Women love to play blackjack at the #1 online casino South Africa – losses are smaller and decision-making is smarter!

Who are the best blackjack players at an online casino South Africa?  Men or women?  If the answer is based on the inductees to the Blackjack Hall of Fame, it is the guys who dominate.  When it comes to gambling on the internet, things start looking up for the fairer gender… and here’s why!

Women Don’t Play Games of Skill? Wrong…  

There is a common misconception that women don’t like to play games of skill – at Springbok Casino or anywhere else for that matter.  This misconception includes that females are not aggressive enough to bluster, bluff and finesse their way to a win, and that they're probably best suited for slots.  Wrong, as the truth is that it's actually quite the contrary…  Have you seen a woman in a rage?  Now imagine putting that kind of energy into a tactical game!

The Gambling Glass Ceiling 

What is arguably more accurate is that for more years than we can remember, women haven’t necessarily been given equal status in the workplace, on the sports field and at the green felt tables in the casino.  Take the Blackjack Hall of Fame for instance.  It ostensibly features the best blackjack players and aficionados in the world – and has done since 2002. 

Not One Female Blackjack Hall of Famer  

Guess what?  There is not one female inductee who has made the grade and all 25 Hall of Famers are men.  How is that possible?  If we adopted that kind of gender disparity at the online casino South Africa, we wouldn’t have many players at all!

What is really telling is there are at least two female blackjack players who deserve to be in the Blackjack Hall of Fame – Cat Hulbert and Maria ‘The Greek’.  Both have had incredible professional careers.  Hulbert is openly recognised as one of the smartest card players on the planet. 

Maria is the only female who has ever won the title of the ‘World’s Greatest Blackjack Player’ – yet neither one of them will be remembered for perpetuity.  That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

How Do Women Fair at the Online Casino South Africa? 

That is in the ambit of professional blackjack played at land-based casinos.  How do the ladies stack up in terms of proficiency at the online casino South Africa?  By all accounts, women are proving to be more adept at beating the machine.  The question is how and why?

Calculated Decision Makers 

Well first off, women like to make calculated decisions – and that strategy works perfectly at the likes of Springbok online casino South Africa.  Why?  When you play blackjack online, it is essentially you up against the automatic dealer. 

There are no other players in the picture – and that means you can play the game at your own pace.  When it comes to making the decision to hit, stand, split or double down, the slower the pace, the better – and that suits the ladies to a tee!

Better Bankroll Management Skills

Secondly, women are more careful with their bankroll.  They deposit smaller amounts of money at the online casino South Africa.  What is more, they instinctively and perhaps intuitively know when it is time to cash in and quit. 

Men, on the other hand, are more inclined to have large bankrolls.  They are also more likely to chase their losses – and we all know how that usually ends.   That of course means, on average, women lose a lot less money than men… and that is how to play blackjack online at Springbok Casino!

Mobile Multitaskers 

Thirdly, women are great multi-taskers who prefer to play casino games on their smartphones or tablets.  The beauty of the RTG blackjack featured at the number one online casino South Africa is it is intentionally built for the small screen. 

The gaming buttons are extra-large, the playing area fills the entire screen and all that is required is a few taps and you either win the round…  or lose.  It is the kind of casino game any woman can handle in between feeding the kids, walking the dog and getting that all-important work project finished on time!  

Risk Averse Cash Accumulators 

Last but not least, women are more risk averse while men are naturally risk-takers.  They like to play at high stakes.  They are also inclined to make dodgy decisions in the hope the decisions will pay off and pay off in a big way.  It is essentially boom or bust for the blackjack boys.  The gals on the other hand are quite content to accumulate mediocre wins which, when totalled together, can reach impressive heights – it’s more about playing the ‘long game’.

Blackjack Variants Best Suited for Men and Women at Springbok Casino 

If women are more circumspect in their gambling habits, they are probably more conservative in their choice of casino games.  The question is which blackjack variant is best?  Probably the traditional blackjack games – the ones without whistles and bells.

Of the nine blackjack variants listed at our online casino South Africa, three are essentially tailormade for the fairer gender – Blackjack, European Blackjack and Pontoon.  The rest are definitively male-centric as they feature side bets and extra pays, all of which are high risk gambles… and that means advantage Springbok Casino!

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