Speed, simplicity and player centric stats – that’s why New Zealanders love to play blackjack at our Kiwi online casino!

What defines a New Zealander?  Friendliness, humility and love of the land.  That is in the cultural sense.  When it comes to gambling at the Kiwi online casino, speed, immediate gratification, simplicity and favourable statistics are what drive Maoris and Pakeha to play, play and play.  What casino game best suits Kiwi requirements?  Here is a hint… it isn’t pokies.  So, what is it?

Pokies May Provide the Chill Factor but Blackjack is Best 

We all know Kiwis have a particular fondness for pokies.  Quite why the big fellas in particular are enraptured by the reels is anyone’s guess.  It may have to do with the fact that playing pokies isn’t the most cerebral of activities.  That is not to say folk in NZ aren’t smart, innovative and thoughtful… they are. 

When, however, it comes to kicking back and chilling out and doing what all good New Zealanders do - and that is winning tons of money at Springbok Kiwi online casino - then flexing the grey matter may not be high on the agenda.  With that in mind, let’s get back to the crux of the article and that is why New Zealanders love to play blackjack. 

The Blackjack Tempo Equates to Speed 

Speed is in the Kiwis’ genetic DNA.  Combined with alcohol and drugs, speed is one of the leading causes of car accidents in NZ.  It is also a key ingredient in the awesome try-scoring success of All Black winger Joe Rokococo. Bruce Anstey had it, Brendon Hartley has it and Daniel Hunter, Hayley Palmer and Helena Gasson are water-borne speedsters in their own right.  

Speed is one of the standout features of blackjack.  In fact, it has the kind of tempo that is hard to match anywhere else at Springbok Online Casino… apart from our RTG pokies of course.  Game rounds last for less than a minute and that means players in NZ can fit more real money action into one or two hours of play. 

Blackjack On-Demand at the Kiwi Online Casino  

We all live in an immediate gratification kind of world.  News is streamed in real-time to our devices.  Window shopping means staring at the screen and hitting the Buy Now tab.  Saving is reserved for rescuing puppies and critically endangered Rowi rather than putting money aside for a rainy day.  The mantra synonymous with the new age is ‘we want it and we want it now’.  

The beauty of blackjack is the fact that it is consistently available on-demand.  You can load the best Kiwi online casino onto your PC, tablet or phone, click on the Table Games icon and bury your head into high hit rate blackjack … whenever you want and where ever you are. 

You can shut the game down for the day and return the next and review the rules and game history without raising more than a fingertip.  Blackjack is the online casino equivalent of immediate gratification and we are chuffed to be able to offer our Kiwi patrons exactly that!

Blackjack is Simplicity in Motion at Springbok Online Casino  

Let’s face it, gambling is a form of entertainment.  Unless you are a pro who gambles for a living, the last thing you want is to play a confounding or complex kind of casino game.  We will leave that to the enthusiasts of Omaha, Hold’em and contract bridge.  When Kiwis play blackjack online, all that is required is one or two quick decisions based on the cards on the table and those in the hand. 

Similarly, the privacy afforded by our Kiwi online casino means that you don’t have to memorise the basic blackjack strategy.  Hang, you can download it from the internet, print it out and have it right next to you as a reference - and a cash-generating on at that!  What that of course means is blackjack is simplicity in motion.  You can suck on a brew, chomp on a peanut slab and give your partner a squeeze as you hit, double or stand en route to what is hopefully 21!

Edge and RTP are Favourable Player-Centric Blackjack Statistics 

New Zealanders love statistics that favour them - be it the score line between the All Blacks and the British Lions or the unbelievably low COVID-19 infection rate.  When it comes to blackjack there are two data points that are destined to delight gamblers in Auckland, Wellington, Akaroa and Wanaka. 

What are we talking about?  The house edge and its counterweight, the payout rate or average return to player (RTP).  As a category blackjack has one of the lowest edges at the online casino.  The stats obviously fluctuate according to blackjack variant.  

That begs the question; what are the best blackjacks to play at our star rated Kiwi online casino?  In the interest of continuity, we have kept it simple and featured the info in tabular form so that you can get onto the right track from the get-go… and without having to engage too much of the brain:


House Edge 

Payout Rate 




Perfect Pairs Blackjack  






Match Play 21 



Face Up 21 



Super 21 



Sign Up and Join the Blackjack Revolution 

We have gone through the key attributes of the Kiwi gambler and how they pertain to one of the online casino games preferred by New Zealanders.  All that is left for you to do is follow you compatriots on their best loved blackjack journey by signing up at Springbok Casino - the #1 Kiwi online casino by popular vote!