have fun – and win money at Springbok Online Casino South Africa too!

When you play baccarat at the online casino South Africa, luck is the ultimate leveller.  What that of course means is there is no silver bullet capable of lowering the house edge.  Having said that, there are ways and means of injecting plenty of adrenalin-inducing fun into what is statistically a game of chance.  If you want to bust the myth that the banker bet always wins, check out these baccarat betting systems…

How to Play Baccarat the #1 Online Casino South Africa  

Before we get into tactics, here is a quick refresher course on how to play baccarat at Springbok Casino.  It is a simple comparing card game between the banker and the player, with the tie sandwiched in between.  Your objective is to the bet on the hand you think will have the closest value to nine.  

You can also bet on the tie and if you happen to be correct on that score, you will scoop up winnings paid out at heady odds of 9 to 1.  Winning banker and player bets pay out even money. 

Calculating the respective hand values is where things can get a bit complex.  Why?  In baccarat, convention is turned on its head.  In this casino card game popularised by none other than Bond, James Bond, aces count as one and tens and face cards count as zero, nada or nothing.  Only the cards ranging from two to nine reflect their face value.  Right, now back to how to play baccarat at our top ranked online casino South Africa. 

Once you have selected your chip value and placed your bet on either the banker bet, the player bet or the tie, the round starts with two cards dealt to each of the banker and dealer boxes on the layout.  At that point the software automatically calculates the value of the hands.  If either hand has a value of eight or nine, it is deemed a natural and the bet wins.   If neither hand is a natural, a third card is dealt to each hand and the one with the highest point value wins. 

Determining the Edge of the Respective Bets in Baccarat 

An important element to consider when playing any game at our online casino South Africa is the edge.  Most casino games only have one universally applied statistical edge.  In the case of baccarat, the edge or advantage to the house is calculated per bet:

  • Banker bet - 1.06%
  • Player bet - 1.24%
  • Tie - 4.98%

What the respective edges essentially tell us is the banker bet is theoretically the best bet to make and the tie bet the worst.  There is, however, a twist in the tail...  When you bet on the banker and that hand wins, 5% commission is automatically deducted from the winnings. 

In essence, there is very little to separate the banker and player bet when it comes to the built-in advantage to the house.  The same sentiment applies to your chances of winning money on either bet at Springbok Casino.

We have determined the respective edges on all three bets.  We have also come to the conclusion that both the player and banker bets have an almost equal chance of winning - hence the exact same 1 to 1 payout odds.  How about the baccarat betting systems?  How can they maximise the payout rate?  In reality, they can’t… but they can make playing baccarat at the best online casino South Africa a lot more interesting!

The Biased Baccarat Betting System 

As the name suggests, this system is based on betting on either the player or the banker.  Before you get going it is important to have an achievable goal in mind, like generating R10 or R20 in clear profit.  The idea is to bet on your chosen hand consistently until you reach your goal or have lost three bets in a row.  In the case of the former outcome, the system dictates you take your winnings and shut down Springbok Casino for the day. 

When it happens to be the latter outcome, however, and you are on a three-bet losing streak, it is time to double the value of the wager and keep betting on the original hand.  Then it is simply a matter of following the biased baccarat betting system until you hit your target or double down again after a three-bet losing streak. 

The key to this betting system is chip size.   As the odds of doubling down on more than one occasion are high, the smart tactic is to start betting with the lowest available denomination and systematically work your way up.

The Dual-Hand Switch Betting System  

In this baccarat betting system, you don’t double down after a three-bet losing streak but switch allegiances to the opposing bet instead.  In other words, you start off betting on either the player or the banker with the aim of achieving your goal - which may or may not be the same one you set in the biased betting system. 

The moment you have lost three consecutive bets playing baccarat at our online casino South Africa, you change the wager to the other hand.  You continue in this vane until you reach your goal or have run out of energy, money or both! 

Sign Up and Enjoy the Features of a Top Ranked Online Casino South Africa 

At this point it is important to mention that it is always best practice to set a bankroll limit!  Once you have reached that limit, it is time to take the losses on the chin and move on.  Our baccarat betting systems are not meant to be infallible - they are meant to be fun… so sign up at Springbok Casino and enjoy all the features that you would expect from the best online casino South Africa. 

What are the standout features at Springbok Online Casino South Africa?  A great selection of cross-category casino games, low playthrough casino bonuses, user-friendly banking methods and customer support services that are always available 24/7!