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What is the greatest rivalry in world rugby?  The All Blacks vs the Springboks.  At Springbok Casino we can’t throw dummies or beat you to the break down but we can reveal the best blackjack for All Blacks.  As a supporter of our Kiwi online casino, why not emulate the high-risk running rugby of the 3x world champs!

Brute Strength vs Wizardry and Magic 

What makes All Blacks rugby so exciting?  Besides playing an attacking style that relies on the individual speed and brilliance of the backline, it is the creativity, quick thinking and slick passes that elevate the Kiwis to the top.  Where the Springboks thrive on structure and forward dominance, the All Blacks step, dance and jive their way out of trouble… and invariably over the try line.

 In the most basic sense, it is strategy and brute strength versus wizardry and magic.  When the two worlds collide, the global audience waits, watches and licks their collective lips in breathless anticipation.

Blackjack Games that Match the Respective Team Profiles 

Statistically the All Blacks and Springboks may be perfectly matched with three World Cup titles apiece but they are worlds apart in stature and style.  With that in mind let’s take a look at the kind of online casino games that fit their respective profiles.  In this article we focus firmly on the blackjack games that you can play right now at Springbok Online Casino NZ.  What type of blackjack do the Kiwis prefer?

All Blacks Play High Risk Blackjack  

Judging by their performances on the field, the All Blacks are the high-risk high-reward kind of guys.  They are known and feared for launching attacks from behind their own try line.  When they do find the space - due to their pace and funky footwork they almost always do - the New Zealanders are difficult to stop. 

Theoretically, it is not a strategy lesser teams would necessarily adopt.  Why?  Because the probability of fluffing a move like that is high… hence the risk aspect.  What are the blackjack games at our Kiwi online casino that carry more risk than most?  The games with the optional side bets of course.

Suit Em Up Blackjack

Suit Em Up Blackjack has all the ingredients required for action-packed gambling sessions online.  Besides the conventional 3:2 and 2:1 payouts generated by a natural blackjack and win respectively, this variation of the game offers four bonus pays.  Although the reward for hitting suited cards in the initial two-card deal is tantalisingly high, the risk is obviously mirrored by the odds. 

As a regular at our Kiwi online casino you will be aware that the higher the odds, the less chance there is of a particular outcome occurring.  Most players who know a thing or two about gambling would opt for the high probability bets - the bets that have the lowest advantage to the house.  The gambling equivalents of the mighty All Blacks however take a decidedly different view… and that is to go for the bets with the richest odds. 

Suit Em Up Side Bet Payouts 

What are the real money rewards linked to the Suit Em Up side bet at the #1 Kiwi online casino?  Awesome odds that to the naked eye look very much like the kinds of score-lines you will find in one-sided match-ups against the All Blacks:

  • 60:1 for suited aces
  • 10:1 for a suited blackjack
  • 3:2 for a suited pair
  • 2:1 for any other suited cards

Perfect Pairs Pay Out the Big Bucks Too 

Suit Em Up is one of two side bet blackjack games tailor made for the All Blacks.  The other equally enticing variant is Blackjack with Perfect Pairs.  In this iteration of the game, suited pairs pay out at odds of 25:1, coloured pairs at 12:1 and any other pair at 6:1.  As with Suit Em Up Blackjack, the value of the side bet is equivalent to that of the original wager.

Drop the Ball and the Edge is Deadly 

What happens when the All Blacks drop the ball?  Believe it or not that does happen occasionally.  When the opposing team is of the calibre of the Springboks, it usually means try time.  That is what happens when you play high risk rugby and the same sentiment applies to side bet blackjack.  When you hit a winner, the number of credits in your Kiwi online casino account soars.  

As with all good things in life there is a counterbalance and the counterbalance in this case is the edge or the advantage to the house.  In side bet blackjack the edge rises from the 0.54% ascribed to the standard blackjack component of the game to as high as 9.41%.  If you do not have the skills and self-belief of the All Blacks, that kind of discrepancy can be seriously intimidating.

Springboks Play Low Edge Blackjack  

We know the All Blacks thrive on risk.  How about the Springboks?  What kind of blackjack is best suited to their game?  Rugby pundits will tell you that the Springboks like to grind out wins.  They are tough, attritional and do all the basics incredibly well - from scrums and lineouts to kicking for goal and touch.  Technically the Springboks are excellent but critics claim they lack a certain x-factor. 

No Side Bet Strategy Required 

In terms of the games available at our Kiwi online casino, it is the standard blackjack games that are best suited to the Springboks.  Games like Blackjack and European Blackjack have edges of just 0.54% and 0.63% respectively.  In these online casino games, there are no high-risk side bets to consider as part of the strategy and no mega money payouts.  It is pure blackjack at its very best!  

The next time you watch an international fixture between the All Blacks and Springboks take the time to appreciate the different styles of rugby both teams bring to fray.  Sometimes it is the wizardry that wins the day.  Other times it is the relentless tackling, bullying up front and accuracy of the kicks that pays off!

At Springbok Kiwi online casino, we take an unbiased approach to rugby.  We also welcome players from both New Zealand and South Africa.  Why not sign up, settle in and play the blackjack games that mimic the style and finesse of your rugby heroes!