Play Match Play 21 bonus blackjack at the best online casino South Africa – it’s #1 in terms of odds, edge & payout rate!

What is the big deal about bonus blackjack?  Truth be told, it is basically 21 on steroids… and that means there is more money to be won right here at the top ranked online casino South Africa.  The problem lies with finding the best bonus blackjack in terms of all the stuff that really counts – odds, edge and payout rate. 

Which Game Will Win the Statistical Toe-to-Toe?  

How do Match Play 21 and Super 21 stack up in the statistical toe-to-toe?  Here is a rundown of the facts, figures and fabulously generous bonus hands that are part of the respective bonus blackjack games at Springbok Casino.

Before we get into exactly how the games deviate, let’s focus on the similarities – the key features that ensure they fit squarely into the blackjack genre.  In both instances, the following applies:

  • the dealer stands on soft 17
  • you can double down once whenever you fancy
  • you can surrender at any time
  • insurance pays at odds of 2:1

That’s a pretty short list as that is basically all the games have in common in the end. 

Handicaps as Counterweights to Bonus Hands

Thereafter it’s a bit of toss-up when it comes to rating the respective handicaps – and believe you me there are handicaps as counterweights to the bonus hands.  When you play Match 21 at the number one online casino South Africa, the odds of hitting a two-card blackjack are lengthened by the fact that all the tens have been stripped from the deck.  What!  No tens?

Choose to play Super 21 instead and the traditional 3:2 payout for a two-card blackjack slumps to even money.  That is basically getting your stake back with a thin sprinkling of sugar.  How do the games compensate for the trimmed deck and reduced winnings?  That would be with the bonus hands, of course!

Compare the Odds at the Best Online Casino South Africa 

The only way to fully appreciate exactly what’s at stake when you play our best-ever bonus blackjacks at Springbok Casino is to compare the odds.

Match Play 21 Bonus Odds 

Match Play 21


Seven Card 21


7-7-7 of Spades


6-7-8 of Spades


Suited 7-7-7


Suited 6-7-8


Six Card 21


Any 7-7-7


Any 6-7-8


Five Card 21



What is Match Play 21?  It’s a hand containing three 7s of the same suit, together with a 7 as the dealer’s up card.  Hitting that combination of cards is obviously a tough ask and it is therefore one that is duly compensated by the 40:1 odds.

Super 21 Bonus Odds 

Diamond Blackjack


Five Card 21


Six Card 21


Six Cards



What do the odds mean?  They are a reflection of the implied probability of an event or outcome actually occurring.  The easiest way of understanding the odds is to calculate the probability. 

Odds and Implied Probability

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to whip out your calculator or get into the finer details of some or other complex formula.   At Springbok Casino, we like to keep our players informed – so here is a quick breakdown of the odds and their implied probability. 











Match Play 21 Wins the Odds Bout 

The key question you have to ask yourself is which of the games has the best odds?  We know that blackjack pays 3:2 in Match Play 21 compared to even money in Super 21.  We also know that there are three other combos that pay out at the same 3:2 odds – the odds that have a 40% chance of occurring.

When it boils down to the odds and the probability of winning a few rand gambling at the online casino South Africa, Match Play 21 is arguably the better bet.  Factor in the sumptuous odds for the rare though imminently achievable top pay and there is plenty to play for when you load Matchplay 21 onto your PC or phone.

House Edge and Payout Rate 

Now to that all-important statistic; the house edge and its direct opposite the payout rate or average return to player (RTP).  What these stats essentially reveal is the portion of all the bets that is retained by Springbok Casino as profit and that which is paid out to players over time.

Here is a quick comparison of the edge and RTP of the respective bonus blackjacks featured at our online casino South Africa:


House Edge 


Match Play 21



Super 21



The Edge Goes to Match Play 21! 

When you see the figures like that in black and white there is no room for ambiguity.  When it comes to the edge and potential payout rate Match Play 21 is well ahead.  That is strike two for the Springbok Casino game that has sevens at its core!

Which Game Wins the Battle of the Bonus Blackjacks? 

Statistics never lie.  In this case the evidence points to only one conclusion – Match Play 21 is the bonus blackjack king.  That does not mean that Super 21 should be avoided at all cost.  Quite to the contrary. 

When compared to many of the other games featured at Springbok online casino South Africa, Super 21 and all the other games that belong to the blackjack genre has one of the lowest advantages to the house… and that is great news for players!

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